Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

10 best books like Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree (Robert E. Barry): The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Bear Stays Up for Christmas, The Story of Holly and Ivy, Christmas Day in the Morning, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story, Great Joy, An Orange for Frankie, Apple Tree Christmas, Mortimer's Christmas Manger, A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

The Wild Christmas Reindeer
AuthorJan Brett
Little Teeka thought she had to be firm with the reindeer to get them ready for Santa's important flight, but when her bossy yelling only got their antlerstangled up, she knew she had to try something different."Beautifully conceived and finely wrought." -- Booklist (starred review)"Brett's precise,...
Bear Stays Up for Christmas
AuthorKarma Wilson
"The day before Christmas,
snuggled on his floor,
Bear sleeps soundly
with a great big snore...."
Bear's friends are determined to keep Bear awake for Christmas! So they wake Bear up and have him help them find a Christmas tree, bake cakes, hang up stockings, and sing Christmas songs....
The Story of Holly and Ivy
AuthorRumer Godden
Ivy, Holly, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones all have one Christmas wish. Ivy, an orphan, wishes for a real home and sets out in search of the grandmother she's sure she can find. Holly, a doll, wishes for a child to bring her to life. And the Joneses wish more than anything for a son or daughter to share their holiday....
Christmas Day in the Morning
AuthorPearl S. Buck
From Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck and acclaimed artist Mark Buehner comes a heartwarming story that illustrates the true meaning of Christmas.

Rob wants to get his father something special for Christmas this year—something that shows how much he really loves...
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story
AuthorGloria Houston
This is a sweet story that children will love at Christmas time, and the illustrations are really great.

A little girl named Ruthie is picked to be the angel at the Christmas play, but she has no angel costume to wear. Her father is away from home in a war that is across the sea, which has created a...
Great Joy
AuthorKate DiCamillo
In her first picture book, America’s beloved storyteller Kate DiCamillo reunites with Bagram Ibatoulline to offer readers an unforgettable holiday gift.
It is just before Christmas when an organ grinder and monkey appear on the street corner outside Frances’s apartment. Frances can see...
AuthorPatricia Polacco
The Stowell family is abuzz with holiday excitement, and Frankie, the youngest boy, is the most excited of all. But there's a cloud over the joyous season: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Pa hasn't returned yet from his trip to Lansing. He promised to bring back the oranges for the mantelpiece. Every year...
AuthorTrinka Hakes Noble
A frontier family loves their sweet apple tree. They live in the barn with their animals. That’s living close to nature. There is a huge blizzard before Christmas that takes down their wonderful apple tree and the girls are very sad. They spend much time playing in the tree. The girls end up having a good...
Mortimer's Christmas Manger
AuthorKarma Wilson
Mortimer's a little mouse,
He longs so much for his own house.
He now resides inside a hole
That's dark and damp
Without a soul.

Each day he looks for crumbs and bits
And spots a little house that fits.
The house is high
He starts to climb
He reaches it in record...
A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree
AuthorColleen Monroe
It's interesting - sometimes we can wish and hope for something ignoring who and what we really are. This very old Christmas tree longed to be picked for a tree. It was so sad. It was giving up as it knew it was too big to be a Christmas tree now.

Well, the animals loved that old tree and they appreciated...
Red and Lulu
AuthorMatt Tavares
Separation and miles cannot keep a determined cardinal from his loved one in an ode to serendipity and belief that is destined to be a new Christmas classic.

Red and Lulu make their nest in a particularly beautiful evergreen tree. It shades them in the hot months and keeps them cozy in the cold...
The Legend of the Candy Cane
AuthorLori Walburg
One dark November night a stranger rides into a small prairie town. Who is he? Why has he come? The townspeople wish he were a doctor, a dressmaker, or a trader. But the children have the greatest wish of all, a deep, quiet, secret wish. Then a young girl named Lucy befriends the newcomer. When he reveals...
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