Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest

10 best books like Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest (Nancy Springer): The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight, Lady of the Forest, Into the Wild, Shakespeare's Spy, An Earthly Knight, Who Comes with Cannons?, Evvy's Civil War, The Great Good Thing, The Tamarack Tree, Never After

AuthorGerald Morris
Meet thirteen-year-old Sarah, who has been living on her own and searching for the knight who was responsible for her mother’s death. Her quest for revenge leads to an even greater adventure when she witnesses Queen Guinevere being kidnapped. Soon Sarah finds herself accompanying Sir Gawain and...
AuthorJennifer Roberson
As the gates of Ravenskeep swing open and a young woman flees into the primeval depths of Sherwood Forest and into the arms of the man she loves, a saga of exceptional power and remarkable passion begins...

He is Sir Robery Locksley--the heroic nobleman who has turned his back on all he knows to...
AuthorSarah Beth Durst
Twelve-year-old Julie has grown up hearing about the dangerous world of fairy tales, The Wild, from which her mother, Rapunzel, escaped.

Now The Wild wants its characters back. Julie comes home from school to find her mother gone and a deep, dark forest swallowing her hometown. Julie must...
AuthorGary L. Blackwood
Things are disappearing mysteriously from Will Shakespeare's acting company, and it looks like an inside job. Everyone's eyes are on Widge, the orphan boy turned actor, and former thief. Widge knows better than anyone that Shakespeare's plays must be protected at all costs. In order to prove his innocence...
AuthorJanet McNaughton
A cloud has descended over the household of Lady Jeanette Avenel.

The year is 1162. Sixteen-year-old Jenny has always enjoyed her freedom as second daughter of a Norman nobleman in Teviotdale, Scotland. But when Jenny's sister, Isabel, disgraces the family by running away with a dangerous...
AuthorPatricia Beatty
When Truth Hopkins's father dies, she goes to live with her uncle and his family on their North Carolina farm. Like Truth, the Bardwells are Quakers. They oppose slavery but refuse to take up arms in the civil war that is now being waged to end this inhuman institution. Then one day, a runaway slave takes...
AuthorMiriam Brenaman
On her fourteenth birthday in June of 1861, spunky Evelyn Chamberlyn finds herself stuffed into a corset, a dress with hoops and a hairstyle so ornate she calls it the Edifice. It is time for her to be introduced to society-no more climbing fences and jumping into streams. She is expected to be a lady now....
AuthorRoderick Townley
Sylvie had an amazing life, but she didn't get to live it very often.

Sylvie has been a twelve-year-old princess for more than eighty years, ever since the book she lives in was first printed. She's the heroine, and her story is exciting -- but that's the trouble. Her story is always exciting in...
AuthorPatricia Clapp
Orphaned at thirteen, Rosemary Leigh was transplanted from England to Vicksburg, Mississippi, in 1859. Four years later, to distract her from her fear as cannonballs batter the besieged city, Rosemary writes about what she has been through.While she has been growing up, enjoying the social pleasures...
AuthorRebecca Lickiss
I have to preface this review by saying that I am a friend and neighbor of the author and I own a proof of the book. If that turns you off, so be it.
Never After is a great hodge podge of fairy tales with believable characters. Often in fairy tales the characters are so sublimely good or...
AuthorParke Godwin
Update note, Dec. 24, 2012 --That book mentioned in the first paragraph below, that I couldn't recall the author or title of when I wrote this review, was Robin Hood (1912) written by Henry Gilbert.

My first literary introduction to the Robin Hood legend came as a seven- year old kid, through...
AuthorTheresa Tomlinson
Mary, 15 years old and an orphan, must flee into Sherwood Forest to avoid an arranged marriage. There her life truly begins, for she finds a community of heroic outlaws that includes a woman with seemingly magical healing powers and a young man who is bravely leading the fight against tyranny. This man...
AuthorTony Lee
The year is 1192.

Prince John is getting fat and wealthy on blood money while the king fights in Jerusalem. When Robin of Loxley returns home from the Crusades, he soon discovers that things are not as they should be. The sheriff now governs Nottingham with an iron fist.

In the haunted...
AuthorKathryn Lasky
Before she was Maid Marian, she was Matty.... Matty has been raised to dance well, embroider exquisitely, and marry nobly. But when Matty's mother is murdered before her very eyes and her father, a nobleman, is reduced to poverty, Matty's life changes. As the daughter of Nottingham's most famous falconer,...
AuthorElsa Watson
An irresistible reimagining of the Robin Hood legend, Maid Marian brings to life the rollicking—and romantic—world of the Middle Ages.

An orphan and heiress to a large country estate, Marian Fitzwater is wed at the age of five to an equally young nobleman, Lord Hugh of Sencaster, a union...
AuthorAntonia Fraser
This was a surprising find. Antonia Fraser is well known today for her well researched biographies of 16th and 17th century British royalty – so it was quite unexpected to find she had written a fanciful version of the Robin Hood legend back in the early 1970’s.

Fraser’s Robin Hood borrows...
AuthorKatherine Roberts
Welcome to a world from another time -- where legendary half-creatures still exist. A world where nature itself can be controlled by unearthly music. A world where the forces of good and evil are held in harmony by the Singers who have mastered the secret Songs of Power. A world on the brink of destruction,...
AuthorKatrin Hyman Tchana
This celebration of feminine power, beauty, and complexity tells the stories of ten goddesses from cultures the world over. There is tremendous variety in this volume including the stories of Kuay Yin, the compassionate Buddhist goddess; Durga, the fierce Hindu warrior goddess; lx Chel, an ancient...
AuthorMargaret Bechard
Jack knows who belongs out in the Black. And who doesn't -- until Kit comes walking into the pub and changes everything he believes about the Black, about the people who live there, about what it takes to be a human being. Margaret Bechard set out to write an adventure story with laser guns ad spaceships....
AuthorAdele Griffin
Life isn't easy for vegetarian vampires trying to blend in with regular people in a new city. The Livingstone kids are fruit bat hybrids who have left Old World dangers, and immortality, behind for a "normal" ”life in New York City. But normal doesn't necessarily mean easy, especially with lingering...
AuthorGail Carson Levine
Once upon a time...A kind sister and a cruel one. A charming prince. A spiteful fairy. A hundred-year snooze. A pea under a pile of mattresses. A kiss.

All the familiar ingredients, but why is the punished sister happy? Where did that extra prince come from, and what does a flock of balding sheep...
AuthorLloyd Alexander
Living alone in her wagon on the outskirts of a small town while waiting for her father's return, Rizka, a Gypsy and a trickster, exposes the ridiculous foibles of some of the townspeople. High comedy as much as a celebration of Rizka's brains and brassiness, her flouting of conventions, and her own brand...
AuthorAnn McGovern
“Nobility Beneath Lincoln Green”

Tricked by unscrupulous archers in the forest young Robin suddenly finds himself branded an outlaw—fearing for his life and losing all contact with his sweetheart, Maid Marian. The author treats readers to chapters about Robin’s encounters with:...
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