The History of the Kings of Britain

10 best books like The History of the Kings of Britain (Geoffrey of Monmouth): Parzival, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, The Lais of Marie de France, Arthurian Romances, The History of the Franks, Tristan: With the Tristran of Thomas, The Quest of the Holy Grail, The Death of King Arthur, Two Lives of Charlemagne, The Art of Courtly Love

AuthorWolfram von Eschenbach
Composed in the early thirteenth century, Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival is the re-creation and completion of the story left unfinished by its initiator Chretien de Troyes. It follows Parzival from his boyhood and career as a knight in the court of King Arthur to his ultimate achievement as King...
One night a group of monks from Durham cathedral seized Bede's remains and took them back to Durham for reburial there, making Bede one of those people who have ended up travelling further in death than they ever did while alive.

The give away fact about this book is it's title. What Bede wants...
AuthorMarie de France
This is a prose translation of the lais or poems attributed to Marie de France. Little is known of her but she was probably the Abbess of the abbey at Shaftesbury in the late 12th century, illegitimate daughter of Geoffrey Plantagenet and hence the half-sister of Henry II of England. It was to a king, and...
AuthorChrétien de Troyes
Taking the legends surrounding King Arthur and weaving in new psychological elements of personal desire and courtly manner, Chrétien de Troyes fashioned a new form of medieval Romance. The Knight of the Cart is the first telling of the adulterous relationship between Lancelot and Arthur's Queen...
AuthorGregory of Tours
Written following the collapse of Rome's secular control over western Europe, the History of Gregory (c. AD 539-594) is a fascinating exploration of the events that shaped sixth-century France. This volume contains all ten books from the work, the last seven of which provide an in-depth description...
AuthorGottfried von Straßburg
Gottfried's version of this legendary romance--in which Tristan and Isolde chance to drink a magic potion that causes them to fall in love--portrays Tristan in the round as an attractive and sophisticated pre-Renaissance man. While Gottfried adheres faithfully to the events as set down by Thomas,...
Composed by an unknown author in early thirteenth-century France, The Quest of the Holy Grail is a fusion of Arthurian legend and Christian symbolism, reinterpreting ancient Celtic myth as a profound spiritual fable. It recounts the quest of the knights of Camelot - the simple Perceval, the thoughtful...
Recounting the final days of Arthur, this thirteenth-century French version of the Camelot legend, written by an unknown author, is set in a world of fading chivalric glory. It depicts the Round Table diminished in strength after the Quest for the Holy Grail, and with its integrity threatened by the...
Two revealingly different accounts of the life of the most important figure of the Roman Empire

Charlemage, known as the father of Europe, was one of the most powerful and dynamic of all medieval rulers. The biographies brought together here provide a rich and varied portrait of the king from...
AuthorAndreas Capellanus
After becoming popularized by the troubadours of southern France in the 12th century, the social system of courtly love soon spread. Evidence of the influence of courtly love in the culture & literature of most of western Europe spans centuries. This unabridged edition of codifies life at Queen...
AuthorThomas Malory
Le Morte d'Arthur (originally spelled Le Morte Darthur, Middle French for "the death of Arthur"[1]) is a reworking of existing tales by Sir Thomas Malory about the legendary King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. Malory interprets existing French and English...
AuthorNorris J. Lacy
This review is of the 1986, red-covered version of THE ARTHURIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, chief editor Norris Lacy. It's a big book, 649 pages, and appears to be substantially the same volume as the yellow-jacketed edition pictured above. It's worth understanding that the general field of "Arthuriana" embraces...
AuthorKevin Crossley-Holland
Beowulf, The Battle of Maldon, The Dream of the Rood, The Wanderer, and The Seafarer, among other surviving Anglo-Saxon poems are included in this book. But, besides this, chronicles, laws and letters, charters and charms are also incorporated in the anthology.

Kevin Crossley-Holland...
This is a great book to get hold of if you are interested in the Anglo-Saxons or early medieval history. It's packed full of source material - enough to get the curious going, not just Asser's life of Alfred which fascinatingly stops well before Alfred's death (did Asser just die unbeknown to us before...
AuthorJean Froissart
The Chronicles of Froissart (1337-1410) are one of the greatest contemporary records of fourteenth-century England and France. Depicting the great age of Anglo-French rivalry from the deposition of Edward II to the downfall of Richard II, Froissart powerfully portrays the deeds of knights in battle...
Wace (1115 – 1183) was an Anglo-Norman poet. The introduction to this work by Eugene Mason gives an excellent account of Wace and the background behind this historical work. Wace begins his history of the Britons as follows. “Constantine came to Totnes, and many a stout knight with him—there...
AuthorJean de Joinville
Two famous, firsthand accounts of the holy war in the Middle Ages translated by Margaret R. B. Shaw

Originally composed in Old French, the two chronicles brought together here offer some of the most vivid and reliable accounts of the Crusades from a Western perspective. Villehardouin's Conquest...
Arthur's Britain
AuthorLeslie Alcock
We are all familiar with the heroic deeds and enchantments of the legendary tales surrounding King Arthur. But what evidence is there for a real figure beneath the myth and romance?

Arthur's Britain assembles a wealth of information about the history of Arthur by delving into the shadowy period...
AuthorGerald of Wales
Gerald of Wales was among the most dynamic and fascinating churchmen of the twelfth century. A member of one of the leading Norman families involved in the invasion of Ireland, he first visited there in 1183 and later returned in the entourage of Henry II. The resulting Topographia Hiberniae is an extraordinary...
AuthorF.M. Stenton
Discussing the development of English society, from the growth of royal power to the establishment of feudalism after the Norman Conquest, this book focuses on the emergence of the earliest English kingdoms and the Anglo-Norman monarchy in 1087. It also describes the chief phases in the history of...
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is a collection of annals in Old English chronicling the history of the Anglo-Saxons. The original ms. of the Chronicle was created late in the 9th century, probably in Wessex, during the reign of Alfred the Great. Multiple copies were made of that original which were distributed...
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