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Top 10 Picture Books About Dance : Giraffes Can't Dance, Barnyard Dance, Flora and the Flamingo, Jazz Baby, Flora and the Penguin, I Got the Rhythm, Farmyard Beat, Baby Danced the Polka, Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova, Dancing Feet!

Giraffes Can't Dance
AuthorGiles Andreae
" We all can dance when we find music that we love." This is practically a life motto of mine. I feel dancing can fix the world. We should force our government to dance all the time and they would be better policy makers. Anyway.

I love Giraffes and I love dancing. So this was a match made in heaven....
Barnyard Dance
AuthorSandra Boynton
Everybody sing along—because it's time to do-si-do in the barnyard with a high-spirited animal crew! From Boynton on Board, the bestselling series of board books, here is BARNYARD DANCE, with Sandra Boynton's twirling pigs, fiddle-playing cows, and other unforgettable animals. Extra-big,...
Flora and the Flamingo
AuthorMolly Idle
In this innovative wordless picture book with interactive flaps, Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance. With a twist, a turn, and even a flop, these unlikely friends learn at last how to dance together in perfect harmony....
Jazz Baby
AuthorLisa Wheeler
With a simple clap of hands, an itty-bitty beboppin' baby gets his whole family singing and dancing. Sister's hands snap. Granny sings scat. Uncle soft-shoes--and Baby keeps the groove. Things start to wind down when Mama and Daddy sing blues so sweet. Now a perfectly drowsy baby sleeps deep, deep,...
AuthorMolly Idle
Having mastered ballet in Flora and the Flamingo, Flora takes to the ice and forms an unexpected friendship with a penguin. Twirling, leaping, spinning, and gliding, on skates and flippers, the duo mirror each other's graceful dance above and below the ice. But when Flora gives the penguin the cold...
I Got the Rhythm
AuthorConnie Schofield-Morrison
On a simple trip to the park, the joy of music overtakes a mother and daughter. The little girl hears a rhythm coming from the world around her- from butterflies, to street performers, to ice cream sellers everything is musical! She sniffs, snaps, and shakes her way into the heart of the beat, finally busting...
AuthorLindsey Craig
Author Lindsey Craig teams up with Arthur creator and bestselling artist Marc Brown in a toe-tapping farmyard dance-a-thon—perfect for toddler and preschooler read-alouds. As soon as the sun goes down, the animals are up! ("Sheep can't sleep. Sheep can't sleep. Sheep can't sleep 'cause they got...
Baby Danced the Polka
AuthorKaren Beaumont
It's nap time on the farm, but one un-sleepy baby has a different plan... Will Baby do the cha-cha? Will Mama flip her wig? Will Baby dance the polka with a polka-dotted pig? Perfect fun for young children who like lively stories, this happy tale invites all to join in and dance along.  Read, sing,...
Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova
AuthorLaurel Snyder
The world is big.
Anna is small.
The snow is
and all around.
But one night . . .
One night, her mother takes her to the ballet, and everything is changed. Anna finds a beauty inside herself that she cannot contain.

So begins the journey of a girl who will one...
Dancing Feet!
AuthorLindsey Craig
Clickity! Clickity! Long green feet!
Who is dancing that clickity beat?

Lizard is dancing on clickity feet.
Clickity! Clickity! Happy feet!

Introducing a get-up-and-dance toddler book-so catchy and rhythmic, you'll almost want to sing it.

Lindsey Craig's...
Rap A Tap Tap
AuthorLeo Dillon
"There once was a man who danced in the street / He brought pleasure and joy to the people he'd greet / He didn't just dance, he made art with his feet / Rap a tap tap--think of that!"
This simple book for young children has the added bonus of describing the life of a ground-breaking African-American tap...
Barn Dance!
AuthorBill Martin Jr.
In an old farmhouse, bathed in the light of a full moon, a young boy creeps to his bedroom window and looks outside. Was that a voice he just heard, or the hooting of an owl? There it is again:

Come a little closer...
Come a little closer...
Listen to the night...
There's music in the...
AuthorJames Marshall
While I was and remain in absolute love with Maurice Sendak's brilliant illustrations (they are lively, fun, imaginative, and the delicious puns and word plays using porcine terms/descriptions from a number of different languages leave me smiling gleefully and with much appreciation), James Marshall's...
Brothers of the Knight
AuthorDebbie Allen
Debbie Allen's contemporary retelling of the classic tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses with illustrations from Kadir Nelson!

 Reverend Knight can't understand why his twelve sons' sneakers are torn to threads each and every morning, and the boys aren't talking. They know their all-night...
When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky: Two Artists, Their Ballet, and One Extraordinary Riot
AuthorLauren Stringer
The Russian artists Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky were popular in their time: Stravinsky for music, Nijinsky for dance. When their radically new ballet, The Rite of Spring, was first performed in Paris on May 29, 1913, the reaction was so polarized, there were fistfights and riots! Brilliant...
Angelina Ballerina
AuthorKatharine Holabird
Originally published in 1983, and then presented in this 25th Anniversary Edition in 2008, this first story about that dancing mouse, Angelina Ballerina, is immensely charming. Always dancing, always moving, Angelina is the despair of her mother, as she causes destruction wherever she goes with...
Kitchen Dance
AuthorMaurie J. Manning
A little girl wakes in the night to mysterious, inviting noises. She rouses her brother, and they sneak downstairs and peek into the kitchen. To their amazement and delight, their parents are dancing and singing---"?Como te quiero! Oh, how I love you!" ---as they clean up and put food away. Mama and Papa...
Giant Dance Party
AuthorBetsy Bird
Lexy loves to dance. She lives to dance. She's quitting dance.

It's those darn recitals. The butterflies seem to fly right down her throat and live in her stomach. She gets so nervous she cannot even move. Frozen. Just like an ice pop.

Lexy decides to teach dance instead of train for it....
AuthorTony Mitton
Shake, shake, shudder, near the sludgy old swamp. The dinosaurs are coming. Get ready to romp. Join in with Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and friends as the dinosaurs stir up a Dinosaurumpus!

Where can you find a Deinosuchus that practically pirouettes on its tail and a T-Rex that bounds gracefully...
AuthorCynthia Leitich Smith
Tink, tink, tink, tink, sang cone-shaped jingles sewn to Grandma Wolfe's dress.

Jenna's heart beats to the brum, brum, brum, brum of the powwow drum as she daydreams about the clinking song of her grandma's jingle dancing.

Jenna loves the tradition of jingle dancing that has been...
AuthorLibba Moore Gray
I love this book. I even mentioned it on my blog a few years ago when someone else's post went viral about why we shouldn't try to give our kids a magical childhood (I've run a non-profit site and later the related blog called "A Magical Childhood" for nearly 20 years).

In that post, I wrote:

The Paper Crane
AuthorMolly Bang
A beautifully illustrated retelling of an ancient Japanese folktale by Molly Bang, the celebrated creator of numerous picture books including the Caldecott Honor Books Ten, Nine, Eight; The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher; and When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry . . .

AuthorJan Greenberg
A picture book about the making of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, her most famous dance performance

Martha Graham : trailblazing choreographer

Aaron Copland : distinguished American composer

Isamu Noguchi : artist, sculptor, craftsman

To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel
AuthorSiena Cherson Siegel
The Sibert Honor–winning graphic memoir about the dreams and realities of becoming a ballerina.

Ballerinas are young when they first dream of dance. Siena was six—and her dreams kept skipping and leaping, circling and spinning, from airy runs along a beach near her home in Puerto Rico,...
AuthorBob Shea
Ballet Cat and Sparkles the Pony are trying to decide what to play today. Nothing that Sparkles suggests--making crafts, playing checkers, and selling lemonade--goes well with the leaping, spinning, and twirling that Ballet Cat likes to do. When Sparkles's leaps, spins, and twirls seem halfhearted,...
Bawk & Roll
AuthorTammi Sauer
C'mon over--there's a whole lot of clucking going on in this hilarious follow-up to the popular Chicken Dance.

Marge and Lola have hit the big time! The dancing duo is ready to rock 'n' roll their way across the country, touring with the great Elvis Poultry. But when the lights go down and...
AuthorMisty Copeland
In her debut picture book, Misty Copeland tells the story of a young girl--an every girl--whose confidence is fragile and who is questioning her own ability to reach the heights that Misty has reached. Misty encourages this young girl's faith in herself and shows her exactly how, through hard work and...
Dancing in the Wings
AuthorDebbie Allen
Sassy worries that her too-large feet, too-long legs, and even her big mouth will keep her from her dream of becoming a star ballerina. So for now she's just dancing in the wings, watching from behind the curtain, and hoping that one day it will be her turn to shimmer in the spotlight. When the director of...
AuthorJames Howe
From the sure-footed duo of James Howe and Randy Cecil comes a hugely endearing new character in a humorous, heart-warming tale about holding on to your dreams.
Brontorina has a dream. She wants to dance. But Brontorina is rather large too large to fit in Madame Lucille s dance studio. Brontorina...
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
AuthorRuth Sanderson
This is a tale that always intrigued me, so I look for the unique detail in each version I read. I really appreciate that, in this one, there's a subplot about the princes who had been trying to solve the mystery. And I appreciate that this is probably the most gorgeously illustrated version. But Michael...
Rhinoceros Tap: 15 Seriously Silly Songs
AuthorSandra Boynton
Sing a song of Boynton! Before there was the Grammy-nominated Philadelphia Chickens, the #1 New York Times children’s bestseller, there was Rhinoceros Tap, the collection of seriously silly songs. This truly delightful set—a Recording Industry Association of America Gold album with 647,000...
Duck Sock Hop
AuthorJane Kohuth
A rollicking, rhyming read-aloud that will knock your socks off!

Warm-up, wiggle, stretch your beak.
Duck Sock Hop comes once a week!
The mood is high, the sun is low,
the music starts, get ready, go!

In this tongue-twisting, toe-tapping picture book, ducks grab socks...
AuthorJonah Winter
A picture book biography that will inspire readers to dance to their own beats!

Singer, dancer, actress, and independent dame, Josephine Baker felt life was a performance. She lived by her own rules and helped to shake up the status quo with wild costumes and a you-can’t-tell-me-no attitude...
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