The Ophiuchi Hotline

10 best books like The Ophiuchi Hotline (John Varley): The Expert System's Brother, A World Out of Time, Idoru, Ancestral Night, What Mad Universe, Iron Sunrise, Stardance, The Labyrinth Index, Mindbridge, Beyond the Blue Event Horizon

The Expert System's Brother
AuthorAdrian Tchaikovsky
I love this author! He has such a brilliant imagination.

In The Expert System's Brother we visit a planet centuries after its settlement by humans who had discovered it was virtually uninhabitable. As a result they made a number of serious changes to their descendants to make them able to survive...
AuthorLarry Niven
Jaybee Corbell awoke after more than 200 years as a corpsicle -- in someone else's body, and under sentence of instant annihilation if he made a wrong move while they were training him for a one-way mission to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his own move. Once he was outbound, where...
AuthorWilliam Gibson
If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

Techno-Dystopia: "Idoru" by William Gibson

I think it's very telling - and promising, that this guy who thinks he can predict an apocalyptic future for Earth where 80% of people are killed has had at least the...
Ancestral Night
AuthorElizabeth Bear
Haimey Dz thinks she knows what she wants.

She thinks she knows who she is.

She is wrong.

A routine salvage mission uncovers evidence of a terrible crime and relics of powerful ancient technology. Haimey and her small crew run afoul of pirates at the outer limits of the Milky...
AuthorFredric Brown

Fredric Brown was a true ubermensch of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, and his short stories are still among the best ever written in the genre. I mean that. Best...Ever...Written.

What Mad Universe is one of only a handful of SF novels that he wrote, a tear-inducing shame given...
AuthorCharles Stross
When the planet of New Moscow was brutally destroyed, its few survivors launched a counter-attack against the most likely culprit - the neighbouring system of trade rival New Dresden. But New Dresden wasn't responsible, and as the deadly missiles approach their target, Rachel Mansour is assigned...
AuthorSpider Robinson
Any future book written in 1977 is not only going to get a few things wrong, but have a very different sensibility. Fortunately, this book is not handicapped by that, because of its focus on dance and music as a way to communicate-- with aliens. When you think about that, it makes sense.

Our narrator...
The Labyrinth Index
AuthorCharles Stross
The arrival of vast, alien, inhuman intelligences reshaped the landscape for human affairs across the world, and the United Kingdom is no exception. Things have changed in Britain since the dread elder god Nyarlathotep ascended to the rank of Prime Minister. Mhari Murphy, recently elevated to the...
AuthorJoe Haldeman
The discovery of a remarkable alien technology light years from Earth could have devastating consequences for humanity in this science fiction classic by the author of the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning novel The Forever War

In the far future, the accidental scientific breakthrough known...
AuthorFrederik Pohl
In Book Two of the Heechee Saga, Robinette Broadhead is on his way to making a fortune by bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory--a Heechee spaceship that can graze the cometary cloud and transfor the basic elements of the universe into untold quantities of food. But even as he gambles on the breakthrough...
AuthorRobert Silverberg
Come to Majipoor, the magnificently exotic planet of Lord Valentine's Castle. Come to Hissune, favorite of Valentine, as he probes the deepest secrets of Majipoor's long past in the depths of the great Labyrinth. Join him as he becomes one with its many peoples--dukes & generals, thieves &...
AuthorRobert J. Sawyer
So far, all that they could make out was a series of maddeningly vague shadows.

Starplex is just an absolute plethora of big ideas. An.absolute.PLETHORA. And by “big”, I mean mind-BLASTING ….and challenging.

So how does one go about reviewing something like this? It’s basically...
Octavia Gone
AuthorJack McDevitt
After being lost in space for eleven years, Gabe finally makes his triumphant return to reunite with Alex and Chase and retrieve a possibly alien artifact—which may lead them to solve the greatest archaeological mystery of their careers, in the eighth installment of the Alex Benedict series.

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