The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold

10 best books like The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold (Francesca Lia Block): Belle: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins, Black Heart, Ivory Bones, Spinners, White as Snow, Princess of the Wild Swans, Black Pearls: A Faerie Strand, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales, Fitcher's Brides, Once Upon a Crime

Belle: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
AuthorCameron Dokey
Belle is convinced she has the wrong name, as she lacks her sisters' awe-inspiring beauty. So she withdraws from society, devoting her time to wood carving. Secretly, Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree. If carved by the right hands, the Heartwood will reveal the face of one's true love.

Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins
AuthorEmma Donoghue
Thirteen tales are unspun from the deeply familiar, and woven anew into a collection of fairy tales that wind back through time. Acclaimed Irish author Emma Donoghue reveals heroines young and old in unexpected alliances--sometimes treacherous, sometimes erotic, but always courageous. Told with...
AuthorEllen Datlow
Hair bright as gold...Lips red as blood...Heart black as sin...Truth sharp as bone...

As in their previous critically acclaimed volumes of reconsidered fairy tales, award-winning editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling have gathered together remarkable stories that illuminate the...
AuthorDonna Jo Napoli
This is the story of two spinners. The first honed his craft at a stolen wheel, crippling his leg, turning a room full of straw into a glittering dress for his beloved -- and losing her. The second steals moments to teach herself. Saskia is her name, and she grows up to be a master spinner. Nothing is beyond...
AuthorTanith Lee
Once upon a time there was a mirror. . . .

So begins this dark, unusual retelling of the story of Snow White by the writer reviewers have called “the Angela Carter of the fantasy field”—a whole novel based on a beloved story, turning it into a dark and sensual drama full of myth and magic.

AuthorDiane Zahler
Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans,” this enchanting fantasy by Diane Zahler, author of The Thirteenth Princess and A True Princess, is a tale of family, bravery . . . and a terrible spell.

Princess Meriel’s brothers have been cursed. An evil enchantment cast by their...
AuthorLouise Hawes
“ . . . and they lived happily ever after.” Remember the fairy tales you put away after you found that no princess is as beautiful as common sense and happy endings are just the beginning?

Well, the old tales are back, and they’ve grown up! Black Pearls brings you the stories of your childhood,...
AuthorKate Bernheimer
New edition (revised and expanded) available 8/13/02.

Fairy tales are one of the most enduring forms of literature, their plots retold and characters reimagined for centuries. In this elegant and thought-provoking collection of original essays, Kate Bernheimer brings together twenty-eight...
AuthorGregory Frost
The tale of Bluebeard, reenvisioned as a dark fable of faith and truth

1843 is the “last year of the world,” according the Elias Fitcher, a charismatic preacher in the Finger Lakes district of New York State. He's established a utopian community on an estate outside the town of Jeckyll's...
AuthorEd Gorman
There are some pleasent surprises in this little collection. There are also some duds. Thankfully, however, the gems make up for the dudes. There does seem to be a preponderence of mob stories.

The stories range from funny to touching. Now of them all really sad. Standouts include-

AuthorJack D. Zipes
This anthology of feminist fairy tales and critical essays acts as an example of how the literature of fantasy and imagination can be harnessed to create a new view of the world. It demonstrates how recent writers have changed the aesthetic constructs and social content of fairy tales to reflect cultural...
AuthorDenise Little
How would Little Red Riding Hood's story play if we heard it from the viewpoint of the wolf, and what's the real scuttlebutt about the seven dwarves? Whether they're told to us as bedtime treats or viewed as Disney movies, fairy tales fuel our imagination. Now fantasy's finest indulge themselves and...
AuthorIsobelle Carmody
A dozen of the most exciting and unique writers for young people have chosen fairytales as starting points for their own original stories, in this surprising and spellbinding two-volume collection

Margo Lanagan (Tender Morsels), Rosie Borella, Isobelle Carmody, Richard Harland...
Pay the Piper
AuthorJane Yolen
A rock 'n' roll band to die for . . .

When fourteen-year-old Callie McCallan scores a backstage pass to interview the lead singer of the famous band Brass Rat, she's thrilled. Peter Gringras is so cool. When he plays his flute, it's as if he has some kind of hypnotic power. But there is something...
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