The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei: Vol. One: The Gathering

10 best books like The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei: Vol. One: The Gathering (Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng): Journey to the West, Volume 4, The Peony Pavilion: Mudan ting, The Warning Voice, A Dictionary of Maqiao, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, Six Records of a Floating Life, The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun, Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems, Outlaws of the Marsh, The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai

Journey to the West, Volume 4
AuthorWu Cheng'en
The Journey to the West, volume 4, comprises the last twenty-five chapters of Anthony C. Yu's four-volume translation of Hsi-yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature. The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen-year pilgrimage of the monk Hsüan-tsang (596-664), one of China's...
The Peony Pavilion: Mudan ting
AuthorTang Xianzu
The celebrated English translation of this classic work of Chinese literature is now available in an updated paperback edition. Written in 1598 by Tang Xianzu, The Peony Pavilion is one of literature's most memorable love stories and a masterpiece of Ming drama. It's heroine, Bridal Du, is a cloistered...
AuthorXueqin Cao
"The Story of the Stone (c. 1760)", also known by the title of "The Dream of the Red Chamber", is the great novel of manners in Chinese literature. Divided into five volumes, of which "The Warning Voice" is the third, it charts the glory and decline of the illustrious Jia family (a story which closely accords...
A Dictionary of Maqiao
AuthorHan Shaogong
From the daring imagination of one of China’s greatest living novelists comes a work of startling power and originality–the story of a young man “displaced” to a small village in rural China during the 1960s. Told in the format of a dictionary, with a series of vignettes disguised as entries,...
AuthorPu Songling
The title, and the fact that this is a Penguin classic, attracted me. I really, really enjoyed this read. The stories were quite short, some only a paragraph in length, and the longest ones being perhaps 4-5 pages. And they were strange indeed, strange is definitely an understatement. They were very...
Six Records of a Floating Life
AuthorShen Fu
Six Records of a Floating Life (1809) is an extraordinary blend of autobiography, love story and social document written by a man who was educated as a scholar but earned his living as a civil servant and art dealer. In this intimate memoir, Shen Fu recounts the domestic and romantic joys of his marriage...
The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun
AuthorXun Lu
Lu Xun (1881—1936) is one of the founding figures of modern Chinese literature. His celebrated short stories assemble a powerfully unsettling portrait of the superstition, poverty, and complacence that he perceived in late-imperial China, and in the revolutionary Republic that toppled the...
AuthorLi Bai
Li Po (AD 701-62) and Tu Fu (AD 712-70) were devoted friends who are traditionally considered to be among China's greatest poets. Li Po, a legendary carouser, was an itinerant poet whose writing, often dream poems or spirit-journeys, soars to sublime heights in its descriptions of natural scenes and...
Outlaws of the Marsh
AuthorShi Nai'an
China's great classic novel Outlaws of the Marsh, written in the fourteenth century, is a fictional account of twelfth-century events during the Song Dynasty. One by one, over a hundred men and women are forced by the harsh feudal officialdom to take to the hills. They band together and defeat every...
The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai
AuthorHan Bangqing
Desire, virtue, courtesans (also known as sing-song girls), and the denizens of Shanghai's pleasure quarters are just some of the elements that constitute Han Bangqing's extraordinary novel of late imperial China. Han's richly textured, panoramic view of late-nineteenth-century Shanghai follows...
AuthorLi Yu
Timeless lessons to be learnt from this seventeenth century chinese erotic novel operating within a Buddhist framework featuring a scholar whose desire for a more fabulous sex life leads him to have a dog's penis spliced into his own, numerous women of various social classes, aggrieved husbands,...
AuthorSima Qian
Das Geschichtswerk des antiken China

Das "Shi Ji", hier als "Records of the Grand Historian" präsentiert, ist mit die wichtigste Quelle für Informationen über das antike China vor und während der Han-Dynastie. Ganz gemäß dem Temperament der konfuzianischen Chinesen mit ihrer Vergangenheitsfixierung...
The "Platform Sutra" records the teachings of Hui-neng, the Sixth Patriarch, who is revered as one of the two great figures in the founding of Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism. This translation is the definitive English version of the eighth-century Ch'an classic.

Phillip B. Yampolsky has based his...
The Scholars
AuthorWu Jingzi
A masterpiece from the Ming dynasty, Wu Ching-tzu's The Scholars ranks with Dream of the Red Chamber, Journey to the West, and the Water Margin as one of the greatest classic novels of China. The Scholars is the first Chinese novel of its scope not to borrow any characters from history or legend and it is...
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