Trouble and Her Friends

10 best books like Trouble and Her Friends (Melissa Scott): Nekropolis, Slow River, Solitaire, The Wanderground: Stories of the Hill Women, Messiah Node, Halfway Human, The Judas Rose, Queen City Jazz, The Fortunate Fall, Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction

AuthorMaureen F. McHugh
Fleeing an empty future in the Nekropolis, twenty-one-year-old Hariba has agreed to have herself "jessed," the technobiological process that will render her subservient to whomever has purchased her service. Indentured in the house of a wealthy merchant, she encounters many wondrous things....
AuthorNicola Griffith
She awoke in an alley to the splash of rain. She was naked, a foot-long gash in her back was still bleeding, and her identity implant was gone. Lore Van Oesterling had been the daughter of one of the world's most powerful families...and now she was nobody, and she had to hide.

Then out of the rain...
AuthorKelley Eskridge
At times, Solitaire is a fascinating read! Sadly, at other times, reading this book is about as exciting as...well...playing a game of solitaire!

In the not-too-distant future, world peace has finally been achieved. As a symbol of this new era, all children born on the first second of the first...
The Wanderground: Stories of the Hill Women
AuthorSally Miller Gearhart
"There are no words more obscene than 'I can't live without you.' Count them the deepest affront to the person." This idea is presented in the opening chapter of Sally Miller Gearhart's The Wanderground and, based on this, among other elements of that first chapter, I thought I might like this book. This...
AuthorLyda Morehouse
The third installament in the Archangel Protocol. At present there are four books in this series; Morehouse is in the process of writing a prequel book called the "Resurrection Code". This book followed much in the manner as Fallen Host. I thought it was okay but the overly heavy religious themes get...
Halfway Human
AuthorCarolyn Ives Gilman
Tedla is young, beautiful and blond but is neither he nor she. On a far-off world, an asexual class of blands exists to serve their fellow humans, protected and isolated from contact with the rest of the universe. But no bland has ever left its sheltered homeworld--until now. Tedla has been found in an...
AuthorSuzette Haden Elgin
An instant cult classic upon first publication, Suzette Haden Elgin's Native Tongue trilogy has earned wide critical acclaim, shocking and captivating a loyal readership among science fiction and women's literature audiences alike.

Sequel to the enormously popular Native Tongue, The...
AuthorKathleen Ann Goonan
In Verity's world, nanotech plagues decimated the population after an initial renaissance of utopian nanotech cities. Growing up on an isolated farm, she finds her happy life changing course when Blaze, the only young man in the community and Verity's best friend, is shot. With Blaze's body wrapped...
AuthorRaphael Carter
I don't believe it.

I just realized that I haven't updated my top ten book list in my own mind for almost a decade. I certainly haven't modified my top three in over 25 years.

What I have just read has just supplanted number three. Perhaps even number two.

For the moment, I feel...
AuthorLee Mandelo
Speculative fiction is the literature of questions, of challenges and imagination, and what better to question than the ways in which gender and sexuality have been rigidly defined, partitioned off, put in little boxes? These seventeen stories explore the ways in which identity can go beyond binary...
AuthorJohn Shirley
Book one of John Shirley's pre-holocaust series, A Song Called Like many works defining the wild cyberpunk fringe in the 1980s, this depiction of a near-future dystopia, here revised and updated since its 1985 debut, seems almost acceptably mainstream today. But Shirley's spiky prose and edgy attitudes,...
AuthorPat Cadigan

Is it all pretty much a mess wrapped up with mirror shades and spinal shunts, hacking and guns?

NOT this one!

Well, it was pretty much a mess of characters and mediots for more than half the novel and I'll be honest, I was rather mystified and wondering where the novel...
AuthorLinda Nagata
Nikko is the first true "post human"-a man genetically engineered to survive in the airless void of space-but the research permit that allows his existence is about to expire. His body has already begun an insidious, pre-programmed failure that will end in his death. Nikko's only hope for survival...
AuthorLewis Shiner
Ten years ago the world's governments collapsed, and now the corporations are in control. Houston's Pulsystems has sent an expedition to the lost Martian colony of Frontera to search for survivors. Reese, aging hero of the US space program, knows better. The colonists are not only alive, they have...
Alanya to Alanya
AuthorL. Timmel Duchamp
Seattle, February 2076. The Marq ssan bring business as usual to a screeching halt all over the world, and Professor Kay Zeldin joins Robert Sedgewick, US Chief of Security Services, in his war against the invaders. Soon Kay is making rather than writing history. But as she goes head-to-head against...
Design for Great-Day
AuthorAlan Dean Foster
When a strange starship appears mysteriously on a distant alien world, bearing only a single human and his bee-like extraterrestrial companion, the powerful warlord of that world laughs at the stranger's preposterous demand: End an all-out war with an interstellar rival, or face devastating consequences....
AuthorAmy Thomson
I read this book when I was 13, and remember only some of it, but here are the compelling things about it that have stuck with me ever since!

-the AI girl at the heart of this book is created to be basically a companion and lover to her creator, who fantasizes about shaping a person in his image. Some...
AuthorJames Tiptree Jr.

It's a pity I cannot rate it higher than the maximum allowed - it is astonishing that Tiptree, in this short story achieves so much. I liken her to Vonnegut, who could pull your guts out in a matter of minutes with stories that take usually barely half-an-hour to read.

The present story...
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