The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

10 best books like The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck (Beatrix Potter): Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, The Cow Who Fell in the Canal, Little Bear's Trousers, Morgan Mine, Autumn Story, The Church Mouse, My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, Babar and His Children, Mother Goose, Flower Fairies of the Summer

AuthorLewis Carroll
In 1865, English author CHARLES LUTWIDGE DODGSON (1832-1898), aka Lewis Carroll, wrote a fantastical adventure story for the young daughters of a friend. The adventures of Alice-named for one of the little girls to whom the book was dedicated-who journeys down a rabbit hole and into a whimsical underworld...
AuthorPhyllis Krasilovsky
This by far hasn't been the first time I've read The Cow Who Fell in the Canal, but I recently realised I hadn't added it to Goodreads and so it demanded a reread.

What a lovely children's book! The story of Henrietta and her adventure has always been a personal favourite, and now I get to share it...
AuthorJane Hissey
Little Bear’s Trousers by Jane Hissey
One morning, Little Bear wakes to find his trousers missing, so he goes from one stuffed-animal friend to another in search of them. Each time, he's one step behind, finding that his trousers has been used and passed along to different toys. Sailor tried them...
AuthorStephen Cosgrove
AuthorJill Barklem
Bad weather is on the way and the autumn crops are still not gathered in! Quickly, all the mice of Brambly Hedge set to work to finish the harvesting before the rain begins. Primrose, Lord Woodmouse's daughter, meant to help, but somehow she daydreamed her way over the cornfield and into the Chestnut Woods,...
AuthorGraham Oakley
Buying this book is a mix of whimsy and preparedness. I say that I have two other of the authors books that I adored as a child so it was inevitable that I tried his most famous books. Some may say I'm getting clucky and feathering the future eka-Brendon's nest. They may have a point...

I adored both...
AuthorEve Sutton
Don't mind me, this is for my cat.

So. This book told me that "the cat from France liked to sing and dance".

See? Here.

When I talked to you about this talent you're supposed to share with your fellow French cats -

Oh, yes. You did that. Just FLEE. Because...
AuthorJean de Brunhoff
Such joy in Celesteville! Babar and Celeste have had triplets. The smallest, Alexander, has a knack for getting into predicaments. Between getting stuck in the treetops and being chased by a crocodile, he certainly keeps Babar on his toes, but the king readily admits, “Truly it is not easy to bring...
AuthorKate Greenaway
Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was one of the most popular British book illustrators of the Victorian era. A contemporary of Randolph Caldecott and Walter Crane, she attracted a wide audience in the United States and England, and many of her books were even translated into German and French.

AuthorCicely Mary Barker
This is the same format as the other flower fairy book I have read. Each page is a different poem about a different flower. The drawings are fantastic, so lovely and colorful. It shows the fairy and the flower. I love the poppy flower here. Her dress is astounding. A fashion house should use this concept....
AuthorA.A. Milne
This book is intended for the young reader to read. And by young reader I mean those old enough to be interested in Winnie the Pooh. I have a hard time believing this.

First, logistically this book is not suited for the young reader. It is tiny. The print is tiny. The pictures would not keep the young...
AuthorJimmy Kennedy
One of the gems I found at the Mill Valley Library Sale over the weekend. I love this book! As the adorable old gentleman at the volunteer table was ringing up my stack of books (25-cents, 25-cents, 25-cents--what a bargain!) he raised his eyebrow at this one. "Now, this one is $3.00," he said kindly. I grinned...
AuthorJanet Ahlberg
I love this book!

I cannot believe I have not read this before! It’s a brilliant idea to follow the Jolly Postman on his rounds. The authors have cleverly interwoven the stories of Jack & The Beanstalk, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. I love the little extras throughout the book....
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