The Charwoman's Shadow

10 best books like The Charwoman's Shadow (Lord Dunsany): Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life, Five Children and It, The Dark Is Rising Sequence, The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry, The Ghosts, The Box of Delights, Ill Met in Lankhmar, The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm, Shadrach in the Furnace, Tales from Moominvalley

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life
AuthorAlison Weir
In this beautifully written biography, Alison Weir paints a vibrant portrait of a truly exceptional woman and provides new insights into her intimate world.

Renowned in her time for being the most beautiful woman in Europe, the wife of two kings and mother of three, Eleanor of Aquitaine was...
Five Children and It
AuthorE. Nesbit
I read Five Children and It with the Women’s Classic Literature Enthusiasts group and enjoyed it immensely. If you like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and its series' mates by Betty MacDonald, you will like Five Children and It. The ideal child reader of this book is between second and fifth grade, with a fondness...
AuthorSusan Cooper
This series is fantastic, and has been horridly overlooked, particularly so seeming that our current culture seems so fascinated with all things Potter. Not that The Dark Is Rising is anything like Harry Potter - not at all. It's thickly steeped in Celtic and Arthurian legend, is relentless in its exploration...
The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry
AuthorBryan Sykes
One of the most dramatic stories of genetic discovery since James Watson's The Double Helix—a work whose scientific and cultural reverberations will be discussed for years to come.

In 1994 Professor Bryan Sykes, a leading world authority on DNA and human evolution, was called in to examine...
AuthorAntonia Barber
When Lucy sat in the attic, she thought she heard the sound of voices calling...
That's when she started to believe the rumors in the village that the old house was haunted. But no ghosts appeared - until the day Lucy and her brother Jamie stood in the garden and watched two pale figures, a girl and a boy,...
AuthorJohn Masefield
Strange things begin to happen the minute young Kay Harker boards the train to go home for Christmas and finds himself under observation by two very shifty-looking characters. Arriving at his destination, the boy is immediately accosted by a bright-eyed old man with a mysterious message: “The wolves...
Ill Met in Lankhmar
AuthorFritz Leiber
Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series established the sword-swinging, maiden-rescuing, chivalrous, high adventure that has been the mainstay of the fantasy genre ever since. White Wolf presents the entire seven-novelette Lankhmar series in four volumes.The two greatest heroes ever are back, proving...
AuthorNorman Hunter
Still one of the immortals of children's literature - Professor Branestawm's continues to amuse generations of young readers.

The wonderfully nutty, fabulously entertaining mishaps of Professor Branestawm. He's madly sane and cleverly dotty. Professor Branestawm is the most absent-minded...
AuthorRobert Silverberg
The year is 2012. The world lies ravaged by biological warfare, its population decimated by a ferocious genetically-transmitted disease known as the organ rot. And presiding over the ruins is a ninety-three-year-old tyrant, preserved in a state of youth by a series of organ transplants: the self-styled...
Tales from Moominvalley
AuthorTove Jansson
What a bunch of strange, opaque, elliptical little stories.

This is my first entry into the Moomin world, Jansson's books having passed me by as a child. I was dubious - the pastelly coloured covers of the editions I keep weighing in my hands then returning to the shelves in Unity have put me off...
AuthorPhilip José Farmer
Simon Wagstaff is the Space Wanderer, a seeker of truth and electric banjo player who narrowly escapes the Deluge that destroys Earth when he happens upon an abandoned Chinese spaceship, the Hwang Ho. A man without a planet, he gains immortality from an elixir drunk during a sexual interlude with a cat-like...
The last four gnomes in Britain live by a Warwickshire brook. But when one of them decides to go and explore and doesn't return, it's up to the remaining three to build a boat and set out to find him. This is the story of the gnomes' epic journey in search of Cloudberry and is set against the background of the...
AuthorKatharine M. Briggs
Katharine Briggs took her fairies seriously. She was a folklore scholar, with several Oxford degrees, and did not think fairy tales were strictly the province of children. The tales she liked were those handed down over generations by people who believed in them, as opposed to the ones “made up as...
The Moon of Gomrath
AuthorAlan Garner
The Moon of Gomrath is the name of the one night of the year when the Old Magic is at its most powerful. Had Colin and Susan known this, they would have never obeyed the strange compulsion that drove them to light a fire on the Beacon. But now it is too late--the horsemen called the Wild Hunt are awake and on the...
The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek
AuthorBarry W. Cunliffe
Around 330 b.c., a remarkable adventurer named Pytheas set out from the Greek colony of Massalia (now Marseille) on the Mediterranean Sea to explore the fabled, terrifying lands of northern Europe. Renowned archaeologist Barry Cunliffe here re-creates Pytheas's unprecedented journey, which...
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