The Story of a Bad Boy

10 best books like The Story of a Bad Boy (Thomas Bailey Aldrich): Meet Me in St. Louis, Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus, The Wonderful O, The Bear That Wasn't, Ounce Dice Trice, Henry's Awful Mistake, Belling the Tiger, Basil in Mexico, The Mouse of Amherst: A Tale of Young Readers, Where Did You Go? Out What Did You Do? Nothing

AuthorSally Benson
There are times when a film does a more enjoyable job with a book than the book does for itself. "Meet Me in Saint Louis" is one of the great old movie musicals, and probably provided the best performance ever given by Judy Garland. The book, on the other hand, is nothing extraordinary in the genre of happy-old-time-family...
AuthorJames Otis

Children's Bad Words
Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 1 Incident: stupid
Name Calling - 1 Incident: lazybones

Religious & Supernatural - None

Conversation Topics - 5 Incidents: A boy is ungrateful and decides to runaway from home and...
AuthorJames Thurber
This book was one of my favorites when I was about eight, and I read it innumerable times. I can still remember many passages verbatim. In case you don't know it, here is a brief summary of the plot. Two disreputable pirates, Black and Littlejack, arrive at the island of Ooroo. They have reason to believe...
AuthorFrank Tashlin
"A fable for grownups that will be fun for children. Sit down with the book and get your own bearings." — New York Herald Tribune
With the first signs of approaching winter, the Bear's thoughts naturally turn to a cozy cave and a long snooze till spring. But when he awakes a few months later, he is surprised...
AuthorAlastair Reid
What can words be, or rather, what can’t they be? Poet Alastair Reid introduces children and adults to the wondrous waywardness of words in Ounce Dice Trice, a delicious confection and a wildly unexpected exploration of sound and sense and nonsense that is like nothing else. Reid offers light words...
AuthorRobert M. Quackenbush
Henry the Duck sure gets himself into some sticky situations! Just when he thinks dinner is almost ready, he spots an ant in the house. Children and parents alike will love following disaster-prone Henry through his adventures in cooking, cleverly written and illustrated by Robert Quackenbush.

AuthorMary Stolz
At last, Mary Stolz's 1962 Newbery Honor-winning book is back. And now, for the first time, the classic story is brought to life with colorful illustrations in a picture book format. Award-winning illustrator Pierre Pratt adds whimsical new art to this charming tale about two little mice assigned...
AuthorEve Titus
The famous sleuth of Mousedom!

Basil of Baker Street continues his brilliant detective career as he solves three difficult cases, one right after the other:

"The Case of the Counterfeit Cheese"--in which mousedom is terrified as mice crack their teeth on phony cheese bits made of...
AuthorElizabeth Spires
A mouse's-eye-view of Emily Dickinson

When a mouse named Emmaline takes up residence behind the wainscoting of Emily Dickinson's bedroom, she wonders what it is that keeps Emily scribbling at her writing table throughout the day and into the night. Emmaline sneaks a look, and finds that it's...
AuthorRobert Paul Smith
"A classic evocation of childhood . . . a masterly mixture of up-country drawl and Huckleberry Finn."—The New Yorker

A hugely popular bestseller when it first appeared in 1957, Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing. is Robert Paul Smith's nostalgic and often wry look back on his 1920s...
AuthorGeraldine McCaughrean
Cissy Sissney and her family are staking their claim. Along with a handful of other entrepreneurs, they've stepped off the train into the brand-new town of Florence, Oklahoma, and started building a future.

But the president of the railroad says no more trains will stop in Florence -- ever....
AuthorCarl Sandburg
Welcome to Rootabaga Country--where the railroad tracks go from straight to zigzag, where the pigs wear bibs, and where the Village of Cream Puffs floats in the wind. You'll meet baby balloon pickers, flummywisters, corn fairies, and blue foxes--and if you're not careful, you may never find your way...
AuthorJohn D. Fitzgerald
Papa Married a Mormon made its initial appearance in McCall's magazine in 1955 and later became a bestseller for Prentice-Hall and a selection of two book clubs. Mamma's Boarding House and Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse followed soon after, but good luck finding either of them.

Born in...
AuthorBoy Scouts of America
For something published in the 1980’s, this is decently current. Some sections are quite outdated, such as cameras and film. I was surprised that it included Aspirin in the first aid kit list, as at this time it was already known that Aspirin can cause Reye’s Syndrome. Used then-up-to-date science....
AuthorDonald Hall
Donald Hall draws on his own childhood memories and gives himself the thing he most wanted but didn't get as a boy: a Christmas at Eagle Pond.

It’s the Christmas season of 1940, and twelve-year-old Donnie takes the train to visit his grandparents' place in rural New Hampshire. Once there,...
AuthorEllis Parker Butler
This American classic is a humorous turn-of-the-century story about a train agent and the definition of a guinea pig. This hilarious tale of bureaucracy run amok at the Interurban Express Company, and exponential growth of the Guinea pig population shows what can happen when ignorance and bureaucrats...
AuthorAmy Ehrlich
Perfect for literature classes and beginning writers of all ages!

"Tell me a story of when you were little" is something children love to ask. Now ten award-winning writers: Mary Pope Osborne, Laurence Yep, James Howe, Katherine Paterson, Walter Dean Myers, Susan Cooper, Nicholasa Mohr,...
AuthorRobert McCloskey
Centerburg might be your town. Grampa Hercules and his never-ending tall tales, Dulcy Dooner, the uncooperative citizen, unbusinesslike Uncle Ulysses and his friendly lunchroom, the flustered sheriff, the pompous judge—they are all as American as they come. But there's a subtle and delightful...
AuthorShana Corey
From an acclaimed author and a New York Times Best Illustrated artist comes the fascinating, little-known—and true!—story of New York City’s first subway.

New York City in the 1860s was a mess: crowded, disgusting, filled with garbage. You see, way back in 1860, there were no subways,...
AuthorCarroll Watson Rankin
A few years ago I bought this book for my sister, who has a thing for children's books in which the characters fix up houses and pull weeds -- whatever else may be said about it, Dandelion Cottage is an ideal exemplar of that genre. At the time, I tried to read it myself, but found it overly twee. Just a couple...
AuthorMary Roberts Rinehart
The ill nature of the cartoon, for instance, which showed Tish in a pair of khaki trousers on her back under a racing-car was quite uncalled for. Tish did not wear the khaki trousers; she merely took them along in case of emergency. Nor was it true that Tish took Aggie along as a mechanician and brutally pushed...
AuthorDavid Macaulay
A pigeon carrying an important message takes the reader on a unique tour through Rome. As we follow the path of this somewhat wayward bird, we discover that Rome is a place where past and present live side by side. It is a city that has been recycling itself for two thousand years, but unlike a museum, Rome...
AuthorJohn Dryden
Excerpt from Absalom and Achitophel:

'Thebes did his green unknowing youth engage, He chooses Athens in his riper age.'

But these lines prove nothing, being probably prompted by no other motive than the desire of the moment to please an Oxford audience. A passage in a letter from Dryden...
AuthorNick Bertozzi
Two of America's greatest explorers embark on the adventure that made their names—and sealed their fates.

In 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark departed St. Louis, Missouri, for one of the greatest adventures this nation has ever known. Appointed and funded by President Jefferson...
AuthorJennifer LaRue Huget
What kid hasn’t wanted to make their parents feel sorry for treating him badly?
And how better to accomplish this than to run away? Here’s a guide showing how, from what to pack (gum–then you won’t have to brush your teeth) to how to survive (don’t think about your cozy bed). Ultimately,...
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