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Top 10 Lesbian Fantasy : The Warrior's Path, A Journey of the Heart, A Hero's Tale, The Dark Wife, Huntress, Breaking Legacies, The One Who Eats Monsters, Ash, Santa Olivia, Dragonoak: The Complete History of Kastelir

The Warrior's Path
AuthorCatherine M. Wilson
When she was a child, the author of When Women Were Warriors happily identified with all the male heroes she read about in stories that began, "Once upon a time, a young man went out to seek his fortune." But she would have been delighted to discover even one story like that with a female protagonist. Since...
A Journey of the Heart
AuthorCatherine M. Wilson
A Journey of the Heart Book II] shows the same strong storytelling ability of the first book. The language is still almost musical and wraps its sweet spell around you. Storylines that were just starting to grow in the first book are also very well developed here. Intrigue and conflict are fleshed out...
A Hero's Tale
AuthorCatherine M. Wilson
In Book II, Tamras moved from her home into the lands beyond its border. In Book three, the stage widens further: she deals with the struggles of whole peoples. Caught up in intrigues that would once have been far above her, the heroine risks everything unless she can not only learn to swim in treacherous...
The Dark Wife
AuthorSarah Diemer
Three thousand years ago, a god told a lie. Now, only a goddess can tell the truth. Persephone has everything a daughter of Zeus could want--except for freedom. She lives on the green earth with her mother, Demeter, growing up beneath the ever-watchful eyes of the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus....
AuthorMalinda Lo
Nature is out of balance in the human world. The sun hasn't shone in years, and crops are failing. Worse yet, strange and hostile creatures have begun to appear. The people's survival hangs in the balance.

To solve the crisis, the oracle stones are cast, and Kaede and Taisin, two seventeen-year-old...
Breaking Legacies
AuthorZoe Reed
In a land impoverished by a war that started before she was born, Kiena has provided for her mother and brother by becoming one of the best hunters in the kingdom. But when a lifelong friend with connections recommends her to the king to track down a runaway princess, her life gets turned upside down. Finding...
The One Who Eats Monsters
AuthorCasey Matthews
Long ago, before history broke in half, elder gods exiled the vengeful deity Erynis to a far corner of Earth. When Ryn is found weakened after saving the life of an innocent villager, the U.S. military mistakes the battered immortal for a feral teenager and places her in New Petersburg, a decaying city...
AuthorMalinda Lo
Cinderella retold

In the wake of her father's death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they...
Santa Olivia
AuthorJacqueline Carey
Lushly written with rich and vivid characters, SANTA OLIVIA is Jacqueline Carey's take on comic book superheroes and the classic werewolf myth.

Loup Garron was born and raised in Santa Olivia, an isolated, disenfranchised town next to a US military base inside a DMZ buffer zone between Texas...
Dragonoak: The Complete History of Kastelir
AuthorSam Farren
After being exiled to the farmland around her village, Rowan Northwood takes the only chance at freedom she might ever get: she runs away with a passing Knight and doesn't look back. The woman cares nothing for Rowan's company, but nor does she seem perturbed by the powers that burn within her.
AuthorMeghan O'Brien
The only thing that frightens shapeshifter Selene Rhodes more than the full moon is the idea of falling in love.

Selene Rhodes has lived her whole life with a terrible secret: not only can she take the form of any animal at will, but once a month the full moon transforms her into a fierce wolf-creature...
Iron & Velvet
AuthorAlexis Hall
First rule in this line of business: don’t sleep with the client.

My name’s Kate Kane, and when an eight-hundred-year-old vampire prince came to me with a case, I should have told her no. But I’ve always been a sucker for a femme fatale.

It always goes the same way. You move too fast,...
The Temple at Landfall
AuthorJane Fletcher
This is a review for the entire series. Possible mild spoilers ahead, mainly because I feel the book blurb is too bland and generic to generate any excitement, much less interest in the entire series. I admit I've known about this series for years, but haven't gotten the urge to start it until my GR friends...
AuthorChris Anne Wolfe
Diana n'Athena is an Amazon working for the Terran empire on the medieval planet of Aggar. Her mission: Rescue a downed pilot and spy from Aggar's badlands. But Aggar is not part of the Terran empire and before Aggar's Council will allow the journey, Diana must be bonded to a Shadowmate. That's when things...
The Exile and the Sorcerer
AuthorJane Fletcher
The quest for the stolen chalice is a sham - her family's excuse to get rid of Tevi. Exiled in a dangerous and confusing world filled with monsters, bandits, and sorcerers, Tevi battles demons within and without as she searches for her place in the strange new world.

Jemeryl has her future planned...
Fire Logic
AuthorLaurie J. Marks
Earth * Air * Water * Fire

These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations, with their subtle powers of healing, truth, joy, and intuition.

But now, Shaftal is dying.

The earth witch who ruled Shaftal is dead, leaving no heir. Shaftal's ruling...
Of Fire and Stars
AuthorAudrey Coulthurst
Betrothed since childhood to the prince of Mynaria, Princess Dennaleia has always known what her future holds. Her marriage will seal the alliance between Mynaria and her homeland, protecting her people from other hostile lands. But Denna has a secret. She possesses an Affinity for fire—a dangerous...
AuthorShea Godfrey
In a land where two countries have been torn by war for generations, Princess Jessa is sent as a peace offering to the country of Arravan, understanding all too well that she is being sacrificed upon the altar of her father’s ambitions—and condemned to an uncertain and possibly short-lived future,...
Dragonoak: The Sky Beneath The Sun
AuthorSam Farren
(This is the second book in a series.)

The days when Rowan Northwood was exiled to the farmland around her village seem like a lifetime ago, and the passing Knight she ran away with has become a memory she does her best not to revisit. Her powers lie dormant, settling within her as glowing embers...
The Walls of Westernfort
AuthorJane Fletcher
The Celaeno Series. All Natasha Ionadis wants is to serve the Goddess as a Temple Guard, and she volunteers eagerly for a dangerous mission to infiltrate a band of renegade warriors and imprinters. But, once away from the temple, the issues are no longer so simple and she must revaluate her beliefs, especially...
The Pyramid Waltz
AuthorBarbara Ann Wright
To most, Princess Katya Nar Umbriel is a rogue and a layabout; she parties, she hunts and she breaks women’s hearts. But when the festival lights go down and the palace slumbers, Katya chases traitors to the crown and protects the kingdom’s greatest secret: the royal Umbriels are part Fiend. When...
AuthorShei Darksbane
Geeky lesbian Dakota Shepherd was just a bored night security guard, working at a museum in Knoxville, Tennessee until one fateful encounter changed it all.

A rogue wizard. A demonic ritual. A silver chalice.

Dakota Awakened, Hellfire blazing from her hands.

The Empress And the Acolyte
AuthorJane Fletcher
I had a harder time with this one.
Mostly because of the effect Jem's choices have on Tevi and the impact on their relationship.

Would I go with the love of my life to a place where I would be professionally ecstatic but where she would be scorn, ignored, or used just because she's on the weaker...
Promises, Promises
AuthorL.-J. Baker
Promises, Promises: A Romp with Plenty of Dykes, a Unicorn, an Ogre, an Oracle, a Quest, a Princess, and True Love with a Happily Ever After

Sandy Blunt, witch, has big dreams but C-average magic skills. Her only noteworthy talent is for paying extravagant compliments to women. Trouble is,...
Rangers at Roadsend
AuthorJane Fletcher
This was the second book I have read in the Celaeno series. And I enjoyed it a lot more than Shadow of the Knife. I decided to read the books in chronological order instead of in order written. And so far I am glad I did. Knowing the story of the Butcher and Ellis from reading Shadow first, this book flowed perfect...
AuthorJane Fletcher
This is the last book in the series for me, since I read them in chronological order. And I am so sad this adventure is over. By far one of the most enjoyable fantasy series I've read in a long time. My only complaint about this book is I wish the ending was a bit longer. I wanted more of a wrap up and to read the scenes...
AuthorErik Schubach
Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide.

Laney Herder, a commoner in the realm of Wexbury, finds herself thrust into the world of nobles and knights. At the side of her Lady...
The Clinic
AuthorCate Culpepper
Brenna has achieved the most prestigious assignment a City medic could hope for -- working with the renowned scientist Caster in The Clinic's top-secret Military Research Unit. That her new duties include monitoring the health of tortured political prisoners shouldn't faze Brenna -- such humanistic...
The Raven and the Reindeer
AuthorT. Kingfisher
When Gerta’s friend Kay is stolen away by the mysterious Snow Queen, it’s up to Gerta to find him. Her journey will take her through a dangerous land of snow and witchcraft, accompanied only by a bandit and a talking raven. Can she win her friend’s release, or will following her heart take her to unexpected...
The Sting of Victory
AuthorS.D. Simper
When Flowridia, a witch granted power by an unknown demon, deceives an alluring foreign diplomat, she is promoted to a position of power to conceal her falsehood. Thrust into a world of politics and murderous ambition, she has her gentle heart and her Familiar to guide her – as well as a drunk Celestial...
Dragonoak: Gall and Wormwood
AuthorSam Farren
The third book in the Dragonoak series.

Rowan’s journey has taken her across oceans and through ruined Kingdoms. Years have passed since she spent her days exiled to the farmland around her village, and she’s finally where it all started: Thule, the Kingdom’s capital, where those responsible...
AuthorJane Fletcher
2 stars... Probably the most boring read of 2018 for me. The first book set up everything well enough that I thought this second book will be nothing but joy to read. Instead, I was mind-numbingly bored all throughout the book. I read in anticipation for it to get good but it never did.

More than...
AuthorShei Darksbane
Dakota Shepherd is such a newb: newly Awakened, rookie werewolf, supernatural investigator in training. Her command of the wolf inside is shaky at best, and her grasp of the unstable magic she wields is worse. She sure has a lot to learn about her new life in the supernatural world.

So why would...
AuthorEleanor Beresford
Magic plus girls' boarding school. That's an exciting combination to me. No, I didn't grow up on the British boarding school genre, but I wish I could have. I was a shy, awkward girl (and now I'm a shy, awkward woman, yay!) and the idea of an all-girl's school just sounded so appealing to me. Probably I wouldn't...
AuthorNicola Griffith
Change or die. These are the only options available on the planet Jeep. Centuries earlier, a deadly virus shattered the original colony, killing the men and forever altering the few surviving women. Now, generations after the colony has lost touch with the rest of humanity, a company arrives to exploit...
AuthorNicola Griffith
She awoke in an alley to the splash of rain. She was naked, a foot-long gash in her back was still bleeding, and her identity implant was gone. Lore Van Oesterling had been the daughter of one of the world's most powerful families...and now she was nobody, and she had to hide.

Then out of the rain...
Ex-Wives of Dracula
AuthorGeorgette Kaplan
What’s worse than falling in love with a straight girl? Falling in love with a straight girl who drinks blood. And not even in a goth way.

High school senior Mindy Murphy, has been questioning her small town life forever and, more recently, her sexuality. Maybe it has something to do with her...
Shadow of the Knife
AuthorJane Fletcher
Militia rookie Ellen Mittal is well aware that the world cannot be reduced to simple questions of black and white, but she has no idea of just how complex and dangerous her life is about to become. The most vicious gang in the Homelands, led by the infamous Butcher, is extending its operations to Roadsend....
A Hole in the World
AuthorSophie Robbins
Bianca’s life is tediously normal until the day she rescues a fairytale princess from a troll.

Then, everything changes and Bianca finds herself being thrust into the role of Prince Charming whether she likes it or not.

Despite her misgivings, she’s drawn to the strange Princess...
AuthorAllison Moon
New author Allison Moon indulges the feminine wild by giving the classic werewolf myth a lesbian twist. Lexie Clarion's first night at college, she falls in with a pack of radical feminist werewolf hunters. The next morning, she falls for a mysterious woman who may be among the hunted. As Lexie's new...
Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins
AuthorEmma Donoghue
Thirteen tales are unspun from the deeply familiar, and woven anew into a collection of fairy tales that wind back through time. Acclaimed Irish author Emma Donoghue reveals heroines young and old in unexpected alliances--sometimes treacherous, sometimes erotic, but always courageous. Told with...
AuthorLaurie J. Marks
Gifted with the power of Shaftal but unwilling do to anything with it, Karis G'deon is at a stalemate with the Sainnites. A zealous group of followers decide to take matters into their own hands in hopes of helping the "Lost G'deon". Karis and her family must either act, or allow Shaftal to fall into chaos....
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