The Whole Man

10 best books like The Whole Man (John Brunner): Time Storm, Dark Universe, The Stochastic Man, Star Light, The Pirates of Ersatz, Who?, Davy, Time Is the Simplest Thing, Empire of the Atom, Hello Summer, Goodbye

Time Storm
AuthorGordon R. Dickson

I completely forgot to mention the dedication which I reproduce in full here

To the Librarians
During the 1930's and 1940's anyone writing science fiction did so almost exclusively for magazines. Then in the early 1950's the magazine market began to die and paperback books...
AuthorDaniel F. Galouye

The above rating graphic provides a pretty good assessment of my opinion of the story...which stands to reason in a "DUH, thank you Col. Obvious" sorta way since I created it. Well, at the risk of raining down obvious all over you, let me add that this is certainly a book on which I would recommend...
AuthorRobert Silverberg
In a not-too-distant future, the assassination of an all-powerful New York City Mayor has plunged the five boroughs back into a dangerous cesspool of crime, drugs, and prostitution. Professional prognosticator Lew Nichols joins the campaign team of a fast-rising politico running for the city's...
AuthorHal Clement
Dhrawn was a giant rockball, more than 3,000 times the mass of Earth. Perhaps a planet, perhaps a nearly dead star, these 17 billion square miles of mystery cried out for investigation. But its corrosive atmosphere and crushing gravity assured that no human would ever set foot on its surface.
AuthorMurray Leinster
Bron is the offspring of infamous space pirates but instead of following in the family footsteps he decides to become an electronic engineer. Unfortunately, every time he tries to get out, something pulls him back in. This is a tongue-in-cheek space adventure along the lines of the Stainless Steel...
AuthorAlgis Budrys
DAMMIT FELLOW SF does Algis Budrys fly so silently under your radar?

The more sublimely penetrating stories I read by this quiet magician, the greater my bowel irritation that he isn't given his propers as a maestro of thoughtful, intelligent SF like this:

AuthorEdgar Pangborn
Davy is set in the far future of our world, in the fourth century after the collapse of what we describe as the twentieth-century civilisation. In a land turned upside-down and backwards by the results of scientific unwisdom, Davy and his fellow Ramblers are carefree outcasts, whose bawdy, joyous adventures...
AuthorClifford D. Simak
Without setting foot on another planet, people like Shep Blaine were reaching out to the stars with their minds, telepathically contacting strange beings on other worlds. But even Blaine was unprepared for what happened when he communed with the soul of an utterly alien being light years from Earth....
AuthorA.E. van Vogt
Empire of the Atom is a science fiction novel by A.E. van Vogt. First published in 1957 by Shasta Publishers in an edition of 2000 copies, the novel is a fix-up of the first five of van Vogt's Gods stories which originally appeared in Astounding magazine. The remaining Gods stories are collected in The...
AuthorMichael G. Coney
It was an alien planet - yet not too alien from Earth. It had its differences; its ice goblins, its curious furry lorrin, its thickening water, and its unearthly tides, but for a young man like Alika-Drove thinking of a vacation by the sea these oddities were the norm.

But this vacation was different....
AuthorCordwainer Smith
Storyline: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Writing Style: 2/5
World: 3/5

Every now and then a little golden age science fiction found its way back into a genre that was on its way to abandoning it. Not that science fiction ever completely outgrew its pulp adolescence, but by 1964 it was becoming...
AuthorE.E. "Doc" Smith
Dick Seaton and Marc DuQuesne are the deadliest enemies in the Universe--their feud has blazed among the stars and changed the history of a thousand planets. But now a threat from outside the Galaxy drives them into a dangerous alliance as hordes of strange races drive to a collision with Mankind!

AuthorThomas Burnett Swann
Lost Monsters

Thea watched their torch-bearing captors recede into the distance and leave them to the cave's darkness. Her brother Icarus whispered "forgive me - I wanted to come to the Country of the Beasts, not to the Cave of the Minotaur".

Then they heard the soft padding of feet...
AuthorR.A. Lafferty
The golden planet of Astrobe, made in the image of Utopia, now faced a crisis which could destroy it forever; & yet, no one could understand it:
In a world where wealth & comfort were free to everyone, why did so many desert the golden cities for the slums of Cathead & the Barrio? Why did...
The Butterfly Kid
AuthorChester Anderson

Chester Anderson’s The Butterfly Kid is listed as the number one weirdest science fiction novel ever written. With the likes of such bizarre sf whoppers as Dr. Bloodmoney, Ubic, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer, A Voyage to Arcturus, Panda...
AuthorRandall Garrett
Storyline: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Writing Style: 3/5
World: 3/5

Though originally serialized in a 1960s-era science fiction magazine, this was a novel rather than a short story collection. I thought that Garrett had managed the magazine novella handily, and I was unsure whether...
The Left Hand of the Electron
AuthorIsaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was professor of biochemistry in the Boston University and a very prolific writer,mainly of hard SF,popular science books and popular histhory books.

He is a great teacher,that explains,in his popular science books,with a simple direct and clear prose full of...
Brain Twister
AuthorMark Phillips
"Mark Phillips" was the pseudonym of two well-known science fiction writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle names (Philip and Mark), was coined soon after their original meeting, at a science-fiction convention. Both men were drunk at the...
AuthorPoul Anderson
The time is the 23rd century, and ships are crawling outward from Earth into the interstellar depths. It will take them centuries to reach even the nearest stars - but once they do, future travel will be instantaneous, because the ships carry matter transmitters that are not subject to the limitations...
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