Wild Child

10 best books like Wild Child (Lynn Plourde): Children of the Forest, A Seed Is Sleepy, Snow, The Little Yellow Leaf, Mama, Is It Summer Yet?, Planting the Wild Garden, The Insomniacs, Winter Is Coming, Snow, When Winter Comes

Children of the Forest
AuthorElsa Beskow
Although I do at least somewhat wish that this English language version of Elsa Beskow's 1910 classic Tomtetobarnen had adhered to the poetry, the lyricism of the original (I have a copy of it, but as my Swedish is extremely rudimentary and self taught, I do not understand all that much of it), I also can...
AuthorDianna Hutts Aston
The illustrations are glorious. They’re also accurate and very educational. This is an outstanding science book about seeds and the plants that come from them. The text is convincing about just how amazing seeds are. At first I didn’t like the adjective headings, but I quickly changed my mind because...
AuthorCynthia Rylant
This gentle, relaxing picture book is perfect for this time of year. If there's so much snow that you're forced to stay home, curl up with a book like this and just enjoy the peace that the snow can bring; it won't last forever, after all.

The text is lyrical free verse, and it's a nice choice to accompany...
The Little Yellow Leaf
AuthorCarin Berger
Hmm. I checked and this book was first published in 2008, but it feels like one of those touchy feely books that was so popular 40 years prior to that.

I loved the illustrations. They make this a beautiful book. Even the slightly unusual shape of the book makes it a stunner.

I think I was...
Mama, Is It Summer Yet?
AuthorNikki McClure
Young children see the passage of time through the seasonal changes to the world around them in this charming book, illustrated with Nikki McClure’s extraordinary cut-paper art. A little boy who can’t wait for summer keeps asking his mama, “Is it summer yet?” Mama says, “Not yet, little...
AuthorKathryn O. Galbraith
Eloquent text and stunning illustrations combine to explore the many ways seeds are distributed.
A farmer and her son carefully plant seeds in their garden. In the wild garden, many seeds are planted too, but not by farmers' hands. Different kinds of animals transport seeds, often without knowing...
AuthorKarina Wolf
The wonder of nighttime comes to life in this breathtaking debut

When the Insomniacs move twelve time zones away for Mrs. Insomniac's new job, the family has an impossible time adapting to the change. They try everything to fall asleep at night--take hot baths, count to one thousand, sip mugs...
Winter Is Coming
AuthorTony Johnston
“A quiet, beautiful picture book to share.” —Booklist (starred review)

“This gentle, lyrical celebration of the natural world will reward similarly observant readers.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A touching reminder about the beauty of the natural world.”...
AuthorManya Stojic
Winter is coming to the north woods and the animals are all getting ready for the first big snow. The owl hears the wind whistle, but the moose sees the first flakes. Now the geese know it is time to fly south, and the bear knows it is time for sleep. Then it snows and snows and snows. Every flake is different....
AuthorNancy Van Laan
As bland as the snow.

Very repetitive. I certainly couldn't read this to my kid because it would drive me crazy.

Every other page is, “Where, oh where does the X go/When winter comes and the cold winds blow?” And then it says where it goes. It's in rhyme. It's all about the different...
AuthorJill Barklem
Bad weather is on the way and the autumn crops are still not gathered in! Quickly, all the mice of Brambly Hedge set to work to finish the harvesting before the rain begins. Primrose, Lord Woodmouse's daughter, meant to help, but somehow she daydreamed her way over the cornfield and into the Chestnut Woods,...
AuthorSibylle von Olfers
The incredibly intricate and vivid illustrations in this book are details of a modern quilt inspired by Sibylle von Olfers' classic storybook Mother Earth and Her Children. This vibrant new translation, in turn inspired by the quilt, explores the changing of the seasons and...
Child of Faerie, Child of Earth
AuthorJane Yolen
Caressing and sweet, with a rhythmic and songlike lyricism (although the rhyming scheme and word choices of Child of Faerie, Child of Earth unfortunately and a trifle annoyingly do feel somewhat awkwardly halting and forced at times, especially near the end of the presented narrative), Jane Yolen's...
A Woggle of Witches
AuthorAdrienne Adams
I had to read this book because I was so tickled by its title.

This is a weird book, unless I had some pages missing, which maybe I did, but my copy of the book looked intact.

This is a silly simple story about witches, and it’s a fun book to read aloud.

My favorite pages were the...
AuthorDennis Haseley
Open your heart and imagination to this magical fantasy about friendship and reading...

One sunlit afternoon, ab ear discovers a mysterious fragment of paper that leads him to a cabin and to an unlikely friend. Although he can't understand her words, he returns day after day all summer to hear...
AuthorJulia Rawlinson
It's autumn, and Fletcher's favorite tree is slowly changing colors and losing its leaves.

Fletcher is very worried.

He tells the tree he'll help. But when the very last leaf falls to the ground, Fletcher feels as though he's let down his friend . . .

. . . until the first day of...
AuthorMarty Kelley
Fall is a tough time of year for a lot of us. Kids have to go back to school, teachers and football players have to go back to work, and parents have to look for new places to hide holiday presents. But perhaps fall is hardest of all on trees. After all, they have to change their entire appearance every year!...
AuthorCharlotte Zolotow
Beloved author Charlotte Zolotow's lyrical prose and Stefano Vitale's rich illustrations make this classic picture book a beautiful celebration of the cycle of life.

Where does the wind go when it stops?

When a little boy asks this question at the end of a happy day, his mother explains...
The Apple Pie That Papa Baked
AuthorLauren Thompson
When I was in first grade, (forty years ago!), I would borrow a Virginia Lee Burton book, Life Story, from my school library so often that the librarian gave me the book at the end of the school year. I still have that book.

So when my son and I were at our local library recently, this book immediately...
Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden
AuthorGeorge Levenson
We can be sure of this: It's a circle without end. It'¬?s pumpkin seeds to pumpkins To pumpkin seeds again! This treat of a picture book comes cloaked in the colors of fall. Bouncy verse and glowing photographs show a backyard pumpkin patch move through its natural cycle -- a bug'¬?s eye and a bird's high...
The Bones of Fred McFee
AuthorEve Bunting
Told in rhythmic rhyme, this spooky Halloween tale relates how the young-boy narrator and his sister bring home a plastic skeleton and hang it in their sycamore tree, as a holiday decoration. They soon begin to notice, however, that the bones of Fred McFee (as the skeleton is soon named) have an odd effect...
The Apple Pie Tree
AuthorZoe Hall
Two sisters observe their apple tree through the seasons in this charming picture-book for younger children, delighting in the robin's nest in its branches, admiring its soft pink blossoms and growing fruit, and playing in its welcome shade. When fall comes, and the apples are ready for picking, the...
Leaf Man
AuthorLois Ehlert
Fall has come, the wind is gusting, and Leaf Man is on the move. Is he drifting east, over the marsh and ducks and geese? Or is he heading west, above the orchards, prairie meadows, and spotted cows? No one's quite sure, but this much is certain: A Leaf Man's got to go where the wind blows.

With illustrations...
Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!
AuthorAnne Sibley O'Brien
Leaves on trees
are green and bright
What a Sight!
Eleven gatefolds open to re-create the excitement and surprise of fall’s arrival, revealing what happens when the leaves turn. Fall is a season of transition: apples are picked, and animals prepare for winter....
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