The Coming Race

10 best books like The Coming Race (Edward Bulwer-Lytton): Erewhon, The Egoist, News from Nowhere, Dangerous Visions, Przez kraj ludzi, zwierząt i bogów, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, The Morning of the Magicians, The Secret Doctrine: Vol 1, Psychic Self-Defense, Joe Golem: Occult Detective, Vol. 1: The Rat Catcher and the Sunken Dead

AuthorSamuel Butler
Erewhon, as a satire and/or essay, is interesting and has some thought provoking ideas. Erewhon as a novel has a fairly thin but still interesting plot line in an intriguing environment. Unfortunately, meshing the two of these together makes for a difficult book to swallow at times.

I enjoyed...
AuthorGeorge Meredith
Virginia Woolf said of The Egoist: 'Meredith pays us a supreme compliment to which as novel-readers we are little accustomed ... He imagines us capable of disinterested curiosity in the behaviour of our kind.' In this, the most dazzlingly intellectual of all his novels, Meredith tries to illuminate...
AuthorWilliam Morris
News from Nowhere(1890) is the best-known prose work of William Morris and the only significant English utopia to be written since Thomas More's. The novel describes the encounter between a visitor from the nineteenth century, William Guest, and a decentralized and humane socialist future. Set...
AuthorHarlan Ellison
The most honored anthology of fantastic fiction ever published, featuring the works of such luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Bloch, Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, Fritz Leiber, Poul Anderson, Damon Knight, J.G. Ballard, John Brunner, Frederik Pohl, Roger...
AuthorFerdynand Antoni Ossendowski
Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski - podróżnik, szpieg, awanturnik, wojownik, uczony, dyplomata, poliglota, dziennikarz i wielki erudyta. Podobne określenia można by przytaczać bez końca. Jest drugim po Henryku Sienkiewiczu najbardziej znanym polskim pisarzem na świecie, czego dowodem...
AuthorG.I. Gurdjieff
The teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) has come to be recognized as one of the most original, enduring, and penetrating of our century. While Gurdjieff used many different means to transmit his vision of the human dilemma and human possibility, he gave special importance to his acknowledged masterwork,...
AuthorLouis Pauwels
It is not science-fiction, although it cites myths on which that literary form has fed. Nor is it a collection of bizarre facts, though the Angel of the Bizarre might well find himself at home in it. It is not a scientific contribution, a vehicle for an exotic teaching, a testament, a document, a fable....
The Secret Doctrine: Vol 1
AuthorH.P. Blavatsky
I cannot imagine when this woman had time to eat, sleep or pee given the amount of time it must have taken to write this book and all the other books she has written. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying this book inspired him to split the atom. I can see why. I have since moved on to Vol II. Reading this work of...
Psychic Self-Defense
AuthorDion Fortune
After finding herself the subject of a powerful psychic attack, Dion Fortune wrote this detailed instruction manual for safeguarding yourself against paranormal malevolence. Fortune explores the elusive psychic element in mental illness and, more importantly, details the methods, motives,...
Joe Golem: Occult Detective, Vol. 1: The Rat Catcher and the Sunken Dead
AuthorMike Mignola
Forty years after disaster left Lower Manhattan submerged in thirty feet of water, the Drowning City has taken a turn for the weird, and Joe Golem is there to investigate. A mysterious and terrifying creature has been snatching children and pulling them into the depths of the canals, and those that drowned...
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