The Sharpshooter Blues

9 best books like The Sharpshooter Blues (Lewis Nordan): The City in the Middle of the Night, Five Children and It, The Feral Detective, Dragons of Spring Dawning, Teatro Grottesco, Résumé with Monsters, Airships, Last Days, Redemption Point

The City in the Middle of the Night
AuthorCharlie Jane Anders
"If you control our sleep, then you can own our dreams... And from there, it's easy to control our entire lives."

Set on a planet that has fully definitive, never-changing zones of day and night, with ensuing extreme climates of endless, frigid darkness and blinding, relentless light, humankind...
Five Children and It
AuthorE. Nesbit
I read Five Children and It with the Women’s Classic Literature Enthusiasts group and enjoyed it immensely. If you like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and its series' mates by Betty MacDonald, you will like Five Children and It. The ideal child reader of this book is between second and fifth grade, with a fondness...
The Feral Detective
AuthorJonathan Lethem
Phoebe Siegler first meets Charles Heist in a shabby trailer in the desert outside of Los Angeles. She's on a quest to find her friend's missing daughter, Arabella, and hears that Heist is preternaturally good at finding people who don't want to be found. A loner who keeps his pet opossum in a desk drawer,...
Dragons of Spring Dawning
AuthorMargaret Weis
“They don’t want to hear about darkness and death. They want children’s tales about love and rebirth and silver dragons.
Don’t we all.”

If what you are after is an uplifting children’s tale about love and rebirth and dragons (of many colours) then you have come to the right...
Teatro Grottesco
AuthorThomas Ligotti
This collection features tormented individuals who play out their doom in various odd little towns, as well as in dark sectors frequented by sinister and often blackly comical eccentrics. The cycle of narratives that includes the title work of this collection, for instance, introduces readers to...
AuthorWilliam Browning Spencer
Philip Kenan is battling a series of bad jobs -and the monsters from H.P. Lovecraft's fiction go with him.

Philip's first confrontation with the monsters set in motion a bizarre chain of events that finally sent his girlfriend Amelia packing. Now the battle rages from the dank, cramped sweatshop...
AuthorBarry Hannah
Now considered a contemporary classic, Airships was honored by Esquire magazine with the Arnold Gingrich Short Fiction Award. The twenty stories in this collection are a fresh, exuberant celebration of the new American South — a land of high school band contests, where good old boys from Vicksurg...
Last Days
AuthorAdam Nevill
Last Days (winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Horror Novel of the Year) by Adam Nevill is a Blair Witch style novel in which a documentary film-maker undertakes the investigation of a dangerous cult—with creepy consequences

When guerrilla documentary maker, Kyle Freeman, is...
Redemption Point
AuthorCandice Fox
#1 New York Times bestselling author Candice Fox delivers a compulsive new crime thriller in Redemption Point.

When former police detective Ted Conkaffey was wrongly accused of abducting Claire Bingley, he hoped the Queensland rainforest town of Crimson Lake would be a good place to disappear....
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