10 best books like Stormwitch (Susan Vaught): Changeling, Devil on My Heels, The Shadow Speaker, The Lion Hunter, The New Moon's Arms, The Whim of the Dragon, Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation, 47, The Night Wanderer, White Sands, Red Menace

AuthorDelia Sherman
This was a really fun read. It is structured in your basic 'magical middle grade quest' arc that fans of Rick Riordan will be familiar with, but Changeling and Neef are both characters and I love how they play off each other. I particularly liked how Changeling exhibited several kind of autistic behaviors...
AuthorJoyce McDonald
This book was fabulous! A real page turner, and a real position that people go through; knowing who to trust. I really sympathized with the characters in this book, and I enjoyed the easy read!

Devil on My Heels by Joyce McDonald (this review was my February 2010 book report, I got an A!)

AuthorNnedi Okorafor
I am so torn over this book. It's a post-apocalyptic dystopian future fantasy set in West Africa, starring a teen girl with magic powers who goes on a quest with a really kickass warrior queen, the queen's two husbands, another teen with magic powers, and some talking animals. It should have been SO GOOD....
AuthorElizabeth E. Wein
It is the sixth century in Aksum, Africa. Young Telemakos, King Arthur's half-Ethiopian grandson, is still recovering from his ordeal as a government spy in the far desert, trying to learn who was breaking the Emperor?s plague quarantine. Before he is fully himself again, tragedy and menace strike,...
AuthorNalo Hopkinson
THE NEW MOON'S ARMS is a mainstream magical realism novel set in the Caribbean on the fictional island of Dolorosse. Calamity, born Chastity, has renamed herself in a way she feels is most fitting. She's a 50-something grandmother whose mother disappeared when she was a teenager and whose father has...
AuthorPamela Dean
The Third and Final book of the Secret Country Trilogy!
Three things have the power to destroy the Secret Country: the Border Magic, the Crystal of Earth, and the whim of the dragon. The cousins Ted, Laura, Ruth, Patrick, and Ellen have faced the first two; now, summoned back to the Secret Country,...
AuthorAndrea Davis Pinkney
This story begins with shoes.
This story is all for true.
This story walks. And walks. And walks.
To the blues.

Rosa Parks took a stand by keeping her seat on the bus. When she was arrested for it, her supporters protested by refusing to ride. Soon a community of thousands was coming...
AuthorWalter Mosley
Mosley deftly weaves historical and speculative fiction into a powerful narrative about the nature of freedom.

A gripping Young Adult fiction debut by bestselling author Walter Mosley.

Walter Mosley is one of the best known writers in America. In his first book for young adults,...
AuthorDrew Hayden Taylor
Nothing ever happens on the Otter Lake reservation. But when 16-year-old Tiffany discovers her father is renting out her room, she’s deeply upset. Sure, their guest is polite and keeps to himself, but he’s also a little creepy. Little do Tiffany, her father, or even her astute Granny Ruth suspect...
AuthorEllen Klages
It is 1946. World War II is over--ended by the atomic bomb that Dewey Kerrigan's and Suze Gordon's scientist parents helped build. Dewey's been living with the Gordons since before the war's end, before her father died, moving south with them to Alamogordo, New Mexico. At the White Sands Missile Range,...
AuthorDavid Klass
When he joins a predominantly black "Teen Dream Team" that will be representing the United States in an international basketball tournament in Rome, Jimmy Doyle makes some unexpected discoveries about prejudice, racism, and politics. In this award-winning novel, a young basketball star confronts...
AuthorGavin Curtis
Reginald loves to create beautiful music on his violin. But Papa, manager of the Dukes, the worst team in the Negro National League, needs a bat boy, not a "fiddler," and traveling with the Dukes doesn't leave Reginald much time for practicing.

Soon the Dukes' dugout is filled with Beethoven,...
AuthorPatricia A. McKillip
This book isn’t really quite what you’d expect if you know McKillip’s other work; it’s for a younger audience, and it feels like a different sort of story altogether. It’s more like… Famous Five, with ghosts; it’s not the total magic of The Forgotten Beasts of Eld or Winter Rose. It’s...
AuthorHiromi Goto
From the award-winning author of Chorus of Mushrooms, which won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book in the Caribbean and Canadian Region and was co-winner of the Canada Japan Book Award, The Kappa Child is the tale of four Japanese Canadian sisters struggling to escape the bonds of a...
AuthorSusan Butler
In the tradition of Lois Lowry's The Giver, Susan Butler's futuristic first novel tells the triumphant story of Leora's refusal to conform to the rigid rules set forth by a tyrannical government.

Leora has a gift, and a secret. She can see things no one else can, but can only draw them with her...
AuthorAnn Halam
When Sloe was tiny, her Papa disappeared and she and her mama went to live in a prison camp in the snowy north, in a time and place when there are no more wild animals. Mama’s crime: teaching science, and her dedication to the hope that the lost animal species can be reborn. To Sloe, Mama’s secret work...
AuthorAndrea Hairston
At the turn of the 20th century, minstrel shows transform into vaudeville which slides into moving pictures. Hunkering together in dark theatres, diverse audiences marvel at flickering images. This “dreaming in public” becomes common culture and part of what transforms immigrants and “native”...
AuthorWilliam Bell
"But I don't look like a Jewish Negro or a black Jew. I look like a black. I am of average height, of average build, with wavy hair that I wear very short, and very dark skin. Talk about an identity crisis."

Ten years after Crabbe, Bell returns to the theme of a young man wrestling with his identity....
AuthorCrystal Hubbard
I learned that a ten-year-old black girl in 1931 had no chance of realizing her dream to become a professional baseball player in America unless something rather miraculous happen. In Catching The Moon, The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream, Marcenia Lyle receives her first pair of baseball shoes...
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