The Arizona Kid

10 best books like The Arizona Kid (Ron Koertge): Damned Strong Love: The True Story of Willi G. and Stefan K., Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present, Finding H.F., Daddy's Roommate, Peter, Rosemary and Juliet, Eight Seconds, Queer 13: Lesbian And Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade, From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun, Letters in the Attic

AuthorLutz van Dijk
‘The Soul records only growth not time. This is why some people have such a great impact on our lives even though we only know them for a short time whereas others we’ve known a lifetime have no effect at all’. From Kung Fu.

This book is marketed as a gay autobiographical love story set...
AuthorNancy Garden
What was it like being young and gay during the closeted 1950s, the exuberant beginnings of the modern gay rights movement in the 1970s, or the frightening outbreak of HIV and AIDS in the 1980s? In this unique history, Nancy Garden uses both fact and fiction to explore just what it has meant to be young and...
AuthorJulia Watts
It's been a while since I last read a YA having it all down to perfection: beautiful, insightful, hopeful, bonus a thrilling road trip (between two best friends with an incredibly strong bond). The old school, small town atmosphere is not depressing like Beauty of the Broken but remains both oppressing...
AuthorMichael Willhoite
this book is FAIL.

well, let me clarify: this part is GREAT: "Mom says Daddy and Frank are gay./At first I didn't know what that meant. So she explained it./Being gay is just one more kind of love./ And love is the best kind of happiness." Lovely, appropriate, true.

but the illustrations...
AuthorKate Walker
“I had a dream about him,” I said.
“The camp bloke?”
“Yeah, last night. I dreamed he came into my room and sat on my bed.”
“And!” Tony’s eyes got wider. Wider than usual.
“He talked about lawnmowers.”
“That’s it, he just talked.”
AuthorJudy MacLean
One reviewer gives two stars because this book is not a sociologically cutting-edge, realistic study of conservative Christian versus secular "liberal" sexual ethics--which, given the overt Shakesperean template, is like complaining that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet did not realistically...
AuthorJean Ferris
Each ride on the bucking bull is a lesson in pain. Each landing on the packed dirt is a jarring reminder of reality. Rodeo camp is a tough way to spend a summer, but John is having the time of his life. No clingy girlfriends, no nagging moms, no annoying sisters. Just him and the guys and the biggest bulls he's...
AuthorClifford Chase
Forward by Dale PeckSeventh grade: You remember it, don't you? Sweet sixteen seemed impossibly far away, an elegant, unattainable future. All that we had was the doldrums of thirteen -- not so sweet, and definitely queer.

Now, some of the finest observers of the gay experience take us back...
AuthorJacqueline Woodson
Jacqueline Woodson's remarkable, award-winning story of a boy coming to grips a sudden change in his family.

Melanin Sun's mother has some big news: she's in love with a woman. Now he has many decisions to make: Should he stand by his mother even though it could mean losing his friends? Should...
AuthorBonnie Shimko
Lizzy McMann, A feisty twelve-year-old, lives with her immature mother and Manny, her father (she thinks) in a fleabag Phoenix hotel. One night, Manny's sudden announcement that he wants a divorce forces mother and daughter to move to upstate New York to live with Lizzy's grandmother and grandfather—a...
AuthorWilliam Taylor
David is 15 and the star player of his school's rugby team. Sixteen-year-old Theo is an outsider, not altogether likable, and not particularly interested in making friends. Initial hostility turns to an unlikely friendship, masking a growing attraction neither boy understands. A powerful novel...
AuthorAmy Sonnie
Invisible. Unheard. Alone. Chilling words, but apt to describe the isolation and alienation of queer youth. In silence and fear they move from childhood memories of intolerance or violence to the unknown, unmentored landscape of queer adulthood, their voices stilled or ignored. No longer. Revolutionary...
AuthorBette Greene
Hate. It's the farthest feeling from sixteen-year-old Carla Wayland's mind. She can't believe people would persecute others just because they are different. But she isn't about to worry about the injustice surrounding her because she's in love with handsome and popular Andy Harris. Although raised...
AuthorLu Vickers
“A hilarious and daring portrait of growing up gay in the American South. One roots for Lily as one does for Huck Finn. This beautifully written debut novel explores the fragile links between a girl’s growing awareness of her sexuality and the far-reaching effects this has upon her family.”—Pamela...
AuthorDebbie Drechsler
Widely acknowledged as one of the great female cartoonists for her expressive and candid style, Drechsler's GN is an achingly true portrait of life as a girl. Lili and her sister Pearl encounter all the triumphs and cruelties of teenage life when they move to a boring suburb and they search for new friends....
AuthorDeborah Hautzig
val and chloe are both new at their swanky prep school, and fast become besties. as they grow closer and share their experiences, they become attracted to each other in a way that is confusing and frightening for both of them. are they perverts? lesbians? just curious? in denial?

i found this...
AuthorRobin Reardon
November 1972. The Vietnam War is rumored to be drawing to a close, and for sixteen-year-old Paul Landon, the end can't come soon enough. The end will mean his older brother Chris, the family's golden child, returning home from the Army for good. But while home on leave, Chris entrusts Paul with a secret:...
AuthorJames Lincoln Collier
Young Daniel Arabus and his mother are slaves in the house of Captain Ivers of Stratford, Connecticut. By law they should be free, since Daniel's father fought in the Revolutionary army and earned enough in soldiers' notes to buy his family's freedom.

But now Daniel's father is dead, and Mrs....
AuthorIsabelle Holland
Charles didn't know much about life...until he met The Man Without a face...

"I'd never had a friend, and he was my friend; I'd never really, except for a shadowy memory, had a father, and he was my father. I'd never known an adult I could communicate with or trust, and I communicated with him all...
AuthorA.M. Homes
This is one of those books to which, if it were possible to give more than 5 stars on GR, I'd definitely give more than 5 stars. There wasn't a single thing about this book that I didn't like. From the narrator, to the writing style, to the exceptional humor and family drama, it was spectacularly executed...
AuthorLois-Ann Yamanaka
Had to read it for book club. Wouldn't have picked it otherwise, and probably won't read anything else by this author. Definitely would not recommend it.

Having lived in Hawaii for several years, I understood most of the pidgin/Hawaiian terms (like pau, haole, and ohana) and could even relate...
AuthorMark A. Roeder
"The Summer of My Discontent" is a tapestry of tales delving into life as a gay teen in a small Midwestern town. Dane is a sixteen-year-old runaway determined to start a new life of daring, love, and sex--no matter the cost to himself, or others. His actions bring him to the brink of disaster and only those...
AuthorTracey Pennington
A girl trapped in a war between her school, her church, and her own family. A boy facing the pain of injustice and prejudice in the same rush as new love. A town shocked by the death of a young person, while one alone knows why. A loner fighting a losing battle inside, terrified by society, longing for respect.Poignant,...
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