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Top 10 Picture books about houses : The Little House, Come Over to My House, In a People House, Building Our House, Home, House Held Up by Trees, A Very Special House, A House in the Woods, How a House Is Built, The House in the Night

The Little House
AuthorVirginia Lee Burton
Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal in 1943 for her memorable picture book The Little House, a poignant story of a cute country cottage that becomes engulfed by the city that grows up around it. The house has an expressive face of windows and doors, and even the feelings of a person, so she’s sad...
Come Over to My House
AuthorTheo LeSieg
I got this book from the library only to find that I own it. I didn't think I had read it and while reading it I realized the pictures were familiar and it became clear I had read this as a child.

The art is not very Dr. Seuss, but it is good stuff and the text is total Seuss. This book explores different...
In a People House
AuthorTheo LeSieg
I am really reminiscing over these old books of mine. This story is about a mouse that introduces Mr Bird to the inside of a 'People House.' As an early reader goes, this one is super. It introduces items that one would find in a house, for example the ceiling and the floor. Super pictures bring the items pointed...
AuthorJonathan Bean
In this unique construction book for kids who love tools and trucks, readers join a girl and her family as they pack up their old house in town and set out to build a new one in the country. Mom and Dad are going to make the new house themselves, from the ground up. From empty lot to finished home, every stage...
AuthorJeannie Baker
A family.
A house.
A neighborhood.
A place to play.
A place to feel safe.Little by little, baby Tracy grows. She and her neighbors begin to rescue their street. Together, children and adults plant grass and trees and bushes in the empty spaces. They paint murals over old graffiti. They...
House Held Up by Trees
AuthorTed Kooser
From Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Ted Kooser and rising talent Jon Klassen comes a poignant tale of loss, change, and nature's quiet triumph.

When the house was new, not a single tree remained on its perfect lawn to give shade from the sun. The children in the house trailed the scent of wild trees...
A Very Special House
AuthorRuth Krauss
Continuing a two-year program to bring back twenty-two Maurice Sendak treasures long out of print, our second season of publication highlights one of the most successful author-illustrator pairings of all time. A pioneer of great children's literature, Ruth Krausspublished more than thirty books...
A House in the Woods
AuthorInga Moore
It’s nice to have your friends move in, but. . . . A sweet, wry tale of cooperation and camaraderie, told with pastoral artwork by Inga Moore.

One little pig has made a little den for herself in the woods, and another little pig has a small hut next door. One morning they return from a walk to find...
How a House Is Built
AuthorGail Gibbons
Houses are built with many different materials, and in many shapes and sizes.

Step by step, this picture book explains how homes are built--from the architect's plans through the arrival of a happy family. The many processes of construction are explained with simple language and bright,...
The House in the Night
AuthorSusan Marie Swanson
The beautiful illustrations in this book are scratchboard and watercolor black and white and orange. It is a beginner book with one phrase that moves the story along out and then back. It is based off of an old nursery rhyme.

This was very good at creating a mood: magical wonder of a child. It talks...
AuthorDoris Burn
A classic reissued for a new generation

Andrew Henry has two younger brothers, who are always together, and two older sisters, who are always together. But Andrew Henry is in the middle--and he's always with himself. He doesn't mind this very much, because he's an inventor. But when Andrew...
Sunflower House
AuthorEve Bunting
What a fun book about sunflowers. A family plant sunflower seeds in a circle and they grow all summer long. It makes a nice house for the boy of the house to play in with his friends. It’s the perfect house until the flowers start to fall over heavy with seeds.

I love the artwork here and I love that...
The Big Orange Splot
AuthorDaniel Pinkwater
This was my very, very favorite book as a...oh, who am I kidding. This IS my very, very favorite book!! It about creativity! It is about expression! It is about going against the grain, but not just for the sake of rebellion, but rather to remain true to yourself--even if you've been hiding it for much of...
AuthorKazuno Kohara
JUST THE RIGHT MIX OF SWEET AND SCARY for the youngest trick-or treaters At the edge of town lives a clever girl with a spooky problem: Her house is haunted! Luckily, she happens to be a witch and knows a little something about taking care of ghosts. She catches them, puts them in the washing machine,...
AuthorEve Bunting
When a family has to leave their house and move to a small apartment, it’s hard to let go of things—but having one another is what counts.

Almost everything Callie’s family owns is spread out in their front yard—their furniture, their potted flowers, even Callie’s bike. They can’t...
AuthorLieve Baeten
What happens when a little witch gets curious?
An international bestseller comes to the US!  Lizzy is a curious little witch. Late one night she spots an old house all lit up when everyone else is asleep, and she can’t help herself. She just has to investigate. The Little Witch books have been...
AuthorGiles Laroche
Step into unique homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways in which people live and have lived.If you lived in the mountains of southern Spain, your bedroom might be carved out of a mountain. If you lived in a village in South Africa, the outside of your house might tell the story...
AuthorMary Ann Hoberman
In a rollicking rhyme, the author introduces us to all types of homes for both people and animals. The poem engages in flights of fancy - what about a husk being a house for an ear of corn, or a throat being a house for a hum? "And once you get started in thinking this way,/ It seems that whatever you see/ Is either...
AuthorJanay Brown-Wood
This sweet, rhyming counting book introduces young readers to numbers one through fifteen as Grandma's family and friends fill her tiny house on Brown Street. Neighbors, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and grandkids crowd into the house and pile it high with treats for a family feast.

Too Tall Houses
AuthorGianna Marino
Good friends learn a small but important lesson

Owl and Rabbit are good friends and live in two small houses next to each other. They are perfectly happy . . . until Rabbit's garden gets in the way of Owl's view. So Owl builds his house a little taller. Only that blocks the sun from Rabbit's vegetables....
AuthorJohn Bemelmans Marciano
Madeline and her favorite companion in mischief, Pepito, embark on their wildest adventure yet. When ghostly moans lead them to the attic of the old house in Paris, they discover Felix de La Morte, who has lingered there for hundreds of years, waiting for the return of a certain comet. With the comet due...
Julia's House for Lost Creatures
AuthorBen Hatke
When Julia and her walking house come to town, she likes everything about her new neighborhood except how quiet it is! So Julia puts a sign up: "Julia's House for Lost Creatures." Soon she's hosting goblins, mermaids, fairies, and even a dragon. Quiet isn't a problem anymore for Julia...but getting...
The Biggest House in the World
AuthorLeo Lionni
A young snail dreams of having the biggest house—or shell—in the world. Then one day, his wise father tells him the story of another snail with the same dream. He grew and grew, adding bright colors and beautiful designs, until he found that his house came at a terrible cost. The young snail decides...
This is the House that Jack Built
AuthorSimms Taback
Traditional stories are supposed to engage readers. The predictable, repetitive chant in this story found me almost singing along out-loud with each page. As you continue through the story, you'll see that the text gets smaller the more frequently you read the passage. The author assumes that by the...
AuthorPatricia Polacco
Marmee, Meema, and the kids are just like any other family on the block. In their beautiful house, they cook dinner together, they laugh together, and they dance together. But some of the other families don't accept them. They say they are different. How can a family have two moms and no dad? But Marmee...
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