Rescued: What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us about Living with Purpose, Loving with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little Things

10 best books like Rescued: What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us about Living with Purpose, Loving with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little Things (Peter Zheutlin): Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, Hotel for Dogs, The Possibility Dogs: What a Handful of "Unadoptables" Taught Me About Service, Hope, and Healing, The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, The Inner World of Farm Animals: Their Amazing Intellectual, Emotional and Social Capacities, Work Like Any Other, Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell, Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion, My Patients and Other Animals: A Veterinarian's Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope, The Education of Will: A Mutual Memoir of a Woman and Her Dog

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
AuthorAlexandra Horowitz
The bestselling book that asks what dogs know and how they think. The answers will surprise and delight you as Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist, explains how dogs perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human.

Temple Grandin meets Stephen Pinker...
AuthorLois Duncan
The Walkers are moving to a new town, and staying with an aunt who's allergic to dogs. Too bad for Andi and her brother Bruce, who love dogs -- and happen to meet a stray that needs help. Soon, Andi hatches a plan, turning the abandoned house down the block into a hotel for dogs. But as more and more tenants move...
AuthorSusannah Charleson
An inspiring story that shows how dogs can be rescued, and can rescue in return.

With her critically acclaimed, bestselling first book, Scent of the Missing, Susannah Charleson was widely praised for her unique insight into the kinship between humans and dogs, as revealed through her work...
AuthorWayne Pacelle
The president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, the world’s largest animal protection organization, Wayne Pacelle brings us The Bond, a heartfelt, eye-opening exploration of the special bond between animals and humans. With the poignant insight of Animals Make Us Human and the...
AuthorAmy Hatkoff
Chickens can count. Pigs are smarter than poodles. Cows form close friendships. Turkeys know one another by their voices, and sheep recognize faces—of other sheep, and of people. Far from lacking thoughts and feelings, barnyard creatures demonstrate sophisticated problem-solving abilities,...
AuthorVirginia Reeves
Roscoe T Martin set his sights on a new type of power spreading at the start of the twentieth century: electricity. It became his training, his life’s work. But when his wife, Marie, inherits her father’s failing farm, Roscoe has to give up his livelihood, with great cost to his sense of self, his marriage,...
AuthorKaren DeYoung
Colin Powell was obviously an astounding fellow. Son of Caribbean immigrants who rises to the top of the military and political systems. He is described as a very bright, extremely self controlled charismatic leader. Reading about the workings of the White House in the 2 Iraq and 1 Afghanistan wars...
AuthorJenna Blum
A war bride awaits the arrival of her GI husband at the platform…
A Holocaust survivor works at the Oyster Bar, where a customer reminds him of his late mother…
A Hollywood hopeful anticipates her first screen test and a chance at stardom in the Kissing Room…
AuthorSuzy Fincham-Gray
A moving memoir of a life spent in the company of animals--a veterinarian sheds light on the universal experience of loving, healing, and losing our beloved pets, and the many ways they change our lives.

Suzy Fincham-Gray dreamed of becoming a vet since she was a young girl. In 2000 she graduated,...
AuthorPatricia B. McConnell
In this powerful, soul-searching memoir, beautifully written in the vein of A Pack of Two and Wild, animal behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell recounts for the first time the compelling story of her dark past, memories of which are triggered by a troubled dog named Will.

World-renowned as...
AuthorJennifer Lindsey
Produced in association with the Jane Goodall Institute on the occasion of Goodall's 40th anniversary of groundbreaking research with the chimpanzees of Gombe, this beautifully illustrated volume traces her work from its singular beginnings to the Jane Goodall Institute's present-day international...
Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better
AuthorTracey Stewart
The more we know about the animals in our world and the better we care for them, the better our lives will be. Former veterinary technician and animal advocate Tracey Stewart understands this better than most—and she’s on a mission to change how we interact with animals. Through hundreds of charming...
A Death of No Importance
AuthorMariah Fredericks
Mariah Fredericks’ compelling adult debut novel follows Jane Prescott, a ladies’ maid in an upper-crust 1910 NYC household, after her mistress’s playboy fiancé is gruesomely murdered.

Jane Prescott has perfected the art of serving as a ladies’ maid in the upper-most echelons...
Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life
AuthorEric O'Grey
Eric was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts, and the onset of type 2 diabetes due to his weight, Eric went to a new doctor, who surprisingly prescribed a shelter dog. And that's when Eric met Peety: an overweight, middle-aged, and forgotten dog who, like...
Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us
AuthorRoma Downey
An Instant New York Times Bestseller

Roma Downey—best known as the beloved angel on the TV show Touched by an Angel—has created a beautiful book filled with encouragement and hope, assuring us of God’s comforting presence in our lives.

Ever since she was a little girl, Roma...
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