The Summer of the Great-Grandmother

10 best books like The Summer of the Great-Grandmother (Madeleine L'Engle): Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith, And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Stories from the Byways of American Women and Religion, Road Song: A Memoir, The House by the Sea, The Sacred Journey: A Memoir of Early Days, Friends for the Journey, A Dresser of Sycamore Trees, Plain and Simple: A Journey to the Amish, Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith, Listening for Madeleine: A Portrait of Madeleine L'Engle in Many Voices

AuthorBarbara Brown Taylor
By now I expected to be a seasoned parish minister, wearing black clergy shirts grown gray from frequent washing. I expected to love the children who hung on my legs after Sunday morning services until they grew up and had children of their own. I even expected to be buried wearing the same red vestments...
And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Stories from the Byways of American Women and Religion
AuthorAdrian Shirk
And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy is a powerful, personal exploration of American women and their religions, weaving connections between Adrian Shirk’s own varied spiritual experiences and the prophetesses, feminists, and spiritual icons who have shaped this country.

Laced throughout...
Road Song: A Memoir
AuthorNatalie Kusz
Natalie Kusz has written a fine, strong, unusual memoir about her loving, eccentric family, their life in Alaska, and the accident that maimed her face. One of the things that sets Road Song apart is that the latter, a truly horrific event early in the story, is just one of the book's compelling threads,...
AuthorMay Sarton
This is the sixth of Sarton’s journals I’ve read. It covers 1975–6, when she was 63–4 and in her second year in Maine. Her health is not yet a worry, at least as compared to later journals, but there is a faint sense of diminished abilities and an awareness of death’s approach. Poetry has run dry...
AuthorFrederick Buechner
This was insightful, uncommonly honest, and beautiful. I couldn't put the book down, but had to, twice, before finishing the mere 112 pages (3 chapters called "Once Below a Time, Once Upon a Time, and Beyond Time").
I will not share any of the story, so as not to ruin any of it for future readers; however,...
Friends for the Journey
AuthorLuci Shaw
These two Christian women, one an Episcopalian, the other a Plymouth Brethren who converted to Episcopalianism, have been fast friends for many years. In this book they discuss life and friendship and religion. It is an easy book to pick up and browse through, but I read every word, mostly since I have...
AuthorGarret Keizer
The prophet Amos, a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore trees, had a parallel, and more challenging, calling as a shepherd of human souls. So too does Garret Keizer, an Episcopalian minister to the community of Island Pond in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. This profoundly contemporary book displays...
AuthorSue Bender
Charmingly illustrated and refreshingly spare, Plain and Simple speaks to the seeker in each of us.

"I had an obsession with the Amish. Plan and simple. Objectively it made no sense. I, who worked hard at being special, fell in love with a people who valued being ordinary." So begins Sue Bender's...
AuthorHenri J.M. Nouwen
When beloved author Henri Nouwen set out to record this daybook of totally new reflections, he suddenly found himself on "a true spiritual adventure." For in these 366 original, interlocking morsels of daily wisdom, Nouwen provides both sustenance and a trail for us to follow, as he unveils, to his...
Listening for Madeleine: A Portrait of Madeleine L'Engle in Many Voices
AuthorLeonard S. Marcus
Writer. Matriarch. Mentor. Friend. Icon.
Madeleine L'Engle is perhaps best recognized as the author of A Wrinkle in Time, the enduring milestone work of fantasy fiction that won the 1963 John Newbery Medal for excellence in children's literature and has enthralled millions of readers for the...
The Whimsical Christian: 18 Essays
AuthorDorothy L. Sayers
Two of my favorite writers ever, period, are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. In search of ever more excellent content from them, I've delved into their essays and academic writings well past the point of diminishing returns. Even the best thinkers eventually wear thin and run dry.

Imagine my...
The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work
AuthorKathleen Norris
In this insightful and deeply personal work, Kathleen Norris, an award-winning poet and author of both Dakota: A Spiritual Geography and The Cloister Walk, draws on her life experiences, her poetry and her love of the Benedictine tradition to discuss the mysterious way that the daily or "quotidian"...
Beyond Our Selves
AuthorCatherine Marshall
This spiritual adventure from best-selling author Catherine Marshall relates tales from her childhood to marriage, and reads like a secret, questioning journal-and journey. Along the way, Marshall offers guidance on topics such as forgiveness, suffering, miracles, unanswered prayer, and healing....
And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible's Original Meaning
AuthorJoel M. Hoffman

For centuries, translations of the Bible have obscured our understanding and appreciation of the original text. Now And God Said provides readers with an authoritative account of significant mistranslations and shows how new translation methods can give readers their first glimpse into...
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