A Month in the Country

10 best books like A Month in the Country (J.L. Carr): Offshore, Hotel du Lac, The Slaves of Solitude, The Vet's Daughter, The Birthday Boys, In a Summer Season, The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, So Long, See You Tomorrow, The Ghost Stories of Muriel Spark, Look at Me

AuthorPenelope Fitzgerald
On the Battersea Reach of the Thames, a mixed bag of the slightly disreputable, the temporarily lost, and the patently eccentric live on houseboats, rising and falling with the great river’s tides. Belonging to neither land nor sea, they cling to one another in a motley yet kindly society. There is...
AuthorAnita Brookner
In the novel that won her the Booker Prize and established her international reputation, Anita Brookner finds a new vocabulary for framing the eternal question "Why love?" It tells the story of Edith Hope, who writes romance novels under a pseudonym. When her life begins to resemble the plots of her...
AuthorPatrick Hamilton
England in the middle of World War II, a war that seems fated to go on forever, a war that has become a way of life. Heroic resistance is old hat. Everything is in short supply, and tempers are even shorter.

Overwhelmed by the terrors and rigors of the Blitz, middle-aged Miss Roach has retreated...
AuthorBarbara Comyns
The Vet’s Daughter combines shocking realism with a visionary edge. The vet lives with his bedridden wife and shy daughter Alice in a sinister London suburb. He works constantly, captive to a strange private fury, and treats his family with brutality and contempt. After his wife’s death, the vet...
AuthorBeryl Bainbridge
In this stunning novel, award-winning author Beryl Bainbridge offers a fictionalized account of the doomed Antarctic expedition led by Captain Scott in 1912. At once hair-raising and beautiful, here is an astonishing tale of misguided courage and human endurance. The Birthday Boys of the title...
AuthorElizabeth Taylor
In a Summer Season is one of Elizabeth Taylor's finest novels in which, in a moving and powerful climax, she reveals love to be the thing it is: beautiful, often funny, and sometimes tragic.

'You taste of rain', he said, kissing her. 'People say I married her for her money', he thought contentedly,...
AuthorG.B. Edwards
Ebenezer Le Page, cantankerous, opinionated, and charming, is one of the most compelling literary creations of the late twentieth century. Eighty years old, Ebenezer has lived his whole life on the Channel Island of Guernsey, a stony speck of a place caught between the coasts of England and France...
So Long, See You Tomorrow
AuthorWilliam Maxwell
My heart was sliced to ribbons by this story. The narrator, an elderly man whose boyhood was scarred by a horrendous event, attempts to make sense of it all – and to make amends, as he tells it – 50 years down the road during the course of writing his memoirs.

In his memoirs, he talks about his...
AuthorMuriel Spark
I aim to startle as well as please," Muriel Spark has said, and in these eight marvelous ghost stories she manages to do both to the highest degree. As with all matters in the hands of Dame Muriel her spooks are entirely original. A ghost in her pantheon can be plaintive or a bit vengeful, or perhaps may not...
AuthorAnita Brookner
Riveting. Even when a frivolous person and so-called friend, Alix, decides to betray our narrator, Frances, the latter is constitutionally incapable of perceiving the underhandedness. Frances hasn’t been prepared for duplicity and dissembling in life, of which Alix is the keenest exemplar....
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