Little Heroes

10 best books like Little Heroes (Norman Spinrad): Mindplayers, The Exile Kiss, Voice of the Whirlwind, Rim, Vacuum Flowers, Crashcourse, Eclipse Penumbra, Crystal Express, The Silicon Man, Halo

AuthorPat Cadigan
Ok, I'll start by saying that it's not the best book in the world or anything. But I love it. Taking place in a slightly futuristic Earth where people have learned to control and manipulate their minds for fun and profit (mostly for fun), the main character is a Mind Player, sort of like a psychiatrist who...
AuthorGeorge Alec Effinger
Marîd Audran has risen from hustling on the streets of the decadent Budayeen ghetto to being the right-hand man of one of the Maghreb's most feared men. As an enforcer for the powerful Friedlander Bey, Marîd is just beginning to enjoy his newfound wealth and privilege, when he and Bey are betrayed by...
AuthorWalter Jon Williams
The clone of a mercenary named Steward wakes up and is tasked with finding out who killed the original. The only problem is his memories are fifteen years out of date. The Beta Steward wanders through his Alpha's former life, piecing together the last fifteen years in an effort to solve his murder. His...
AuthorAlexander Besher
A little more than a year ago I acquired this book from a neighbor who was getting rid of boxes and boxes of books and was kind enough to let me root through them beforehand. The front cover design and back cover synopsis spoke to me (much like a bag of Combos does at a rest stop during a long trip). I stuck it in...
AuthorMichael Swanwick
Vacuum Flowers is a grand tour of the inhabited Solar System, set in a medium-term future. The book opens in Eros Kluster, one of many asteroid-based settlements that form the bulk of Human space, after all of humanity on Earth was absorbed into the Comprise, a world-wide AI- and net-mediated group-mind....
AuthorWilhelmina Baird
Read for the LGBTQ Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge, the Second Best Reading Challenge, and the Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge.

I originally chose to read this book because I needed to read women I had not read for the Women of Genre Fiction challenge, this one had been nominated...
AuthorJohn Shirley

From the beginning, thwarting the Second Alliance had been the first priority of the New Resistance; now the SA had decided it was time to return the favor. Resistance could not be allowed to interfere with the progress...
AuthorBruce Sterling
Short stories which depict worlds full of scientific advancement, genetic and surgical modifications of people, colonization of the solar system and alien contact. But they also show concern for the future of real people.


Swarm (1982)
Spider Rose (1982)
AuthorCharles Platt
The Silicon Man has been endorsed by William Gibson as "A plausible, well-crafted narrative exploring cyberspace in a wholly new and very refreshing way".

What is the price of immortality? On the track of high-tech black-market weapons, FBI Agent James Bayley has stumbled on a top-secret...
AuthorTom Maddox
The curse of the missing half star strikes again. Calling this book a three would be a disservice, but it's not quite entertaining enough to be a full four.

A Creative Commons novel freely available at as well as the authour's own site and traditional formats, it's a trippy examination...
AuthorRobert Charles Wilson
What did you have for breakfast three Mondays ago? Was it raining that day? Can you remember?

What about a trauma you experienced or witnessed? Is it fuzzy edged, made indistinct by adrenaline and fear? Is it perhaps better that you don’t remember all the details?

Imagine everything...
AuthorK.W. Jeter
In his acclaimed novels Dr. Adder, The Glass Hammer, and the Blade Runner books, K.W. Jeter masterfully re-created the grim and gritty world of Ridley Scott's classic science fiction film masterpiece.  Now Jeter returns with a startling and stylish new vision of the future as only he could imagine...
AuthorWarren Ellis
Collected volume of the Lazarus Churchyard series.

He's an ex-terrorist from the scrag-end of London with a connoisseur's understanding of every foul narcotic known to humanity. He's a four hundred year old derelict and hated by at least half the inhabitants of a poisoned and depopulated...
AuthorJack Womack
I've read a few of Womack's dystopian future/DryCo books. The very first one I read, Random Acts of Senseless Violence, was an amazing 5 star romp (williamt review). But Terraplane is the least of this bunch.

Terraplane is put at an immediate disadvantage: people in the future are somewhat...
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