It's a Busy, Busy World

10 best books like It's a Busy, Busy World (Richard Scarry): The Rainbabies, The Tale of Tom Kitten, The Color Kittens, Emily's Blue Period, The Secret Staircase, Muffin Dragon, Return to the Cave of Time, The Witch Next Door, Babar and His Children, Barbapapa

AuthorLaura Krauss Melmed
A happy couple find themselves becoming old (though they look like all of the middle-aged parents at our daughters' elementary school), and their hearts hold one regret: they never had children.

One enchanted, moon-lit evening, they wake to find twelve perfect toe-sized babies among the...
The Tale of Tom Kitten
AuthorBeatrix Potter
The Tale of Tom Kitten is set in the cottage garden Beatrix created herself at Hill Top, the farm she owned near the village of Sawrey. Tom and his sisters look so smart in their new clothes. When their mother sends them outside while she waits for her visitors, she couldn't possibly guess what kind of mess...
The Color Kittens
AuthorMargaret Wise Brown
My grandmother used to read me this book between puffs of her cigarette. How I loved this's the tale of two kittens, Hush and Brush. They have buckets and buckets and buckets of paint, but none that are the color green. Refusing to have their spirits crushed by the evil paint manufacturing company,...
AuthorCathleen Daly
Emily wants to be an artist. She likes painting and loves the way artists like Pablo Picasso mixed things up.Emily's life is a little mixed up right now. Her dad doesn't live at home anymore, and it feels like everything around her is changing.

“When Picasso was sad for a while,” says Emily,...
The Secret Staircase
AuthorJill Barklem
It was Midwinter's Eve and the mice of Brambly Hedge were very busy. That evening, after dark, they would all be gathering round a blazing fire for the traditional midwinter celebrations. A grand entertainment was planned, and Primrose and Wilfred had chosen to recite a poem. They went up to the attics...
Muffin Dragon
AuthorStephen Cosgrove
How could you refuse those eyes? He just wants to munch those muffins a bit...

Yeah, it's a real book, listed on websites devoted to hilariously inappropriate childrens' book titles. It's also in the Internet Archive for borrowing, and it's a lame book at that. A poor kingdom traffics in great...
Return to the Cave of Time
AuthorEdward Packard

There are some strange things about time, and you are about to learn what they are. Walk into the Cave of Time and don't turn back. Keep going. I know it's dark and your hands feel clammy. The passageway you're in is getting so it's about half an inch wider than you are. But keep going. You are about to see...
AuthorNorman Bridwell
Norman Bridwell, creator of the popular Clifford the Big Red Dog series, also wrote and illustrated a number of picture-books featuring a friendly neighborhood witch, beginning with this 1969 title. With simple text, The Witch Next Door unfolds the tale of two (unnamed) children, who come to be...
AuthorJean de Brunhoff
Such joy in Celesteville! Babar and Celeste have had triplets. The smallest, Alexander, has a knack for getting into predicaments. Between getting stuck in the treetops and being chased by a crocodile, he certainly keeps Babar on his toes, but the king readily admits, “Truly it is not easy to bring...
AuthorAnnette Tison
This is charming and weird but not as weird as the rest of the series. I like when the rest of the Barba family is in play, doing bizarre semi-human things together with their giant shapechanging bodies.

So, the early picture of Barbapapa growing in the earth as he's watered like a flower and then...
AuthorAdrien Stoutenburg
My new student and I listened to this book on audio. The narration was excellent and most of the stories were fun too. A few of them bogged down but this is a great introduction to American stories. I don't often do audio with students but I am happy we did with this book, the voice helped to make the book more...
AuthorStan Berenstain
Stan and Jan Berenstain take readers on a fun-filled trip to the beach in this classic Beginner Book, edited by Dr. Seuss. “Hooray! Hooray! We’re on our way! Our summer vacation starts today!” School’s out, and the Bear family is ready for a vacation at the beach. Whether the Bears are sailing,...
AuthorHelen V. Griffith
Rabbit waits for the moon.
But the moon takes its time,
so Rabbit hops back to his burrow and goes to sleep.
What happens in the world when Rabbit isn't looking?
Well . . . magic.
And moonlight. . . .
The goats on the mountainside see it.
The deer, birds, and raccoons see it.
Cowardly Clyde
AuthorBill Peet
“Cowardly Clyde” is another classic story from the mind of Bill Peet. This is the story of a cowardly horse named Clyde who must put aside his fears to save his master from a ferocious ogre. “Cowardly Clyde” is one of the greatest stories ever told about conquering your fears to save the people...
Oh, What A Busy Day!
AuthorGyo Fujikawa
I simply don't understand why some terrible children's books become famous, while others, which are quite brilliant, are virtually unknown. This was one of our kids' favourites when they were very small, and it is terrific. Most children's books that attempt to instil wisdom and moral principles...
Pinkerton, Behave!
AuthorSteven Kellogg
Pinkerton, Behave, by Steven Kellogg is about a dog named Pinkerton, who is trying to be trained by his owners. They take him to a dog school to learn how to fetch and attack a burglar, but he has problems learning these skills. At the end of the book though, a burglar comes to their house and Pinkerton does...
I Spy Spooky Night: A Book of Picture Riddles
AuthorJean Marzollo
This picture book review was originally shared on Lazy Day Literature.

'Tis the season for spooky and I SPY has given us a wonderfully creepy look-and-find to fill our dark and dreary (rainy) days.

I remember borrowing as many of these I SPY books from the library as I could as a kid. A...
Going to Sleep on the Farm
AuthorWendy Cheyette Lewison
This is a delightful story that shares a conversation between a little boy and his father at the end of the day. The boy is still playing on the floor as he asks his questions. The dad is right there telling him a story about how the animals sleep. Heartwarming and cozy to read to little ones.
Every time...
Finding Spring
AuthorCarin Berger
Instead of hibernating as he should, a little bear cub goes out in search of spring—and he thinks he's found it! Gloriously illustrated with dioramas and cut-paper collages by the award-winning designer and illustrator Carin Berger, this stunning picture book celebrates the changing of the seasons.

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