10 best books like Jennie (Paul Gallico): The Golden Cat, The Saga of Rex, The Book of Night with Moon, Tomorrow's Sphinx, David and the Phoenix, Carbonel and Calidor: Being the Further Adventures of a Royal Cat, The Fur Person, The Storm, Little Bo, The Nine Lives of Aristotle

AuthorGabriel King
In The Golden Cat, Gabriel King continues the enchanting quest that began with The Wild Road--the novel the San Francisco Chronicle crowned "mythical," and Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, deemed "absolutely magical. . ."

The ancient prophecy speaks of a golden cat whose coming...
The Saga of Rex
AuthorMichel Gagné
SPOILERS: The art is beautiful....I will give it that. The story however is really weird. I'm open to most storylines, but as I was reading this with my 9 and 6 year old, they were just confused a lot of the time...they didn't understand why the god-like creatures had to take the other creatures away from...
AuthorDiane Duane
Rhiow seems a perfectly ordinary New York City cat. Or so her humans think -- but she is much more than she appears. With her partners Saash and Urruah, she collaborates with human wizards to protect the earth from dark forces and maintain the network of magical gateways that connect to different realities....
AuthorClare Bell
The first time I read this book, I was... oh, about ten or twelve. It came in a large pile of five-cent books at a flea market and was missing both the covers, so I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened it. All I knew was that it said "Tomorrow's Sphinx" on the spine, with this itty bitty icon of a black...
AuthorEdward Ormondroyd
With a tremendous surge of its wings, the Phoenix managed to seize a branch. David's legs slipped from the bird's back, and he dangled over the abyss.
Thus ends the near-disaster of their first flight together. But don't underestimate the Phoenix! Failure only makes David's new-found friend determinded...
AuthorBarbara Sleigh
The third and final book in the Carbonel trilogy

“There are many kinds of magic...and once magic is in your blood it attracts more magic,” says the royal cat Carbonel at the start of Carbonel and Calidor. Sure enough, Carbonel’s human friends Rosemary and John soon encounter magic in...
AuthorMay Sarton
This enchanting story and classic of cat literature is drawn
from the true adventures of Tom Jones, May Sarton’s own
cat. Prior to making the author’s acquaintance, he is a fiercely
independent, nameless Cat About Town. Growing tired of
his vagabond lifestyle, however, he concludes...
AuthorCynthia Rylant
Life with only the sea can be lonely. Just ask Pandora and Seabold. They've lived most of their lives with the sea -- Pandora in a lighthouse and Seabold on a boat -- and they're each quite used to being alone. Or they were.
But one day, the sea did something extraordinary: It brought Pandora and Seabold...
AuthorJulie Andrews Edwards
I really loved this little chapter book. Little Bo was a sweet, wonderfully descriptive tale about Little Bo, the smallest kitten in a litter, who has many adventures. The story begins on a stormy night, when the litter of kittens are born to a pure-bred Persian cat. The owner of this cat, Mrs. Edge, doesn't...
AuthorDick King-Smith
Dick King-Smith’s mischievous narrative and Bob Graham’s sweet, humorous watercolors capture the first eight lives of a kitten who’s ready to scamper his way into hearts everywhere.

Aristotle the kitten is so adventurous that it’s a good thing cats have nine lives. What’s even...
AuthorWilliam Steig
My kids have been raised on a steady diet of William Steig; books like Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Brave Irene have been a regular part of their childhoods.

And, naturally, most of us have been at least a little influenced by Shrek (also Steig's creation).

But, my family didn't...
AuthorBob Walker
Any cat would give up one of its nine lives for a shot at living in the Cats' House, a wacky fantasyland for cats created by Bob Walker and his wife, Frances Mooney. They've turned their California home into a feline fun house. It's the perfect mix of cat-friendly and cat-fantasy. And now cat fans can get...
AuthorGeorge Selden
"Get that thing out of here!" Tucker shouted.Tucker Mouse was waiting impatiently in the drainpipe in the Times Square subway station where he and his friend, Harry Cat, made their home. And when Harry finally came home, he was dragging with him what looked like a dirty dish mop. It was a puppy."It's staying...
AuthorLynne Jonell
Emmy was not an ordinary girl. She could talk to rodents. She could shrink to the size of a rodent. And just a few weeks ago, she had even become a rodent to defeat her evil former nanny, Miss Barmy.

Emmy's parents, unaware of their daughter's other life, ship her off to visit two elderly aunts in...
AuthorEsther Averill
At nine o'clock The Cat Club will convene to celebrate this wondrous Halloween night in Jenny's Moonlight Adventure. All the cats, from twins Romulus and Remus through to the wise Solomon, have been looking forward to this evening. The high point of the party is to be the nose flute performance by the...
Per-Bast: A Tale of Cats in Ancient Egypt
AuthorLara-Dawn Stiegler
Ramesses III, Egypt's last great pharaoh, has saved the empire from countless incursions, but after many wars the kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. Labour strife, shifting allegiances, and now a deadly plague threaten to bring a close to Egypt's Golden Age. Amidst these troubles, a raging fire...
Rainbow Swirl
AuthorHelen Perelman
My first grader decided she was done with picture books and ready for chapter books and these were the books she chose for me to read to her. I was not excited to read these and it honestly took me a while to get into the rhythm of the story and all it's sugary sweetness. Thankfully they did grow on me as we went...
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