The Great Explosion

10 best books like The Great Explosion (Eric Frank Russell): What Mad Universe, Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, Night Walk, The Paradox Men, The Stochastic Man, The Listeners, Fury, They Walked Like Men, Night of Light, Search the Sky

AuthorFredric Brown

Fredric Brown was a true ubermensch of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, and his short stories are still among the best ever written in the genre. I mean that. Best...Ever...Written.

What Mad Universe is one of only a handful of SF novels that he wrote, a tear-inducing shame given...
AuthorH. Beam Piper
The Paratime Police patrolled the vast number of alternate time dimensions. Their aim was to keep the existence of the alternative Earths a secret and prevent these Earths from mixing and destroying each other.

But the Time Police made mistakes, and they made a big one when a seemingly ordinary...
AuthorBob Shaw
For 'refusing to co-operate' the Emm Luther Special Police took out Earth agent Sam Tallon's eyes and imprisoned him on a dark and eerie swamp from which nobody ever escaped.

But then Tallon invented a way of seeing - ludicrous, agonizing, yet still a way to make escape possible. He 'saw' through...
AuthorCharles L. Harness
The Paradox Men is a science-fiction classic of its kind - a full-blooded adventure story of derring-do and distressed damsels, set after the Third Great War when North and South America are united into one country: Imperial America. A slave state run by a small noble elite who flaunt their wealth by...
AuthorRobert Silverberg
In a not-too-distant future, the assassination of an all-powerful New York City Mayor has plunged the five boroughs back into a dangerous cesspool of crime, drugs, and prostitution. Professional prognosticator Lew Nichols joins the campaign team of a fast-rising politico running for the city's...
AuthorJames E. Gunn
For fifty years Project scientists had listened from their backwater Puerto Rican outpost for some sign of other intelligent life in the universe. In 2025, a Message from Capella was received! And suddenly, Robert MacDonald, Project Director, faced one of mankind's greatest challenges. He had to...
AuthorHenry Kuttner
Classic SF from '47. It isn't bad and it has a solid plot thread and a very streamlined theme, from breaking off the yoke of immortals only to realize you are one, to founding a rebellion allowing all the people to earn their own immortality and a place in the sun. (On Venus, nonetheless.)

I don't...
AuthorClifford D. Simak
Money was worthless; it had no value! It couldn't buy housing, clothing, or food. Someone with enormous quantities of cash was buying houses and tearing them down, buying stores and closing them.

Perhaps a few people could have stopped the transactions before it was too late. They could have...
AuthorPhilip José Farmer
The Planet of Dante's Joy

Join John Carmody of Earth on an unforgettable adventure on the weirdest planet in the galaxy. Just when Carmody had given up understanding this weird world and decided simply to accept whatever happened, it was the Night of Light. All the citizens of Dante's Joy slumbered...
AuthorFrederik Pohl
Quite a decent piece of SF satire, set (roughly) in the same universe as The Marching Morons . I liked the planet with the gerontocracy. The hero gets to participate in an election: they wheel out the candidates, all of whom are over 100 and with tubes coming out of their noses. With great fanfare of trumpets,...
AuthorArthur C. Clarke
A spaceship crew from an advanced alien civilization notices that Earth faces imminent destruction as its sun begins to explode. With time rapidly ticking down, the crew desperately searches a now-desolate planet for any possible human survivors.

This is a dramatisation of the very first...
AuthorWilson Tucker
Corporal Russell Gary - operator-angle man-black marketeer, junior grade-liberator of anything loose - veteran of Salerno and Normandy - a man who knew how to live by his wits and a gun.

Celebrating ten years in khaki, Gary went on a monumental binge...

AuthorIsaac Asimov
8 · Introduction · Martin H. Greenberg · in
11 · I, Robot [Adam Link] · Eando Binder · ss Amazing Jan ’39
25 · The Strange Flight of Richard Clayton · Robert Bloch · ss Amazing Mar ’39
35 · Trouble with Water · Horace L. Gold · ss Unknown Mar ’39
56 · Cloak...
AuthorJohn Sladek
Wompler's Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map. But they aren't selling like they used to. In fact, they aren't selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government for a research grant. And so Wompler Research Laboratories and Project 32 come into being....
AuthorRobert Sheckley
The 1950s saw publication of Sheckley's 1st four books: short story collections Untouched by Human Hands (Ballantine '54), Citizen in Space ('55), Pilgrimage to Earth (Bantam '57) & a novel, Immortality, Inc. (1st serialized in Galaxy, '58).
"The Monsters" (F&SF 1953/3)
AuthorJack Vance
The objective of the mission from Earth: to stop the ruthless Barjarnum of Beaujolais from expanding his empire on the Big Planet...and prevent the world from falling under this tyrant's domination. Then sabotage forces the craft to crash land, and the survivors face an epic 40,000-mile trek across...
AuthorPoul Anderson
Prolific Grand Master Poul Anderson earned his place of honor within the hallowed halls of science fiction’s best and brightest. His work may not be as engagingly readable as Asimov, or as accessibly impactful as Clarke. He was never as politically-minded as Heinlein and his prose is not as slick...
Final Blackout: A Futuristic War Novel
AuthorL. Ron Hubbard
London 1975. As the great World War grinds to a halt a force more sinister than Hitler's Nazis has seized control of Europe and is systematically destroying every adversary -- except one.In the heart of France a crack unit of British soldiers survive, overcoming all opposition under the leadership...
Star Bridge
AuthorJack Williamson
It was the greatest empire of them all, spanning light-years, gathering in the stars with a golden net. World after world - start after star - all were snared together in a web of shimmering, golden tracery. Each gleaming strand was a tube, the communications that turned the harsh, metallic planet of...
AuthorCarlo Fruttero
All'avvicinarsi del Duemila, la data più fantascientifica in assoluto, viene riproposto il primo volume dell'"Antologia della fantascienza" curato da Sergio Solmi e Carlo Fruttero, che ha rappresentato un appuntamento memorabile per i cultori del genere e per tutti coloro che amano la letteratura...
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