The Farseekers

10 best books like The Farseekers (Isobelle Carmody): Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Disappearance of Ember Crow, Legends of Australian Fantasy, Dragonlinks, The Shining City, The Lady of the Sorrows, The Tainted, Word of Honour, Tallow, Chronicle of Ages

AuthorJ.K. Rowling
Harry Potter is leaving Privet Drive for the last time. But as he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid’s motorbike and they take to the skies, he knows Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters will not be far behind.

The protective charm that has kept him safe until now is broken. But the Dark Lord is breathing...
AuthorAmbelin Kwaymullina
"However this ends, you're probably going to find out some things about me, and they're not nice things. But, Ash, even after you know, do you think you could remember the good? And whatever you end up discovering - try to think of me kindly. If you can."

Ember Crow is missing. To find her friend,...
AuthorJack Dann
From two of the best editors working today ... These are the legends of Australian fantasy - eleven of Australia's best-loved and most widely read writers ... Gathered together by equally legendary editors Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan to produce an entirely original compilation ...

AuthorPaul Collins
An all-powerful, enchanted mailshirt from the stars. Six links are missing. An orphan, a streetwise urchin and a swordsman must find the links before the greatest evil known descends upon Qzar. Jelindel dek Mediesar led a charmed life until Lindrak assassins murdered her family. Fleeing to the markets,...
AuthorKate Forsyth
Rhiannon, a wild and fierce half-human girl, tamed a winged horse to escape the vicious satyricorn tribe who raised her. In the human world, the handsome apprentice-witch Lewen has convinced her to stay with him and learn to use her strong magical talents. But before her training can commence, Rhiannon...
AuthorCecilia Dart-Thornton
I'm giving up on this series. I wanted to re-read it because I loved it a lot the first two times I read it (when I was still in my fantasy stage of reading), and I needed to read something that didn't require any thought, but wow, it's boring.

The author seems to think that writing in a deadpan, old-fashioned...
AuthorGlenda Larke
The Tainted was a wonderful conclusion to the Isles of Glory trilogy. Despite being the longest, it was the fastest read for me. Between the build-up to the Change, the introduction of new characters, the ending, and especially some long-awaited FEELS, it's my favorite book of the three.

AuthorMichael Pryor
Sinister plots, schemes within schemes, magical upheavals, and a world to save from evil. As always, Aubrey goes looking for trouble--and finds it, in spades.

Magical genius Aubrey Fitzwilliam, along with his loyal friend George, is trying to immerse himself in his new life at university....
AuthorKaren Brooks
On the edge of a mystical border called the Limen, close to a beautiful canal-laced city, a humble candlemaker rescues a child whom he raises as his apprentice.

Years pass and the child’s unusual talents are revealed, the gentle art of candlemaking slowly transforming into something far...
Chronicle of Ages
AuthorTraci Harding
traci Harding returns to the Ancient Future trilogy which ended with the ࢨosen leaving Earth for the further reaches of space. Earth must follow its own path for a time while the gods battle elsewhere. Noah, storyteller and chronicler, tutors the children born after colonisation and must explore...
AuthorJennifer Fallon
The final instalment of this fabulous bestselling series.

The Tide Lords have gathered in Jelidia to find out the secret of how to kill an immortal...Cayal in particular. Before they can do this, however, they must find the Chaos Crystal that brought them into this world.

They initially...
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