Prayerwalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline

10 best books like Prayerwalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline (Janet Holm McHenry): The Secrets of Paper and Ink, Becoming Mrs. Lewis, Shades of Milk and Honey, Straight, Comeback, Death Notes, Lady Lollipop, My Life as a Doormat (In Three Acts), One-Eyed Cat, One Day Event

The Secrets of Paper and Ink
AuthorLindsay Harrel
Lindsay Harrel presents a powerful story of healing, forgiveness, and finding the courage to write your own story.

A year after the death of her abusive fiancé, domestic violence counselor Sophia Barrett finds returning to work too painful. She escapes to Cornwall, England--a place she's...
Becoming Mrs. Lewis
AuthorPatti Callahan
In a most improbable friendship, she found love. In a world where women were silenced, she found her voice.

From New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan comes an exquisite novel of Joy Davidman, the woman C. S. Lewis called “my whole world.” When poet and writer Joy Davidman began...
Shades of Milk and Honey
AuthorMary Robinette Kowal
The fantasy novel you’ve always wished Jane Austen had written

Shades of Milk and Honey is exactly what we could expect from Jane Austen if she had been a fantasy writer: Pride and Prejudice meets Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It is an intimate portrait of a woman, Jane, and her quest...
AuthorDick Francis
What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I've read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly...
AuthorDick Francis
Okay, there's a really weird and gratuitous sluts/wives thing going on. I don't know what that's about, nor do I want to know. If any of the weird romantic stuff in any of these books has some basis in biography, I do not want to know.

Here's an interesting thing: even if I don't remember plot, motive,...
Death Notes
AuthorRuth Rendell
Sir Manuel Camargue, yesterday one of the most celebrated musicians of his time, today floats face down in the lake near his sprawling English country house. The consensus is accidental death -- but Inspector Wexford knows the stench of murder most foul when he smells it. Particularly in the company...
AuthorDick King-Smith
Sallie and I finished this last week. She absolutely loved it. There is a simple pencil drawing on nearly every page, and the story was perfect for a four year old read aloud. It's about a spoiled princess who wants a pig for her birthday. She gets the pig, but the pig, named Lollipop, will only obey its trainer,...
AuthorRene Gutteridge
Playwright Leah Townsend doesn't like conflict one bit, but these days she can't seem to avoid it. Her career is quickly sliding downhill. Her agent has ordered a hit or else and her new play is going nowhere. Then her obsessively moderate boyfriend, after a minor argument, has the nerve to enroll her...
One-Eyed Cat
AuthorPaula Fox
A Single Shot
Ned fired the forbidden rifle just once, at a flickering shadow in the autumn moonlight. But someone -- a face, fleetingly seen staring at him from an attic window -- was watching.
And when a one-eyed cat turns up at an elderly neighbor's woodshed, Ned is caught in a web of guilt, fear,...
One Day Event
AuthorJosephine Pullein-Thompson
The Pullein-Thompson sisters — Josephine Pullein-Thompson MBE (3 April 1924-[1]), Diana Pullein-Thompson (born 1 October 1925) [2] and Christine Pullein-Thompson (1 October 1925–2 December 2005[2] — are British writers of several horse and pony books (mostly fictional) aimed at children...
Biblical Grandparenting: Exploring God's Design for Disciple-Making and Passing Faith to Future Generations
AuthorJosh Mulvihill
Many powerful voices are influencing our grandchildren, from those at home and in their schools to those in the world of entertainment and media. What can you as a grandparent do to speak wisdom and godliness into their lives?

Grandparenting gives you a biblical foundation for investing spiritually...
AuthorDick Francis

I have not read too many Dick Francis’ novels, but this one made a big impression on me since it involved the world of writing, literature, literary agents…John Kendall is a struggling writer – I have identified with this for years! – and his attempts to survive in this sphere sparked empathy...
The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims
AuthorPeter Kreeft
Open this book and begin an epic human journey--the journey toward truth. Enjoy a delightful and imaginative allegory of timeless wisdom as you travel along the road of true knowledge. Socrates, the thoroughly reasonable and wise philosopher of Athens, will accompany you much of the way. With sharp...
Just 18 Summers
AuthorRene Gutteridge
After the tragic death of Butch Browning's wife, Jenny, four families begin to realize how precious--and fleeting--their time together is. Each is at a different stage in life: Butch is facing single parenthood. The O'Reillys are expecting their first child. The Andersons are approaching an empty...
The Tightrope Walker
AuthorDorothy Gilman
“They’re going to kill me soon…”

When the quiet and shy Amelia Jones reads these words, her life changes irrevocably. She’s just become the new owner of the Ebbtide Shop, a musty antique store filled with merry-go-round horses and hurdy-gurdies, and it is while fixing one of these...
An Elephant in the Garden
AuthorMichael Morpurgo
With Lizzie’s father fighting in World War II, her mother takes on the job of a zoo keeper to provide for her family. Lizzie, her mother, and her eight-year-old brother Karli have become especially attached to an orphaned elephant named Marlene. The bombing of Dresden is imminent and soon, so the zoo...
City of Gold and Shadows
AuthorEllis Peters
When Alan Morris disappears, his great-niece, Charlotte, regrets never having got to know her archaeologist great-uncle better. And, in an attempt to remedy that deficiency, she goes to visit the Roman site of Aurae Phiala, on the Welsh border, that he had spent so much time investigating.
AuthorMarilyn Kok
It was a good story of love and redemption. It was all over the place with point of view. I couldn't tell if it was third person limited with four different people or if it was supposed to be third person omniscient. I liked the story of the two main characters, Mariel and Adam, and I wish the story had been focused...
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