Rowan Hood Returns

9 best books like Rowan Hood Returns (Nancy Springer): The Lioness and Her Knight, Crown and Jewel, Secret Powers, Reunion, The Emerald Princess Plays a Trick, The Seventh Princess, Heart of Avalon, The Courage to Choose, Conspiracy

AuthorGerald Morris
Luneta is tired of living in dull Orkney with her mother and father (who happens to be the most boring knight of King Arthur’s Round Table). She prides herself on always getting what she wants, so when the opportunity presents itself, she jumps at the chance to stay at a family friend’s castle near...
AuthorJeri Massi
In this second fanciful novel which follows The Bridge, Jeri Massi continues the history of the tiny island country of Bracken. Rosewyn is the young princess, daughter of Rosalynn and Herron. Unlike her quiet and gentle mother, Rosewyn is forever climbing trees and drainspouts, knocking down boys...
AuthorMichael Anthony Steele
Bloom Peters is a regular Earth girl, until the day she meets Stella Solaris, princess and fairy of Solaria, fighting an ogre in the park. When Bloom accidently releases a huge burst of magical energy, she realizes she has Winx power like Stella. So Bloom goes off to Alfea College for Fairies and meets...
AuthorKara Dalkey
Genre: fantasy
Summary: This story continues the journey of Nia who is trying to save her hometown of Atlantis from a power-hungry, mad mermyd and his companion Farworlder. This sequel, however, is told from the viewpoint of Corwin, an urchin who lives on land. He was collecting by the seashore...
AuthorJahnna N. Malcolm
An exciting new series for young girls featuring princesses, jewels, unicorns and dragons, fantastical places, and real magic. The first four introductory books in the series will be packaged with co

Emily is the spunky little princess of Greenwood, a lush forest where gigantic cedars...
AuthorNick Sullivan
Okay, I was sitting in church today, thinking about writing a review for this book online. I would have listened to the speakers, except...they were boring. I'm sorry! They are nice people. But really boring.

So anyways, this has to be one of the best books ever written, of all time. I read it 500...
AuthorRachel Roberts
A mysterious sickness threatens the sea dragons of Aldenmor and Emily is on the case. But the healer can't find a cure unless she can bond with one special animal and advance to a Level Two mage like her friends, Kara, the Blazing Star, and Adriane, the Warrior.

When a strange, shape-shifting...
AuthorKate Egan
Angered by the Oracle's decision not to punish the Guardians, Luba travels to Heatherfield with the intention of confronting Cornelia. This stirs the girl's temper and awakens dark forces to. With Cornelia's newfound strength, she sets out to do something secret and unthinkable. The Auramere has...
AuthorGrace Cavendish
I must say that I'm quite enamored of this series and consider it the best written mystery books I've read in the past, say, five years. Considering that the target audience is pre-teens, I've even gone back to read an adult-level novel and a highly rated YA book to see if I was just mistaken (due to my fanatic...
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