Leaving Cecil Street

10 best books like Leaving Cecil Street (Diane McKinney-Whetstone): Wench, The Darkest Child, Sugar, Glorious, Family, Leaving Atlanta, Big Girls Don't Cry, Orange Mint and Honey, The Wake of the Wind, Ugly Ways

AuthorDolen Perkins-Valdez
An ambitious and startling debut novel that follows the lives of four women at a resort popular among slaveholders who bring their enslaved mistresses

wench \'wench\ n. from Middle English "wenchel," 1 a: a girl, maid, young woman; a female child.

Tawawa House in many respects is...
AuthorDelores Phillips
Bakersfield, Georgia, 1958: Thirteen-year-old Tangy Mae Quinn is the sixth of ten fatherless siblings. She is the darkest-skinned among them and therefore the ugliest in her mother, Rozelle's, estimation, but she's also the brightest. Rozelle--beautiful, charismatic, and light-skinned--exercises...
AuthorBernice L. McFadden
"Strong and folksy storytelling...think Zora Neale Hurston...Sugar speaks of what is real." --The Dallas Morning NewsFrom an exciting new voice in African-American contemporary fiction comes a novel Ebony praised for its "unforgettable images, unique characters, and moving story that keeps...
AuthorBernice L. McFadden
Glorious is set against the backdrops of the Jim Crow South, the Harlem Renaissance, and the civil rights era. Blending the truth of American history with the fruits of Bernice L. McFadden’s rich imagination, this is the story of Easter Venetta Bartlett, a fictional Harlem Renaissance writer whose...
AuthorJ. California Cooper
"History. Lived, not written, is such a thing not to understand always, but to marvel over. Time is so forever that life has many instances when you can say 'Once upon a time' thousands of times in one life."

From the first line of this book, one that I read and read and read again, I was impressed....
Leaving Atlanta
AuthorTayari Jones
For me, this is the first story that I can ever remember reading that shared my voice as a child growing up in a major Southern city. It took place at a time when, first of all, it's tough growing up and being eleven years old and then to deal with a real-live nationally-known bogeyman lurking around the city...
AuthorConnie Briscoe
Growing up in a loving and supportive middle-class family in Washington, DC, in the '60s, Naomi Jefferson worries about what to wear, her bra size and meeting boys, and she has dreams of one day opening her own clothing store. While she knows racism is a problem (occasional brushes with the uglier side...
AuthorCarleen Brice
Broke and burned-out from grad school, Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a “vision” from her de facto spiritual adviser, blues singer Nina Simone. She phones Nona, the mother she had all but written off, asking if she can come home for a while.

When Shay was growing up, Nona...
AuthorJ. California Cooper
A dramatic and thought-provoking novel of one family's triumph in the face of the hardships and challenges of the post-Civil War South.

The Wake of the Wind, J. California Cooper's third novel, is her most penetrating look yet at the challenges that generations of African Americans have had...
AuthorTina McElroy Ansa
The bestselling tale-powerful, compassionate, humorous-of the three Lovejoy sisters reunited in their hometown of Mulberry, Georgia, on the occasion of their mother’s death. As the emotionally scarred Lovejoys prepare for their mother’s funeral, the spirit of the selfish and manipulative...
AuthorBebe Moore Campbell
Wow, this book was so absurdly and comprehensively heartwarming! The whole goshdarn cast of white and black characters successfully work through every one of their issues with racial identity / abandoning or overbearing mommies and daddies / generational grudges / discrimination and privilege....
The Warmest December
AuthorBernice L. McFadden
Buoyed by the lyrical, redemptive voice that distinguished McFadden's acclaimed debut novel, this new book tells the powerful, deeply moving story of one family and the alcoholism and abuse that marked their lives forever. Moving fluidly between the past and the present - between a young girl choosing...
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