Paradise Postponed

6 best books like Paradise Postponed (John Mortimer): A Month in the Country, Smallbone Deceased, Life... With No Breaks, Mr Finchley Discovers His England, Mr. Finchley Goes to Paris, Mr. Finchley Takes the Road

AuthorJ.L. Carr
In J. L. Carr's deeply charged poetic novel, Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby where he is to restore a recently discovered medieval mural in the local church. Living in the bell tower, surrounded by the resplendent countryside...
Smallbone Deceased
AuthorMichael Gilbert
I've read a couple of other books by Michael Gilbert and have enjoyed them all so far. Smallbone Deceased ranks up there with Petrella at Q as my favorites of his. Smallbone is a perfect little mystery. It's billed as an Inspector Hazelrigg mystery and, indeed, the good Inspector does play a prominent...
Life... With No Breaks
AuthorNick Spalding
Nick Spalding tried to write a book in 24 hours. Turns out that’s impossible... it took 30!

He had a dull, drizzly weekend to kill, so made a start on the book he’d been promising to write all his life... and had it finished by midnight Sunday.

You’ll laugh out loud reading his odyssey...
Mr Finchley Discovers His England
AuthorVictor Canning
3+ Stars. "What is a holiday without change and excitement?" Ask Edgar Finchley, Esquire. MR. FINCHLEY DISCOVERS HIS ENGLAND was Victor Canning's first novel and a runaway best seller in 1934; and now, his novels are being re-released. This one, first in a trilogy is old-fashioned and silly....yes,...
Mr. Finchley Goes to Paris
AuthorVictor Canning
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Second in the series, Mr Finchley is about to propose marriage to a lady he had rescued from mishap, when he is sent to Paris by his firm. There he manages to upset a boat, adopt a stray orphan and get himself kidnapped.

Nice continuation...
Mr. Finchley Takes the Road
AuthorVictor Canning
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Book 3 of the classic trilogy. Mr Finchley takes a fancy to a horse-drawn caravan that he sees for sale, but his new wife does not relish the prospect of a caravan journey, so he sets off alone to explore the countryside and go house-hunting.

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