Pot Luck

9 best books like Pot Luck (Émile Zola): Cousin Bette, Three Tales, The Charterhouse of Parma, Cousin Pons, Salammbô, Sentimental Education, A Harlot High and Low, Miss Charity, Pierre et Jean

AuthorHonoré de Balzac
Poor, plain spinster Bette is compelled to survive on the condescending patronage of her socially superior relatives in Paris: her beautiful, saintly cousin Adeline, the philandering Baron Hulot and their daughter Hortense. Already deeply resentful of their wealth, when Bette learns that the...
AuthorGustave Flaubert
First published in 1877, these three stories are dominated by questions of doubt, love, loneliness, and religious experience; together they confirm Flaubert as a master of the short story. A Simple Heart (also published as A Simple Soul), relates the story of Félicité, an uneducated serving-woman...
Richard Howard's exuberant and definitive rendition of Stendhal's stirring tale has brought about the rediscovery of this classic by modern readers. Stendhal narrates a young aristocrat's adventures in Napoleon's army and in the court of Parma, illuminating in the process the whole cloth of European...
AuthorHonoré de Balzac
Mild, harmless and ugly to behold, the impoverished Pons is an ageing musician whose brief fame has fallen to nothing. Living a placid Parisian life as a bachelor in a shared apartment with his friend Schmucke, he maintains only two passions: a devotion to fine dining in the company of wealthy but disdainful...
AuthorGustave Flaubert
A little human sacrifice, a touch of cannibalism, some slaughter of both soldiers and civilians, one or two crucifixions, there you have it, the mercenaries revolt against Carthage in 240 B.C. Yes I am being facetious, a great amount in all these categories in fact occurred, people played rough then,...
Sentimental Education
AuthorGustave Flaubert
Based on Flaubert’s own youthful passion for an older woman, Sentimental Education was described by its author as “the moral history of the men of my generation.” It follows the amorous adventures of Frederic Moreau, a law student who, returning home to Normandy from Paris, notices Mme Arnoux,...
AuthorHonoré de Balzac
Why should anyone care about Esther, a prostitute from a young age, a harlot with powers over men? Why should anyone care about a spoiled feeble individual such as Lucien, the poet whose ambitions are to secure a noble title and live in luxury for the rest of his life? The same Lucien who, by the way, in Lost...
AuthorMarie-Aude Murail
Charity est une fille. Une petite fille. Elle est comme tous les enfants : débordante de curiosité, assoiffée de contacts humains, de paroles et d'échanges, impatiente de créer et de participer à la vie du monde. Mais voilà, une petite fille de la bonne société anglaise des années 1880, ça...
Pierre et Jean
AuthorGuy de Maupassant
Pierre, médecin, ne comprend pas pourquoi un ami de sa famille a légué sa fortune à Jean, son frère cadet. Au terme d'une véritable enquête policière, il mettra au jour un terrible secret. Le quatrième roman de Maupassant (1850-1893), publié en 1888, est sans doute le meilleur. Le récit,...
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