An Earthly Knight

10 best books like An Earthly Knight (Janet McNaughton): Pirates!, The Outlaws of Sherwood, Dragon's Bait, The Perilous Gard, A Curse Dark as Gold, Keturah and Lord Death, Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest, Here There Be Unicorns, The Forestwife, Passager

AuthorCelia Rees
Nancy Kington, daughter of a rich merchant, suddenly orphaned when her father dies, is sent to live on her family's plantation in Jamaica. Disgusted by the treatment of the slaves and her brother's willingness to marry her off, she and one of the slaves, Minerva, run away and join a band of pirates.

The Outlaws of Sherwood
AuthorRobin McKinley
3.5 stars. I've owned a paperback copy of The Outlaws of Sherwood, a retelling of the Robin Hood folktale, for ages, dating back to the days when I was auto-buying everything Robin McKinley wrote. It's a very different type of book for her: a straightforward historical novel - no fantasy elements at all...
AuthorVivian Vande Velde
Fifteen-year-old Alys is not a witch. But that doesn't matter--the villagers think she is and have staked her out on a hillside as a sacrifice to the local dragon.
It's late, it's cold, and it's raining, and Alys can think of only one thing--revenge. But first she's got to escape, and even if she does,...
AuthorElizabeth Marie Pope
Of the several Tam Lin retellings I've read, the classic YA novel The Perilous Gard is a standout. I frequently sing the praises of Pamela Dean's version of Tam Lin, while knowing full well that that novel will only appeal to a limited subset of the fraction of readers who like fairy tale novelizations....
AuthorElizabeth C. Bunce
Charlotte Miller has always scoffed at talk of a curse on her family's woolen mill, which holds her beloved small town together. But after her father's death, the bad luck piles up: departing workers, impossible debts, an overbearing uncle. Then a stranger named Jack Spinner offers a tempting proposition:...
AuthorMartine Leavitt
Martine Leavitt offers a spellbinding story, interweaving elements of classic fantasy and high romance in this National Book Award Finalist. Keturah follows a legendary hart into the king's forest, where she becomes hopelessly lost. Her strength diminishes until, finally, she realizes that death...
AuthorNancy Springer
What a strange feeling to read a book and feel like it was written with me in mind. I picked this one up on a whim. I love stories with mediaeval settings, have a soft spot for tales of Robin Hood, and the title character shares my name -- my chosen name. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I had never heard...
AuthorJane Yolen
I'm not a big fan of the poetry, and sometimes I was annoyed that the stories' preceding autobiographical anecdotes about how they were written would give away parts of the plot or otherwise change the way I would read the story. But Yolen writes lovely stories and is kind of my hero so I forgive her.

AuthorTheresa Tomlinson
Mary, 15 years old and an orphan, must flee into Sherwood Forest to avoid an arranged marriage. There her life truly begins, for she finds a community of heroic outlaws that includes a woman with seemingly magical healing powers and a young man who is bravely leading the fight against tyranny. This man...
AuthorJane Yolen
A boy is abandoned in the woods of medieval England. A year passes--a year of terror and hunger, of sleeping in trees and foraging for food, of outrunning packs of wild dogs--until one day a falconer captures and tames the boy as he would any passager, a young bird caught in the wild and trained. The falconer...
AuthorGail Carson Levine
Once upon a time...A kind sister and a cruel one. A charming prince. A spiteful fairy. A hundred-year snooze. A pea under a pile of mattresses. A kiss.

All the familiar ingredients, but why is the punished sister happy? Where did that extra prince come from, and what does a flock of balding sheep...
AuthorJane Yolen
The Story...
This is the second book in the Merlin Trilogy and starts with a young Merlin leaving his burned down home. Before leaving, though, Merlin buries his 'family', Master Robin, Meg and Nell. Apparently, young Merlin foresaw the fire, but did not know how to interpret his prophetic dream...
AuthorJane Yolen
"In order to gain wisdom, you must learn to read inter linea, between the lines."

Artos doesn't know who his parents are, just that kindly Sir Ector and Lady Marion took him into their castle when he was a baby. Though Sir Ector raises him as one of his sons, Artos never feels he truly belongs. The...
AuthorCherie Bennett
"Inspired by an actual child's life and writings, this tale of a young leukemia victim will elicit both tears and laughter." -- Booklist, Boxed

Becky Zaslow's leukemia diagnosis has introduced her to a world she never knew existed, a scary world of hospitals and blood counts and chemotherapy....
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