Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon

10 best books like Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon (Nicole Brossard): A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000-2010, Kamouraska, Insel, I Am Jonathan Scrivener, Textermination: A Novel, Island People, Impossible Object, Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript, A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War, Ingratitude

AuthorCherríe L. Moraga
A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness features essays and poems by Cherríe L. Moraga, one of the most influential figures in Chicana/o, feminist, queer, and indigenous activism and scholarship. Combining moving personal stories with trenchant political and cultural critique, the writer,...
AuthorAnne Hébert
A Canadian historical novel, translated from the French, based on a real murder in Quebec in 1840.

We have a love triangle. A woman has several children by a physically and verbally abusive husband. He’s a heavy drinker and is constantly threatening to kill himself and her even saying things...
AuthorMina Loy
“He has an evening suit, but never an occasion to wear it, so he puts it on when he paints his pictures.”

Insel, the only novel by the surrealist master Mina Loy, is a book like no other—about an impossible friendship amid the glamorous artistic bohemia of 1930s Paris.

German painter...
I Am Jonathan Scrivener
AuthorClaude Houghton
James Wrexham is thirty-nine, lonely, and stuck in a dead-end job when he comes upon an advertisement for a position as secretary to Mr. Jonathan Scrivener. Much to his surprise, he is hired at a lavish salary despite never even meeting Scrivener, and he is told to take up residence at once in the flat of...
AuthorChristine Brooke-Rose
In her latest novel, Textermination, the eminent British novelist/critic Christine Brooke-Rose pulls a wide array of characters out of the great works of literature and drops them into the middle of the San Francisco Hilton. Emma Bovary, Emma Woodhouse, Captain Ahab, Odysseus, Huck Finn... all...
AuthorColeman Dowell
In this complex novel, a gay man who has fled the violence of the city for an island retreat spends his time keeping a journal and writing stories. He invents a female alter-ego who haunts him, as does the ghost of the murderer who occupied his house in the 19th century; ultimately these hauntings are manifestations...
AuthorNicholas Mosley
"The object of life is impossible; one cuts out fabrication and creates reality. A mirror is held to the back of the head and one's hand has to move the opposite way from what was intended."

In these closing lines from Impossible Object, one has embodied both Nicholas Mosley's subject of love...
AuthorJens Bjørneboe
In its apocalyptic view of mankind and in its haunting, devastating portrayal of justice, Moment of Freedom reminds one of Revelation and Kafka's The Trial. Living high in the Alps in a German principality called Heiligenberg, our narrator tells us he's dutifully fulfilling his obligations as a Servant...
AuthorSusan Griffin
     Here's another book that I read for a class that I otherwise would never have attempted.  I'm glad, I think, that I put my head down and staggered through Susan Griffin's A Chorus of Stones, but it's a book that takes a toll.

     Here's a happy thought: a lot has already been written about...
AuthorYing Chen
"I was dying to see Mother suffer at the sight of my corpse," announces the young woman at the heart of this powerful and disquieting novel, which has won acclaim in France and in Canada upon original publication in French. In Ingratitude,Ying Chen tells the story of Yan-Zi, who decides to commit suicide...
AuthorJacques Poulin
“One of my favorite writers in the world is Jacques Poulin.”—Rawi Hage

“A short novel set in contemporary Quebec that is brimming with satisfying tales of friendship, hope and love between two unlikely and enchanting characters.”—John McFarland for Shelf Awareness

AuthorRaymond Federman
Double or Nothing is a concrete novel in which the words become physical materials on the page. Federman gives each of these pages a shape or structure, most often a diagram or picture. The words move, cluster, jostle, and collide in a tour de force full of puns, parodies, and imitations. Within these...
AuthorLi Ang
Chen Jiangshui is a pig-butcher in a small coastal Taiwanese town. Stocky, with a paunch and deep-set beady eyes, he resembles a pig himself. His brutality towards his new young wife, Lin Shi, knows no bounds. The more she screams, the more he likes it. She is further isolated by the vicious gossip of her...
AuthorYvonne Vera
Yvonne Vera's novels chronicle the lives of Zimbabwean women with extraordinary power and beauty. Without a Name and Under the Tongue, her two earliest novels, are set in the seventies during the guerrilla war against the white government.

In Without a Name (1994), Mazvita, a young woman...
AuthorAgnes Smedley
This gritty autobiographical novel recreates the amazing life story of an American working class woman. Revered writer and activist Agnes Smedley worked to advance the cause of human justice on three continents as a writer and political activist. Here, she relives in fictionalized form her first...
AuthorRajinder Singh Bedi
This classic novel is about a woman compelled to marry in order to survive. Tiloka, Rano's husband, is murdered leaving her with four children to look after and a hostile mother-in-law to contend with. Helpful friends and the village elders decide that Mangal, Tiloka's younger brother, should offer...
AuthorCarole Maso
Bernadette O'Brien: misfit...child prodigy...professor of mathematics at Harvard...sentenced to die in the electric chair for the shocking murder of two male students. In her journal, her death book Bernadette takes a dark look back at the unfolding events that led to the extraordinary crime for...
AuthorV. Vale
DIAMANDA GALAS: The original nature of woman's voice has always been tied to witches and the shamanistic experience--the witch as transvestite/transsexual having the power of both male and female.

LYDIA LUNCH: They're killing too much of the earth and not enough of the people! Another reversal...
The Woman Who Read too Much
AuthorBahíyyih Nakhjavání
Gossip was rife in the capital about the poetess of Qazvin. Some claimed she had been arrested for masterminding the murder of the grand Mullah, her uncle. Others echoed her words, and passed her poems from hand to hand. Everyone spoke of her beauty, and her dazzling intelligence. But most alarming to...
AuthorNawal El Saadawi
Nawal El Saadawi, writer and freedom fighter, has been pilloried, censored, imprisoned and exiled for her refusal to accept the oppressions imposed on women by gender and class. In her life and in her writings, this struggle against sexual discrimination has always been linked to a struggle against...
AuthorElaine Showalter
This book looks at parallels between the ends of the 19th and 20th centuries and their representations in literature, art and film. This book ranges over the trial of Oscar Wilde, the public furore over prostitution and syphilis, moral outrage over the breakdown of the family, abortion rights and AIDS....
AuthorIsaac Bashevis Singer
Isaac Bashevis Singer, who won the Nobel Prize in 1978, is best-remembered for his humane and moving short stories, which drew comparison with those of Maupassant and Chekhov. The three collected here, about a girl who pretends to be a man in order to study the Torah, a frustrated demon, and a writer trying...
AuthorViviane Namaste
Invisible Lives is the first scholarly study of transgendered people—cross-dressers, drag queens and transsexuals—and their everyday lives.

Through combined theoretical and empirical study, Viviane K. Namaste argues that transgendered people are not so much produced by medicine...
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