The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

10 best books like The Ballad of Lucy Whipple (Karen Cushman): The River Between Us, Valley of the Moon: The Diary of María Rosalía de Milagros, Sonoma Valley, Alta Valley, California, 1846,, Spencer's New Pet, Calico Captive, My Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck, Long Island, New York 1941, When Christmas Comes Again: The World War I Diary of Simone Spencer, A Time For Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen, Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess Brennan, Survival in the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards

AuthorRichard Peck
The year is 1861. Civil war is imminent and Tilly Pruitt's brother, Noah, is eager to go and fight on the side of the North. With her father long gone, Tilly, her sister, and their mother struggle to make ends meet and hold the dwindling Pruitt family together. Then one night a mysterious girl arrives on...
AuthorSherry Garland
Title of Book: Valley of the Moon

Author: Sherry Garland

What would it be like to be a servant? Maria Rosalia has been a servant for nine years of her life and her brother Domingo is a stable boy. But they have been well treated by the Medina family and other servants who feel...
Spencer's New Pet
AuthorJessie Sima
From the creator of Not Quite Narwhal comes a classic tale of a boy and his dog—except in this unique story, one of them is a balloon!

When Spencer gets a new pet, he’s excited to do all the things that pets do—taking walks in the park, going to the vet, and attending parties together.
AuthorElizabeth George Speare
In the year 1754, the stillness of Charlestown, New Hampshire, is shattered by the terrifying cries of an Indian raid. Young Miriam Willard, on a day that had promised new happiness, finds herself instead a captive on a forest trail, caught up in the ebb and flow of the French and Indian War.
It is a...
AuthorMary Pope Osborne
In a diary that brings to life the dramatic happenings on the home front during World War II, Madeline Beck is living in a boardinghouse with her mother while her father is on an aircraft carrier guarding the Pacific Coast. After discovering that a German U-boat has landed near her home--a little-known,...
AuthorBeth Seidel Levine
In April of 1917, Simone Spencer's world changes. Her beloved brother Will goes off to war, and Simone seeks a way to help. The passionate daughter of a feisty French mother and a rebellious upper-class father, Simone is not cut out for the society life she is meant to lead. So, when General Pershing calls...
AuthorKathryn Lasky
As the fight for women's suffrage heats up, Kathleen"Kat" Bowen gets to participate as her mother and her sister, and many others close to her organize and act to win the right to vote.

January 19, 1917
The picket line has been going on for over a week! And people said they would not last a day...
AuthorSarah Miller
Annie Sullivan was little more than a half-blind orphan with a fiery tongue when she arrived at Ivy Green in 1887. Desperate for work, she'd taken on a seemingly impossible job -- teaching a child who was deaf, blind, and as ferocious as any wild animal. But Helen Keller needed more than a teacher. She needed...
AuthorBarry Denenberg
Blinded after a terrible accident, Bess must learn to overcome her disability with the help of new friends and skills at the Perkins School for the Blind, in the wake of America's Great Depression.

After Bess Brennan is blinded in a sledding accident, she must face a frightening, much-altered...
AuthorKatelan Janke
This teen wrote the events of dust bowl panhandle area Texas in her diary. It can be read in one sitting and is super simple language. She relates the weather conditions, her family's difficulties in keeping the dust out of the house (this was truly horrendous) and the crop and economics of the farmers,...
AuthorAnn Turner
I really liked Prudence and her family. They were so sweet, and, though this is a historical novel, they felt real. Relatable. Plus Pru and her questions about the world kinda reminded me of me.

Another thing I really liked about this book is that Pru and her family are Loyalists or "Tories." It's...
AuthorGloria Whelan
"If you are among evil people, you must be like the lion, gathering strength and awaiting your time."

Africa is the only home Rachel Sheridan has ever known. But when influenza strikes down her missionary parents, she is left vulnerable prey to her family's wicked neighbors. Surrounded by...
AuthorMarion Dane Bauer
"Land of the Buffalo Bones" is the diary of Mary Rodgers, known as Polly. Promising religious freedom and fertile land, Polly's father, Reverend Rodgers, moves their Baptist community from England to the Minnesota prairie. After a treacherous journey across the sea and across this country, Polly...
AuthorJim Murphy
Originally, I picked this book up because my great- grandmother was a teenage one room schoolhouse teacher in Louisiana, and I had already read her journal and wanted to compare. What I got was somewhat satisfying.

When a fourteen year old orphan girl named Sarah Jane is almost forced to abandon...
AuthorDeborah Hopkinson
Angela and her family have arrived in New York City from their village in Italy to find themselves settled in a small tenement apartment on the Lower East Side. When her father is no longer able to work, Angela must leave school and work in a shirtwaist factory. Against the backdrop of the birth of the labor...
AuthorJoan Lowery Nixon
Imagine being taken from your home. Imagine your mother is the one who lets it happen.
This is the fate that befalls the Kelly children....
AuthorPatricia MacLachlan
My mother, Sarah,
doesn't love the prairie.
She tries, but she can't help
remembering what she knew first.
Sarah came to the prairie from Maine to marry Papa. But that summer, a drought turned the land dry and brown. Fires swept across the fields and coyotes came to the well in search...
AuthorScott O'Dell
Sarah Bishop is a young girl who has no interest in the coming American Revolutionary War. However, this is not how her father and her brother feel. Her father is a Loyalist, siding with the British, and her brother, is a Patriot. Her brother leaves the house, and soon, her father is tarred and feathered....
AuthorKatherine Paterson
Jip: His Story, Katherine Paterson
Jip, His Story, is a 1996 children's book, written by American novelist Katherine Paterson. Set in Vermont, during the 1850s, it focuses on a 12-year-old orphan, named Jip, who was abandoned as an infant, and mistaken for a gypsy because of his skin color. Jip...
AuthorCaroline Lawrence
The Case of the Deadly Desperado is a TERRIBLE book that Caroline Lawrence should be ashamed of. I am not sure what was added to the story by having the protagonist be half Sioux other than the excuse to include all sorts of offensive stereotypes and racial slurs. I do not care if the use of the word “squaw”...
AuthorKaren Hesse
Thursday, February 28, 1861
P. Cloudy. Wind N.W. Fresh
Mr.Lincoln has arrived at last in Washington....
In one week, he inherits the trouble of this great, unhappy country. In one week, the responsibility will be his--whether we come together again a Union,or fall entirely to pieces....
Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever!
AuthorRobert T. Kiyosaki
Imagine being able to make so much money at an early age that you could decide when to retire, knowing full well that you have enough money stashed away to ensure a life not burdened by financial restraints. In this book, financial guru Robert Kiyosaki provides practical insight on how to put together...
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