Lots of Dots

10 best books like Lots of Dots (Craig Frazier): Dancing Feet!, Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?, Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit, We've All Got Bellybuttons!, Piggy Pie Po, The Thingamabob, I Don't Want a Cool Cat!, Where Is Tippy Toes?, The Wonderful Book, A Boy and His Bunny

Dancing Feet!
AuthorLindsey Craig
Clickity! Clickity! Long green feet!
Who is dancing that clickity beat?

Lizard is dancing on clickity feet.
Clickity! Clickity! Happy feet!

Introducing a get-up-and-dance toddler book-so catchy and rhythmic, you'll almost want to sing it.

Lindsey Craig's...
Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?
AuthorSusan A. Shea
Because I'm a librarian I like to slot books into distinct categories. Alphabet book. Concept book. Emotions book. So on. Other people like it too. That's why I keep a file of different lists of books by topic at my reference desk. There are some books that don't fit into any category, and that's fine. They're...
AuthorCatherine Rayner
Ernest is a rather large moose with a rather large problem. He is so big he can't fit inside his book! Luckily, Ernest is also a very determined moose, and he and his little chipmunk friend aren't going to give up easily. With some tape, odd bits of paper, and plenty of enthusiasm, the pair constructs an enormous...
AuthorDavid Martin
In David Martin's rollicking romp, playfully illustrated by Randy Cecil, little ones can follow the actions of animal babies and discover all the wonderful ways their bodies can move.

Are you an inny or an outy? Either way, you'll love this perfect read-aloud!

We've got ears, and...
Piggy Pie Po
AuthorAudrey Wood
Who is Piggy Pie Po? Just the smartest (maybe), messiest (probably), silliest (definitely) piggy you'll ever meet. In these three small and playful stories, he's sure to become every child's most unforgettable new friend.
Award-winning team Audrey and Don Wood's picture books...
AuthorIl Sung Na
One day, he found the thingamabob.

He had no idea what it was or where it came from. . . .

So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object. But what is it?! When none of his friends can tell him, the little elephant decides to experiment. He thinks: Maybe I can fly with...
AuthorEmma Dodd
In this hilarious, heartfelt picture book, one little girl discovers just how difficult it can be to find the perfect pet. Along the way, she meets a zany mix of cats with distinct personalities, but none of them are right for her! After a comical cat chase, she finally finds a special one to call her very...
AuthorBetsy Lewin
Tippy Toes is a tricky cat—sneaking, hiding, creeping, slinking. Over here. Over there. His house is the perfect place to tiptoe the day away, lurking behind unsuspecting birds and mice, crouching behind garden posies, and surprising a little boy with his unusual hiding spots. Die-cut pages let...
AuthorLeonid Gore
In this delightful story, a lost book transforms into whatever the finder needs it to be. An imaginative and original tale with all the elements of the best and most enduring children's book classics!

Deep in the woods, a rabbit finds a mysterious object. "What is this?" he asks. "It looks like...
AuthorSean Bryan
I have finally read the prequel and sequel to A Girl and Her Gator by Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy. Having read the entire trilogy (perhaps with more to come), I feel like my life is complete. These are some of my most favorite picture books of all time.

The genius started in 2005 with A Boy and His Bunny...
AuthorMem Fox
After meeting a bevy of baby animals— including a clever monkey, a sleepy leopard, and a dusty lion cub—the baby in this story discovers the most precious creature of all . . . itself, of course! With an exuberant rhyming text by bestselling author Mem Fox and adorable cut-paper illustrations by...
AuthorScott M. Fischer

When a bug sleeping on a jug is chased by a frog, he has to jump to get away. But then that frog (who’s sleeping on a log) is in for a similar surprise! He’s attacked by a cat…who needs to jump away from a dog…and on it goes, until not even a shark is free from getting a little fright! Building on repetition...
AuthorApril Pulley Sayre
This is a fun action filled book for kids that love animals and being goofy. The text takes the well-known song "If You're Happy and You Know It" and transforms it into a romp with rabbit, frog, bear, lion, butterfly and many other animals. It's especially fun to practice the different actions (hopping,...
AuthorMichael Rosen
My, oh my! An elusive fly stirs up some mighty beasts in this witty tale for the very young, from a British Children’s Laureate and a talented new Irish illustrator.

When Tiny Little Fly sees great big toes (and lands on a great big nose), the poor elephant tries—tramp, crush, tramp—but...
AuthorMary Ellen Jordan
Wow, I loved reading about how every animal on the farm does not do what it is generally expected to do. I liked how each animal was attributed with a specific and different demeanor than the others, and how well it rhymed the animals' names with their personalities. I also liked how the illustrator made...
AuthorMichael Hall
A heart can be hopeful, or silly, or happy. A heart can be rugged, or snappy, or lonely. A heart holds every different feeling, and debut author-artist Michael Hall captures each one with a delicate touch.

For each feeling, the bold, graphic artwork creates an animal out of heart shapes, from...
Shape by Shape
AuthorSuse MacDonald
What am I?
I lived a long, long time ago.
I had round eyes…
lots of sharp teeth…

This new concept book from Caldecott Honor illustrator Suse MacDonald is sure to entertain children. As readers turn the brightly colored, die cut pages, shapes on each page come together to reveal...
Meeow and the Pots and Pans
AuthorSebastien Braun
Bang a pot, hit a lid, beat the mixing bowls: Meeow and his friends are cooking up a musical treat With just a little imagination and a few colorful kitchen items, they've created an amazing animal orchestra. Young readers will feel inspired to grab a spoon and a dish and join right in Third title in the new...
Wow! Said the Owl
AuthorTim Hopgood
Here's the story of a curious little owl determined to see what the world looks like during the day. And what does she discover? A wow-worthy symphony of colors—from red butterflies to orange flowers, from white clouds to green leaves.

This boisterous and bright book is the perfect read-aloud...
Tuck Me In!
AuthorDean Hacohen
Who needs to be tucked in? Turn each page until all baby animals—and little readers—are cozy and ready for sleep in this irresistible bedtime ritual.

The stars are out. The moon is rising. All the baby animals, from peacocks to pigs to zebras, are ready for bed. Will you tuck them in and say...
The Red Hen
AuthorRebecca Emberley
The classic story of "The Little Red Hen" gets an update in The Red Hen, and the little red hen bakes a cake instead of a loaf of bread presumably because modern children probably don't know what threshing or milling is and wouldn't understand why someone would go through the trouble to bake a loaf of bread...
I Dream of an Elephant
AuthorAmi Rubinger
From the author–illustrator of Abbeville's Big Cat, Small Cat comes another rhyme–completion concept book, teaching children about colors through bright landscapes of loveable elephants.

I Dream of an Elephant takes readers through a wondrous world where they will encounter elephants...
AuthorÉdouard Manceau
Where did all these pieces of paper come from? Who do they belong to?

The chicken is sure that they belong to him, but so is the fish, and so is the bird, and the snail and the frog… Using the same small scraps of paper over and over again to create a new animal on each page, Édouard Manceau has created...
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