The Mountain's Call

10 best books like The Mountain's Call (Caitlin Brennan): The Mystery at Lilac Inn, The Black Stallion, Feel the Burn, Path of Fate, Heir Apparent, Sunchaser's Quest, By Fire, by Moonlight, Secrets of the Scepter, Shadows Over Balinor, Search for the Star

The Mystery at Lilac Inn
AuthorCarolyn Keene
There was certainly a lot of action and danger for Nancy in The Mystery at Lilac Inn. As usual, multi-talented Nancy has no problem solving the case all while conveniently and artfully dodging danger. It certainly helps that luck and fate sure seem to be on her side. She always seems to have the right tools,...
The Black Stallion
AuthorWalter Farley
Published originally in 1941, this book is about a young boy, Alec Ramsay who finds a wild black stallion at a small Arabian port on the Red Sea. Between the black stallion and young boy, a strange understanding grew that you lead them through untold dangers as they journeyed to America. Nor could Alec...
Feel the Burn
AuthorG.A. Aiken
War makes strange bedfellows.

I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law and order here in my lands. But I never expected to have to consort with a barbarian human woman.
AuthorDiana Pharaoh Francis
In the land of Kodu Riik, becoming ahalad-kaaslane is the highest honor one can achieve. It mans the Lady has chosen you to bond and be united forever with one of Her specially blessed animals -- soul to soul...

Abandoned by her parents as an infant, Reisil grew up perpetually reminded that she...
AuthorVivian Vande Velde
In the virtual reality game Heir Apparent, there are way too many ways to get killed--and Giannine seems to be finding them all. Which is a darn shame, because unless she can get the magic ring, locate the stolen treasure, answer the dwarf's dumb riddles, impress the head-chopping statue, charm the army...
AuthorMary Stanton
Read this in the antho Unicorns of Balinor #1-3. Summary below of the anthology.
Finished book 1/10/19.

I have been reading this series out of order for a few years now. If I find the book at the library I get it. I love horses and the art work on this series is just great. =0)

I found this...
AuthorMary Stanton
More mediocre fantasy from Stanton. In this one, Ari, Chase, and Lori have to deal with the consequences of taking the Scepter through the Gap. Because apparently that's a Thing That is Very Bad and upsets the balance of magic in the universe. And for some reason it means that Entia gets to issue Ari two...
AuthorMary Stanton
I'm very glad to be near finished with this series. When it started out weak, I was sure it was going to get better. Unless something amazing happens in the last two books, it looks like I was wrong--things have actually gotten worse over the course of the past few books. Ari has turned into one of the worst...
AuthorMary Stanton
Alrighty. Here we are, finally at the end of the Unicorns of Balinor series. (Thank goodness!) Before I talk about the book, I'd like to paint you a picture.

Sometime around 2000, I was an elementary schooler with a love of reading. I had discovered the Unicorns of Balinor series, and while I wasn't...
AuthorMary Stanton
Deep in the lair at Blue Mountain, Naytin the dragon safely guards the Indigo Star. The jewel's magic has always protected the indigo herd. Until now.
The evil Shifter has captured the Indigo Star and gained control over the band of unicorns. As the Shifter's darkness creeps through Balinor, now...
AuthorMary Stanton
This was a very fun little book! It's obviously for younger children, but I enjoyed it all the more for that because it was slightly lighthearted, a quick read, clean and not overly scary, with the good guys and badguys obvious. A delightful change from some of my other reading, especially with so-called...
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