Jingle Dancer

10 best books like Jingle Dancer (Cynthia Leitich Smith): Tea with Milk, Crossing Bok Chitto, When We Were Alone, Shi-shi-etko, When I Was Eight, The Composition, So Far from the Sea, Everybody Cooks Rice, Wild Berries, The Good Luck Cat

AuthorAllen Say
Tea with milk highlights the struggle of a young girl who moves from San Francisco to Japan with her family. Being raised up in a place like San Francisco, it becomes really difficult for her to get accustomed with the norms of traditional Japan and out of frustration she leaves her parents’ home and...
AuthorTim Tingle
There is a river called Bok Chitto that cuts through Mississippi. In the days before the War Between the States, in the days before the Trail of Tears, Bok Chitto was a boundary. On one side of the river lived the Choctaws. On the other side lived the plantation owners and their slaves. If a slave escaped...
When We Were Alone
AuthorDavid Alexander Robertson
When a young girl helps tend to her grandmother's garden, she begins to notice things that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long braided hair and beautifully colored clothing? Why does she speak another language and spend so much time with her family? As she asks her grandmother about...
AuthorNicola I. Campbell
Winner of the Anskohk Aboriginal Children's Book of the Year Award. Finalist for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the Ruth Schwartz Award

In just four days young Shi-shi-etko will have to leave her family and all that she knows to attend...
When I Was Eight
AuthorChristy Jordan-Fenton
Bestselling memoir Fatty Legs for younger readers. Olemaun is eight and knows a lot of things. But she does not know how to read. Ignoring her father’s warnings, she travels far from her Arctic home to the outsiders’ school to learn. The nuns at the school call her Margaret. They cut off her long hair...
AuthorAntonio Skármeta
Winner of the UNESCO Tolerance Awarda and the Jane Addams Children's Book Award, and an Americas Award Commended Title

Life is simple for Pedro -- he goes to school, does his homework and, most importantly, plays soccer. But when the soldiers come and take his friend Daniel's father away, things...
So Far from the Sea
AuthorEve Bunting
Laura Iwasaki and her family are paying what may be their last visit to Laura's grandfather's grave. The grave is at Manzanar, where thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage were interned during World War II. Among those rounded up and taken to the internment camp were Laura's father, then a small...
Everybody Cooks Rice
AuthorNorah Dooley
A white child travels through her multicultural block, tasting rice dishes from the kitchens of her light-skinned POC neighbors. Though she does rate many of the offerings as “delicious”, she narrates, “[Tam, a Vietnamese neighbor] was busy making the garlicky, fishy sauce, called NUOC CHAM....
Wild Berries
AuthorJulie Flett
Tch, tch, sh, sh, tup, tup.

Spend the day picking wild blueberries with Clarence and his grandmother. Meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland landscape, the ancestral home of author and illustrator Julie Flett. This book is written in both English and Cree, in particular the n-dialect,...
The Good Luck Cat
AuthorJoy Harjo
Some cats are good luck. You pet them and good things happen. Woogie is one of those cats. But as Woogie gets into one mishap after another, everyone starts to worry. Can a good luck cat's good luck run out?

The first children's book from an acclaimed poet whose honors include the American Book...
Awful Ogre's Awful Day
AuthorJack Prelutsky
I'm an awful, awful ogre,

Absolutely awful ogre.

I'm so awful, Awful Ogre

Is my awful ogre name ...

Awful Ogre is huge, hungry, horrible –– and totally lovable. Larger than life, Awful Ogre packs into one day enough excitement, imagination, emotion, and sheer...
AuthorJoseph Bruchac
Hidden Roots tells the story of 11-year-old Sonny, a shy boy whose father's sudden rages are becoming more and more frequent. The love of his fragile mother, the support and protection of his Uncle Louis, and an unexpected friendship with a librarian help Sonny gain the confidence to confront hidden...
AuthorCarmen Tafolla
What can you use
to dress up,
play hide-and-seek,
carry baby brother,
and DANCE with?

A rebozo!

In a playful celebration of a vibrant culture, a young girl and her family show all the things they do in their daily lives with a rebozo, a traditional Mexican woven shawl....
AuthorPaul B. Janeczko
Even kids who don’t know they like poetry will love this playful, visually accessible collection of thirty concrete poems—illustrated by a Caldecott Honor artist!

Concrete poems startle and delight the eye and mind. The size and arrangement of words—or even just letters on the page...
AuthorDon Brown
One of School Library Journal's Best Nonfiction Books of 2011
One of Horn Book's Best Nonfiction Books of 2011

On the ten year anniversary of the September 11 tragedy, a straightforward and sensitive book for a generation of readers too young to remember that terrible day.

AuthorVirginia Driving Hawk Sneve
Virginia's coat is too small and hardly protects her from the frigid South Dakata winter. As Christmas approaches, all the children on the Sioux reservation look forward to receiving boxes full of clothing sent by congregations in the East. Virginia spots a beautiful gray fur coat but holds back tears...
AuthorRichard Van Camp
Review: Welcome Song for Baby

VanCamp, R. (2007). Welcome Song for Baby; A lullaby for newborns. Victoria, B.C., Canada:
Orca Book Publishers.

Why the book was chosen
The book Welcome Song for Baby is beautiful on the outside. The book features a picture
of a newborn...
AuthorSimon J. Ortiz
I read the 40th Anniversary edition which includes what I believe to be an added note from the author, Simon J. Ortiz He gives us a summary of the history of the People (or what many think of as Native Americans). This book is the perfect mentor text to introduce young students to the struggles of the People...
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together
AuthorMary Ann Hoberman
Here's a book with something new - you read to me! I'll read to you! We'll read each page to one another - you'll read one side, I the other.
A unique book 'in two voices' that uses traditional reading teaching techniques (alliteration, rhyme, repetition, short sentences) to invite young children...
Here Comes Mother Goose
AuthorIona Opie
From the award-winning creators of MY VERY FIRST MOTHER GOOSE, an invitation to the simple joy and the sly humor that are the essence of Mother Goose.

Spread the word—here comes Mother Goose—and with her comes an entire procession of best-loved nursery rhyme characters, including Mary...
Measuring Penny
AuthorLoreen Leedy
Lisa has an important homework assignment--to measure something in several different ways. She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time. Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds...
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