Permutation City

10 best books like Permutation City (Greg Egan): Islands in the Net, On Wings of Song, The Cassini Division, Synners, Wireless, Vacuum Flowers, City Come a-Walkin', Fairyland, Lady of Mazes, Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede

AuthorBruce Sterling
Laura Webster's on the fast track to success. A bright young star in a multinational conglomerate, she's living well in a post-millennial age of peace, prosperity, and profit.
In an age of advanced technology, information is the world's most precious commodity. Information is power. Data is...
AuthorThomas M. Disch
The human society is in the terrible decline and On Wings of Song is a kind of cultural dystopia… Thomas M. Disch writes with so many realistic details that it starts appearing that the dystopia is now…
“They say we’re very conformist, don’t they?”
“Yes, that’s certainly one...
AuthorKen MacLeod
Ellen May Ngewthu is a soldier and leader of the Cassini Division, the elite defense force of the utopian Solar Union. Here in the twenty-fourth century, the forts of the Division, in orbit around Jupiter, are the front line in humanity's long standoff with the unknowable post-humans godlike beings...
AuthorPat Cadigan

Is it all pretty much a mess wrapped up with mirror shades and spinal shunts, hacking and guns?

NOT this one!

Well, it was pretty much a mess of characters and mediots for more than half the novel and I'll be honest, I was rather mystified and wondering where the novel...
AuthorCharles Stross
Science fiction guru Charles Stross "sizzles with ideas" ("Denver Post") in his first major short story collection.
The Hugo Award-winning author of such groundbreaking and innovative novels as "Accelerando, Halting State," and "Saturn's Children" delivers a rich selection of speculative...
AuthorMichael Swanwick
Vacuum Flowers is a grand tour of the inhabited Solar System, set in a medium-term future. The book opens in Eros Kluster, one of many asteroid-based settlements that form the bulk of Human space, after all of humanity on Earth was absorbed into the Comprise, a world-wide AI- and net-mediated group-mind....
AuthorJohn Shirley

Really, just...holy shit. This book takes "amazing" to a whole new level. Aside from one typographical error (a capital A following a comma), not one piece of this novel was out of place.

Forewarning, I may just write "holy shit" a lot to convey my love of this book.

AuthorPaul J. McAuley
In the next century, an underground chemist meets and becomes obsessed with Milena, a child genius who is the ultimate product of gene-splicing technology. Milena is an advocate of the dolls--artificial constructs that have replaced extinct companion animals. Milena wishes to free the dolls from...
AuthorKarl Schroeder
Karl Schroeder is one of the new stars of hard SF. His novels, Ventus and Permanence, have established him as a new force in the field. Now he extends his reach into Larry Niven territory, returning to the same distant future in which Ventus was set, but employing a broader canvas. Lady of Mazes is the story...
AuthorBradley Denton
It doesn't have quite the same rocking energy that his first novel, Wrack and Roll, contained, but this is a very well written good book in the semi-quirky tradition of Rudy Rucker and the best of Avram Davidson. The characterization is especially well-drawn, and the plot, while a little hard to completely...
AuthorCharles Sheffield
So this follows the life of a man from birth to his end. If you like Job, which I did, then this makes for a compelling read. The world building is perhaps the best dystopian can offer. The world feels chillingly real and possible to me. The situations are not generic but layered and nuanced and help you to...
AuthorJack Womack
At once a biting satire and a taut, fast-paced thriller, Elvissey is the story of Isabel and John, a troubled couple who voyage from the year 2033 to a strangely altered 1954. They are on a desperate mission to kidnap the young Elvis Presley and bring him back to the present day to serve as a ready-made cult...
AuthorWalter Jon Williams
Read this one recently on the strength of a friend's recommendation, and was rather glad I did; it's one of the more unusual SF novels I've had the pleasure of reading. Aristoi is set in the far future, when humanity has unlocked the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level and has spread out...
AuthorEric S. Nylund
Jack Potter puts computer cryptography to work for the highest bidder: sometimes for private corporations, sometimes for the government. Sometimes the work is legal; if not, Jack simply raises his price. But one day, Jack discovers something cloaked in the hiss of background radiation streaming...
AuthorPoul Anderson
Der Astronaut Christian Brannock hat miterlebt, wie der Mensch die künstliche Intelligenz immer weiter entwickelte - bis es schließlich möglich war, die menschliche Persönlichkeit in einen Computer zu speisen und ihm auf diese Weise eine Art Unsterblichkeit zu verleihen. Als er beauftragt...
AuthorKathleen Ann Goonan
Sam Dance is a young enlisted soldier in 1941 when his older brother Keenan is killed at Pearl Harbor. Afterwards, Sam promises that he will do anything he can to stop the war.
During his training, Sam begins to show that he has a knack for science and engineering, and he is plucked from the...
AuthorRudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker has seen the future. . .and it is extreme.The Godfather of cyberpunk--a mad scientist bravely meddling in the outrageous and heretical--Rucker created Bopper Robots, who rebelled against human society in his award-winning classic "Software.

Now, in 2053, "moldies" are the...
AuthorFrederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, one of the most honored science fiction writers of our time, gives us an extraordinary vision of a New York yet to come - from the wounded, struggling behemoth of tomorrow to the domed, atmospherically controlled megalopolis of the twenty-first century. In Pohl's prophetic novel, a...
AuthorVernor Vinge
Once in a great while a science fiction story is so visionary, yet so close to impending scientific developments that it becomes not only an accurate predictor, but itself the locus for new discoveries and development. True Names by Vernor Vinge, first published in 1981, is such a work.

AuthorBarry N. Malzberg

a mystery in space of How Did the Captain of the Venusian Expedition Die? is not the mystery in space the mystery in space is the mystery of the inner space the mystery of the confined madman and hopeful author and failed husband and tragic victim and master...
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