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10 best books like Selected Poems (Rita Dove): Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems, Collected Poems, 1943-2004, Selected Poems, Collected Poems, Late Wife, The Seven Ages, The Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996, The Blue Estuaries, Collected Poems, Transbluesency: Selected Poems, 1961-1995

AuthorYusef Komunyakaa
Poetry "reconnects us to the act of dreaming ourselves into existence," Komunyakaa once wrote. Once you pause a minute to consider the pain that has served as an outline in this poet's life, and when you also consider the highfalutin awards and professorial prestige given to a man whom people still seem...
AuthorRichard Wilbur
With a distinguished career spanning more than sixty years, Richard Wilbur stands as one of America's preeminent men of letters. Collected Poems 1943-2004 is the comprehensive collection of Wilbur's astonishing, timeless work. It will serve as the most referenced trove of this beloved poet's best...
AuthorCarl Sandburg
This new collection of Sandburg's finest and most representative poetry draws on all of his previous volumes and includes four unpublished poems about Lincoln. The Hendricks' comprehensive introduction discusses how Sandburg's life and beliefs colored his work and why it continues to resonate...
AuthorJane Kenyon
Jane Kenyon is considered one of America's best contemporary poets. Her previous collection, Otherwise: New & Selected Poems, published just after her death in 1995, has been a favorite among readers, with over 60,000 copies in print, and is a contemporary classic.

Now at the ten-year...
AuthorClaudia Emerson
In Late Wife, a woman explores her disappearance from one life and reappearance in another as she addresses her former husband, herself, and her new husband in a series of epistolary poems. Though not satisfied in her first marriage, she laments vanishing from the life she and her husband shared for...
AuthorLouise Glück
The Seven Ages was written during a ten-week period in the summer of 1999.
The fierce, austerely beautiful, and visionary voice that has become Glück's
trademark speaks in these poems of a life lived in unflinching awareness.
Many of the poems in this collection bear the familiar features...
AuthorRobert Pinsky
The Figured Wheel fully collects the first four books of poetry, as well as twenty-one new poems, by Robert Pinsky, the former U.S. Poet Laureate.

Critic Hugh Kenner, writing about Pinsky's first volume, described this poet's work as "nothing less than the recovery for language of a whole...
AuthorLouise Bogan
I found one truly memorable poem in the collection, a sharp observation transformed by a peculiar sensibility, a formula advocated elsewhere in the book but rarely followed. Even in this instance, the poem would have been better served if the last line had been removed.

Roman Fountain

AuthorJames Wright
I may skip a detailed review on this, simply because poetry reviews are a real ass kicker for me. Like work. But, that said, it deserves one. Wright is one best poets I've read (and I've read A LOT). One reason for this is that he's SO American in his settings and voice. If you like Whitman, you should like this...
AuthorAmiri Baraka
Finally in print in a single volume, a selection from Baraka's mostly out-of-print collections of poetry, from 1961 to the present. Starting with Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note and concluding with recent limited-edition chapbooks and broadsides, this selection traces the more than thirty...
AuthorMark Strand
I have never been the one to rate the books objectively. I don't understand how objectivity works when it comes to rating poems.

So, the other day I got this book from a Used Book Store ( for 2 dollars . I dug Strand out from a pile of other books which he was buried under ).
Found a couple of my favorite...
AuthorPaul Laurence Dunbar
Major Field Prep: 22/133
This 1994 collected edition of Dunbar's poetry reprints the 1913 Completed Works and adds an addition 60 or so poems that were not included in that posthumous volume. Dunbar's poetry takes on a wide variety of styles, genres, and forms and the most distinct difference in...
AuthorWilliam Stafford

Robert Bly edited and introduced this short selection of William Stafford’s poems. It is much needed, since Stafford is an extremely prolific poet, and it is good to have an excellent judge like Bly to look through all the good stuff and choose the most characteristic and best. (It was Stafford’s...
AuthorJames Schuyler
§ James Schuyler’s The Morning of the Poem, consists of a series of poems placed in three sections, in which “New Poems” make up the first cycle. In “New Poems,” which include 14 poems of varying length, Schuyler’s eye inhabits a place that owes not so much to a camera eye, but to a roving,...
AuthorStephen Dunn
Winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

A wise and graceful new collection by one of our "major, indispensable poets" (Sidney Lea). The mysteries of Eros and Thanatos, the stubborn endurance of mind and body in the face of diminishment--these are the undercurrents of Stephen Dunn's...
AuthorRobert Hass
The poems in Robert Hass's new collection—his first to appear in a decade—are grounded in the beauty and energy of the physical world, and in the bafflement of the present moment in American culture. This work is breathtakingly immediate, stylistically varied, redemptive, and wise.

AuthorCharles Wright
The heart of this volume is made up of long journal-like dated entries in free verse. Deliciously absorbing and meditative, they concern themselves with landscapes and the natural world, with ideas, memory, and autobiography. I think of poetry as a kind of wisdom. I get the idea Wright dedicates his...
AuthorLucille Clifton
Lucille Clifton: Ave Atque Vale

Lucille Clifton is gone but her legacy of simple, honestly felt, seemingly spontaneously written poems about the live of ordinary people who become icons almost by accident will live on, especially through the collection of her works in this award winning...
AuthorNatasha Trethewey
Winner of the 2001 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award

In this widely celebrated debut collection of poems, Natasha Trethewey draws moving domestic portraits of families, past and present, caught in the act of earning a living and managing their households. Small moments taken...
AuthorSharon Olds
Sharon Olds completes her cycle of family poems in a book at once intense and harmonic, playful with language, and rich with a new self-awareness and sense of irony.

The opening poem, with its sequence of fearsome images of war, serves as a prelude to poems of home in which humor, anger, and compassion...
AuthorAdrienne Rich
A new book of poems by one of America's most distinguished poets.

"When does a life bend toward freedom? grasp its direction?" asks Adrienne Rich in Dark Fields of the Republic, her major new work. Her explorations go to the heart of democracy and love, and the historical and present endangerment...
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