The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

10 best books like The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs (Betty G. Birney): Each Little Bird that Sings, Moo, Snow Treasure, The Thief Lord, The Landry News, Ruby Holler, Bearstone, The Chalk Box Kid, The Great Turkey Walk, The Aurora County All-Stars

AuthorDeborah Wiles
Ten-year-old Comfort Snowberger has attended 247 funerals. But that's not surprising, considering that her family runs the town funeral home. And even though Great-uncle Edisto keeled over with a heart attack and Great-great-aunt Florentine dropped dead--just like that--six months later, Comfort...
AuthorSharon Creech
Fans of Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog and Hate That Cat will love her newest tween novel, Moo. This uplifting tale reminds us that if we’re open to new experiences, life is full of surprises. Following one family’s momentous move from the city to rural Maine, an unexpected...
AuthorMarie McSwigan
In the bleak winter of 1940, Nazi troops parachuted into Peter Lundstrom's tiny Norwegian village and held it captive. Nobody thought the Nazis could be defeated--until Uncle Victor told Peter how the children could fool the enemy. It was a dangerous plan. They had to slip past Nazi guards with nine...
AuthorCornelia Funke
Two orphaned children are on the run, hiding among the crumbling canals and misty alleyways of the city of Venice.

Befriended by a gang of street children and their mysterious leader, the Thief Lord, they shelter in an old, disused cinema. On their trail is a bungling detective, obsessed with...
AuthorAndrew Clements
The bad news is that Cara Landry is the new kid at Denton Elementary School. The worse news is that her teacher, Mr. Larson, would rather read the paper and drink coffee than teach his students anything. So Cara decides to give Mr. Larson something else to read -- her own...
AuthorSharon Creech
From Sharon Creech, the Newbery Medal winning author of Walk Two Moons, comes a heartwarming adventure about finding family, and a home, when you least expect it.

Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal-winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations...
AuthorWill Hobbs
A Dramatic Tale of Grizzlies and Gold
Fourteen-year-old Cloyd Atcitty has been skipping school for years. He's run away from a group home for Native American boys, and is now being sent to work for Walter Landis, an old rancher on an isolated Colorado farm.
In a cave above the ranch, Cloyd finds...
AuthorClyde Robert Bulla
The Chalk Box Kid is a short story so there isn't much to say. This is a story about a kid named Gregory. Gregory loves to draw. It all started off by him moving to a new house with his mom and dad. It was Gregory's birthday. For Gregory's birthday, his parents made him his own room. He loved it more than anything...
AuthorKathleen Karr
Yeeeeeee-haw! Git along, little . . . turkeys?

Big, brawny Simon Green, who's just completed third grade (for the fourth time), may not be book smart, but he's nobody's fool. When it's time to be done with school and make his way in the world, Simon hatches a plan that could earn him a bundle. He...
AuthorDeborah Wiles
Twelve-year-old House Jackson—star pitcher and team captain of the Aurora County All-Stars—has been sidelined for a whole sorry year with a broken elbow. He's finally ready to play, but wouldn't you know that the team's only game of the year has been scheduled for the exact same time as the town's 200th-anniversary...
AuthorPeg Kehret
When Jonathan and his family go camping on Magpie Island, they look forward to a fun, relaxing weekend. But their fun quickly vanishes when Jonathan, his sister, Abby, and their dog, Moose, find themselves in the middle of a natural disaster. A devastating earthquake has hit, destroying their camper,...
AuthorDoreen Rappaport
This picturebook biography is an excellent and accessible introduction for young readers to learn about one of the world's most influential luminaries. With her signature style of prose laced with stirring quotes, Doreen Rappaport brings to life Helen Keller's poignant narrative. Acclaimed illustrator...
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher (Magic Shop #1)
AuthorCoville, Bruce
My name is Jeremy, and I just experienced the most memorable day of my life. My art teacher embarrassed me in the middle of class, a girl wanted to kiss me, and I was chased by bullies. I ended up lost in our small town and found myself in front of a magic shop. The shopkeeper said a big, shiny marble chose me (huh?),...
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