Mother Love

10 best books like Mother Love (Rita Dove): Night Sky with Exit Wounds, Loose Woman, Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, Life on Mars, Averno, In Mad Love and War, Shake Loose My Skin: New and Selected Poems, Dream Work, Blood, Tin, Straw, Evidence: Poems

Night Sky with Exit Wounds
AuthorOcean Vuong
The most beautiful part of your body
is where it's headed, & remember
loneliness is still time spent
with the world.

To read Ocean Vuong's Night Sky with Exit Wounds is to be dazzled by gorgeous lyricism. I picked this up as part of my exploration of contemporary poetry I have...
Loose Woman
AuthorSandra Cisneros
Of the poems in this collection, the ones I like the most come from the central section entitled "The Heart Rounds up the Usual Suspects": here is the poem of the same title:

I sleep with the cat
when no one will have me.
When I can't give it away
for love or money-

I telephone...
Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories
AuthorSandra Cisneros
Last year I read Sandra Cisneros' House on Mango Street and felt an affinity toward her as I discovered that she grew up on the northwest side of Chicago and attended the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. Mostly an autobiographical account, Mango Street detailed the coming of age of a Mexican American...
Life on Mars
AuthorTracy K. Smith
You lie there kicking like a baby, waiting for God himself
To lift you past the rungs of your crib. What
Would your life say if it could talk? 
AuthorLouise Glück
Averno is a small crater lake in southern Italy, regarded by the ancient Romans as the entrance to the underworld. That place gives its name to Louise Glück's tenth collection: in a landscape turned irretrievably to winter, it is a gate or passageway that invites traffic between worlds while at the...
AuthorJoy Harjo
Joy Harjo is a powerful voice for her Creek (Muscogee) tribe (“a stolen people in a stolen land”), for other oppressed people, and for herself. Her poems, both sacred and secular, are written with the passions of anger, grief, and love, at once tender and furious. They are rooted in the land; they...
Shake Loose My Skin: New and Selected Poems
AuthorSonia Sanchez
This didn't really work for me. There is a lot of rich imagery, sexual and earthy, but it felt like it was written for the sake of the imagery, and if you asked her what the poem meant after she wrote it, she'd have to make it up on the spot, because it didn't mean anything when she wrote it, it just sounded cool....
Dream Work
AuthorMary Oliver
Dream Work, a collection of forty-five poems, follows both chronologically and logically Mary Oliver's American Primitive, which won for her the Pulitzer Prize for the finest book of poetry published in 1983 by an American poet. The depth and diversity of perceptual awareness-so steadfast and radiant...
AuthorSharon Olds
From Sharon Olds—a stunning new collection of poems that project a fresh spirit, a startling energy of language and counterpoint, and a moving, elegiac tone shot through with humor.

From poems that erupt out of history and childhood to those that embody the nurturing of a new generation...
AuthorMary Oliver
Never afraid to shed the pretense of academic poetry, never shy of letting the power of an image lie in unadorned language, Mary Oliver offers us poems of arresting beauty that reflect on the power of love and the great gifts of the natural world. Inspired by the familiar lines from William Wordsworth,...
AuthorAracelis Girmay
The poems in this highly anticipated second book are elegiac poems, as concerned with honoring our dead as they are with praising the living. Through Aracelis Girmay's lens, everything is animal: the sea, a jukebox, the desert. In these poems, everything possesses a system of desire, hunger, a set...
My Wicked Wicked Ways: Poems
AuthorSandra Cisneros
This is the book and the poet responsible for me becoming totally hooked on poetry. I think it had a lot to do with the familiarity of the subject of the poems, growing up in working class Latino neighborhoods, the culture and just surviving the ever present cruelty of childhood.

Beautiful free...
The Women and the Men
AuthorNikki Giovanni
From Harlem rooftops to the drumbeats of the Congo, the poems in The Women and the Men display in full measure the gifts that have made Nikki Giovanni one of the most important, appealing, and broad-reaching American poets: her warmth, her conciseness, her passion, and her wit. First appearing between...
American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin
AuthorTerrance Hayes
In seventy poems bearing the same title, Terrance Hayes explores the meanings of American, of assassin, and of love in the sonnet form. Written during the first two hundred days of the Trump presidency, these poems are haunted by the country's past and future eras and errors, its dreams and nightmares....
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