The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court

10 best books like The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court (Bob Woodward): The Making of the President 1960, Master of the Senate, All the President's Men, Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia, The Poetry of Pablo Neruda, Scorpions: The Battles and Triumphs of FDR's Great Supreme Court Justices, Presidents of War: The Epic Story, from 1807 to Modern Times, Becoming Justice Blackmun: Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court Journey, The Oath: The Obama White House and The Supreme Court, Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference

The Making of the President 1960
AuthorTheodore H. White
What is a presidential election? "The most awesome transfer of power in the world—, the power to marshal & mobilize, the power to send men to kill or be killed, the power to tax & destroy, the power to create & the responsibility to do so, the power to guide & the responsibility to heal...
Master of the Senate
AuthorRobert A. Caro
The most riveting political biography of our time, Robert A. Caro’s life of Lyndon B. Johnson, continues. Master of the Senate takes Johnson’s story through one of its most remarkable periods: his twelve years, from 1949 through 1960, in the United States Senate. Once the most august and revered...
All the President's Men
AuthorCarl Bernstein
This book was truly unbelievable. The entire time I was reading it, I kept reminding myself that this was real history and it all happened. There was so much drama in all the proceedings, and to realize that it’s the select few (in great positions) of the government beneath it all. I completely admire...
Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia
AuthorChristina Thompson
A blend of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel and Simon Winchester’s Pacific, a thrilling intellectual detective story that looks deep into the past to uncover who first settled the islands of the remote Pacific, where they came from, how they got there, and how we know.

For more than...
The Poetry of Pablo Neruda
AuthorPablo Neruda
The most comprehensive English-language collection of work ever by "the greatest poet of the twentieth century - in any language" - Gabriel García Márquez

"In his work a continent awakens to consciousness." So wrote the Swedish Academy in awarding the Nobel Prize to Pablo Neruda, the author...
AuthorNoah Feldman
A tiny, ebullient Jew who started as America's leading liberal and ended as its most famous judicial conservative. A Klansman who became an absolutist advocate of free speech and civil rights. A backcountry lawyer who started off trying cases about cows and went on to conduct the most important international...
Presidents of War: The Epic Story, from 1807 to Modern Times
AuthorMichael R. Beschloss
From a preeminent presidential historian comes a groundbreaking and often surprising narrative of America’s wartime chief executives

It sometimes seems, in retrospect, as if America has been almost continuously at war. Ten years in the research and writing, Presidents of War is a fresh,...
AuthorLinda Greenhouse
"A fascinating book. In clear and forceful prose, Becoming Justice Blackmun tells a judicial Horatio Alger story and a tale of a remarkable transformation . . . A page-turner."--The New York Times Book Review
In this acclaimed biography, Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times draws back the curtain...
AuthorJeffrey Toobin
From the prizewinning author of The Nine, a gripping insider's account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration.

From the moment John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, blundered through the Oath of Office at Barack...
Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference
AuthorClay Travis
There is no college ball more passionate and competitive than football in the Southeastern Conference, where seven of the twelve schools boast stadiums bigger than any in the NFL and 6.5 million fans hit the road every year to hoot and holler their teams to victory.

In September 2006, popular...
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