Scout's Progress

7 best books like Scout's Progress (Sharon Lee): Finders Keepers, Endless Blue, Valor's Trial, By Honor Betray'd, Miles Errant, Rules of Engagement, The Last Hawk

AuthorLinnea Sinclair
Be careful what you wish for. You might get it... Her ship's in shambles, her boyfriend's dumped her and she's frankly out of funds. Captain Trilby Elliot hopes her luck has changed when a high-tech fightercraft crash lands at her repair site. Finders keepers. She can sell the ship as salvage, pocket...
AuthorWen Spencer
The appearance of the warp drive from the long lost spaceship, Fenrir, triggers an epic quest for Captain Mikhail Volkov. According to the drive’s computers, Fenrir had been lost to hypothetical ‘nowhere’ of subspace, but with the drive’s housing covered with coral and sea life, obviously...
AuthorTanya Huff
The rousing military adventure (Locus) continues with a brand new Valor novel.

Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is a Confederation Marines marine. She's survived more deadly encounters and kept more of her officers and enlistees alive than anyone in the Corps. Unexpectedly pulled from battle,...
AuthorDebra Doyle
Galcen has fallen.  The Space Force is broken and scattered. the planets of the former Republic are rushing to make peace with the victorious Mages.

All that remains is mopping up. Minor details. A privateer or two, a few Adepts who remain alive and on the run, and the hereditary ruler of a lifeless...
AuthorLois McMaster Bujold
Two things. First, the rating. I acknowledge this isn't an undying classic. If you're looking for science fiction with literary prose, go read Ursula Le Guin or Ray Bradbury or William Gibson. Or for the "Big Ideas" go to Robert Heinlein or Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke. What Bujold offers is different--characters...
AuthorElizabeth Moon
Rules of Engagement is the sequel to Once a Hero (1997), and shares some supporting characters with the Heris Serrano trilogy (1993-95). It's reasonably self-contained, though you'll enjoy it more if you've read some of the preceding books, all of which I've liked.

Esmay Suiza is a likeably...
AuthorCatherine Asaro
When Kelric, a scion of the imperial family of Skolia, crash-lands his fighter on the off-limits planet of Coba, he figures it will be only a short time before he makes his way home. But he fails to account for the powerful matriarchy of Coba, the mistresses of the great estates who do not want the Empire...
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