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Top 10 Women's Correspondence - Letters in History : 84, Charing Cross Road, Jane Austen's Letters, Selected Letters, The Brontës: A Life in Letters, A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams, A Transatlantic Love Affair: Letters to Nelson Algren, The Backwoods of Canada, Selected Letters, 1913-1965, Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails, 1840-1849

84, Charing Cross Road
AuthorHelene Hanff
This charming classic, first published in 1970, brings together twenty years of correspondence between Helene Hanff, a freelance writer living in New York City, and a used-book dealer in London. Through the years, though never meeting and separated both geographically and culturally, they share...
AuthorJane Austen
Jane Austen's letters afford a unique insight into the daily life of the novelist: intimate and gossipy, observant and informative--they read much like the novels themselves. They bring alive her family and friends, her surroundings and contemporary events with a freshness unparalleled in modern...
AuthorMarie de Rabutin-Chantal de Sévigné
One of the world's greatest correspondents, Madame de Sevigne (1626-96) paints an extraordinarily vivid picture of France at the time of Louis XIV, in eloquent letters written throughout her life to family and friends. A significant figure in French society and literary circles, whose close friends...
AuthorJuliet Barker
Barker's selection of letters reveals the authentic voices of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, as well as their brother, Branwell, and father, Reverend Patrick Bronte. Charlotte was a letter-writer of supreme ability, ranging from facetious notes and intimate gossip to artfully composed pages of literary...
A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
AuthorIsabella Lucy Bird
A cosmopolitan, middle-aged Englishwoman touring the Rocky Mountains in 1873, Isabella Bird had embarked upon a trip that called for as much stamina as would have been expected of an explorer or anthropologist — and she was neither! Possessing a prodigious amount of curiosity and a huge appetite...
My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams
AuthorAbigail Adams
In 1762, John Adams penned a flirtatious note to "Miss Adorable," the 17-year-old Abigail Smith. In 1801, Abigail wrote to wish her husband John a safe journey as he headed home to Quincy after serving as president of the nation he helped create. The letters that span these nearly forty years form the...
A Transatlantic Love Affair: Letters to Nelson Algren
AuthorSimone de Beauvoir
In 1947, Simone de Beauvoir met Pulitzer Prize–winning writer Nelson Algren in Chicago, and it was love at first sight. A passionate affair ensued, spanning twenty years and four continents in an era when a transatlantic flight took twenty-four hours and overseas telephone calls were a luxury....
The Backwoods of Canada
AuthorCatharine Parr Traill
Catherine Parr Strickland was an experienced writer who first work was published in 1818; her writing helped to support herself and her family financially after her father’s death. She married half-pay Lieutenant Thomas Traill and emigrated to Upper Canada in 1832 to homestead in the bush. Her...
Selected Letters, 1913-1965
AuthorDawn Powell
Selected Letters of Dawn Powell traces a richly talented writer's fifty-two-year journey from her childhood in a small Ohio town to the glitter of Manhattan. Powell was a prolific letter writer, and her correspondence provides an intimate look at the woman about whom The New York Times recently said:...
AuthorKenneth L. Holmes
The women who traveled west in covered wagons during the 1840s speak through these letters and diaries. Here are the voices of Tamsen Donner and young Virginia Reed, members of the ill-fated Donner party; Patty Sessions, the Mormon midwife who delivered five babies on the trail between Omaha and Salt...
AuthorEmily Dickinson
When the complete "Letters of Emily Dickinson" appeared in three volumes in 1958, Robert Kirsch welcomed them in the "Los Angeles Times," saying "The missives offer access to the mind and heart of one of America's most intriguing literary personalities." This one-volume selection is at last available...
Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters
AuthorAnne Sexton
An expression of an extraordinary poet's life story in her own words, this book shows Anne Sexton as she really was in private, as she wrote about herself to family, friends, fellow poets, and students. Anne's daughter Linda Gray Sexton and her close confidant Lois Ames have judiciously chosen from...
AuthorEliza Fay
Eliza Fay’s origins are obscure; she was not beautiful, rich, or outlandishly accomplished. Yet the letters she wrote from her 1779 voyage across the globe captivated E. M. Forster, who arranged for their British publication in 1925. The letters have been delighting readers ever since with their...
The Selected Letters
AuthorWilla Cather
This first publication of the letters of one of America’s most consistently admired writers is both an exciting and a significant literary event. Willa Cather, wanting to be judged on her work alone, clearly forbade the publication of her letters in her will. But now, more than sixty-five years after...
Letters to the Midwife
AuthorJennifer Worth
When the CALL THE MIDWIFE books became bestsellers, Jennifer Worth was inundated with correspondence. People felt moved to write to her because the books had touched them, and because they wanted to share memories of the world her books described, the East End of London in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Between Friends: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy, 1949-1975
AuthorHannah Arendt
Friends support each other. Support is a major element of the friendship between Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy, evident here in these warm letters. McCarthy supported Arendt in her controversial writings about Adolf Eichmann. Arendt supported McCarthy during love affairs and breakups and held...
AuthorEmily Dickinson
For the first time, selections from Emily Dickinson's thirty-six year correspondence to her neighbor and sister-in-law, Susan Huntington Dickinson, are compiled in a single volume. Open Me Carefully invites a dramatic new understanding of Emily Dickinson's life and work, overcoming a century...
AuthorMargaret Mitchell
These letters are fascinating and reveal a humorous, insightful personality of the author of Gone with the Wind. Unfortunately, this edition was published in the 1970s and thus does not include Mitchell's correspondence with Benjamin Mays, nor her correspondence with Hattie McDaniel. Despite...
AuthorFlannery O'Connor
In her short lifetime, Flannery O'Connor became one of the most distinctive American writers of the twentieth century. By birth a native of Georgia and a Roman Catholic, O'Connor depicts, in all its comic and horrendous incongruity, the limits of worldly wisdom and the mysteries of divine grace in...
Letters from Burma
AuthorAung San Suu Kyi
For the last decade of Burma's traumatic history, Aung San Suu Kyi - winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize - has been the inspirational leader of attempts to restore democracy to her country. In these fifty-two pieces, originally written for a Japanese newspaper and begun soon after her release from house...
AuthorRobert Browning
Excerpt from Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, 1845-1846, Vol. 1 of 2
After all, I need not give up the thought of doing that, too, in time; because even now, talking with whoever is worthy, I can give a reason for my faith in one and another excellence, the fresh strange music,...
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