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10 best books like I'm The Best (Lucy Cousins): Snip Snap! What's That?, Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors, Farmyard Beat, Huff & Puff, Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit, A Bedtime for Bear, Piggy Pie Po, Maybe a Bear Ate It!, Me and You, There's Going to Be a Baby

Snip Snap! What's That?
AuthorMara Bergman
This book is a great read aloud! My story time audience got up and gathered around the book to find out what happens when three children are stalked by a big mean alligator who comes "creeping...creeping...creeping up the stairs." The kids gathered around the book in order to point out all the wonderful...
Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors
AuthorPetr Horáček
Little ones will hover over this colorful look at insect critters as they peek through die-cuts and enjoy a final pop-up surprise.

Lucy sees a beautiful butterfly in the garden, along with a bright green beetle, a brilliant blue dragonfly, some red ladybugs, and many more flying and crawling...
AuthorLindsey Craig
Author Lindsey Craig teams up with Arthur creator and bestselling artist Marc Brown in a toe-tapping farmyard dance-a-thon—perfect for toddler and preschooler read-alouds. As soon as the sun goes down, the animals are up! ("Sheep can't sleep. Sheep can't sleep. Sheep can't sleep 'cause they got...
Huff & Puff
AuthorClaudia Rueda
This interactive retelling of the Three Little Pigs story allows the reader to play the part of the big bad wolf. Three interior die-cut holes invite readers to huff, puff, and blow the pigs’ houses down! This fractured fairy tale ends sweetly when, rather than blowing down the third pig’s brick...
AuthorCatherine Rayner
Ernest is a rather large moose with a rather large problem. He is so big he can't fit inside his book! Luckily, Ernest is also a very determined moose, and he and his little chipmunk friend aren't going to give up easily. With some tape, odd bits of paper, and plenty of enthusiasm, the pair constructs an enormous...
A Bedtime for Bear
AuthorBonny Becker
When the impish Mouse comes to spend the night, Bear is in for a rude — and very funny — awakening in this irresistible new story starring the unlikely pair.

Bear must have absolute quiet when he goes to bed. He likes to set out his glass of water, adjust his nightcap, fluff his favorite pillow,...
Piggy Pie Po
AuthorAudrey Wood
Who is Piggy Pie Po? Just the smartest (maybe), messiest (probably), silliest (definitely) piggy you'll ever meet. In these three small and playful stories, he's sure to become every child's most unforgettable new friend.
Award-winning team Audrey and Don Wood's picture books...
AuthorRobie H. Harris
It's Gone! It's nowhere! I can't find it anywhere! Where-is-my book? I need my book! A catlike creature finds his book missing from his comfy bed. His active imagination takes over: "Maybe a bear ate it!" "A stegosaurus stomped on it", "A rhino ran away with it", "A bat flew up high in the sky with it", "A...
AuthorAnthony Browne
A small bear goes for a stroll in the park with his parents, leaving their bowls of porridge cooling on the kitchen table. Meanwhile, a girl with golden hair is hopelessly lost in a big, frightening city when she comes across a house with the door left invitingly open. Inside are three bowls of porridge...
AuthorJohn Burningham
In a first-time creative pairing, two of the world's most treasured picture book creators offer a truly delightful book for new-siblings-to-be.

When is the new baby coming? What will we call it? What will he do? We don't really need a baby, do we? With sensitivity and wit, John Burningham follows...
AuthorJon Agee
I love puns. Frankly, I couldn’t have groan up in my family without loving them. So this book is write up my alley! Mr. Putney has a lot of animal friends, but you have to guess their names. The word play is a combination of illustrations and words with half of the joke coming from the text and half from the...
AuthorEllen Stoll Walsh
We've been reading Mouse Paint, a seemingly simple (sometimes I find it boring, sometimes elegantly simple) book about colors, regularly in this household since 2004, but only recently have we delved into the author/illustrator's slightly lesser-known, but also mouse-themed book about balancing....
AuthorScott M. Fischer

When a bug sleeping on a jug is chased by a frog, he has to jump to get away. But then that frog (who’s sleeping on a log) is in for a similar surprise! He’s attacked by a cat…who needs to jump away from a dog…and on it goes, until not even a shark is free from getting a little fright! Building on repetition...
AuthorApril Pulley Sayre
This is a fun action filled book for kids that love animals and being goofy. The text takes the well-known song "If You're Happy and You Know It" and transforms it into a romp with rabbit, frog, bear, lion, butterfly and many other animals. It's especially fun to practice the different actions (hopping,...
AuthorMichael Rosen
My, oh my! An elusive fly stirs up some mighty beasts in this witty tale for the very young, from a British Children’s Laureate and a talented new Irish illustrator.

When Tiny Little Fly sees great big toes (and lands on a great big nose), the poor elephant tries—tramp, crush, tramp—but...
AuthorEve Bunting
This is an adorable and simple pattern picture book for children. The story begins with a rooster summoning the rest of the barn animals to be quickly get ready for some unknown event by yelling “Hurry! Hurry!”. A variety of barn animals including sheep, pigs, dogs, ducks, and cows, all gather, run,...
Forever Friends
AuthorCarin Berger
This is the story of the little blue bird and the little brown bunny and how they became best friends one spring. All through the spring, summer and fall they played together. But when winter comes, the bird has to fly south. The bird and bunny miss one another--but come spring, bird returns and he and bunny...
Boo Hoo Bird
AuthorJeremy Tankard
Bird and Raccoon are playing ball, when Bird gets bonked on the head. "Boo hoo hoo!" he cries. What will make Bird feel better? A kiss? A cookie? A Band-Aid? Bird's friends Raccoon, Rabbit, Beaver, Sheep, and Fox are full of sweet and funny ideas.

Perfectly pitched and hilariously imagined,...
Swim! Swim!
Swim! Swim! is the story of a fish who is all alone in his fish bowl. All he wants to do is find a friend to talk to. He tries the pebbles, the anchor man statue, and even the bubbles. When those don't work he starts to feel like he will never have a friend to talk to, until ..... he meets the cat! Is this the start...
I Love Bugs!
AuthorEmma Dodd
A standalone picture book for the budding scientist in your young child.

My Take
It’s perfect for the child who is into bugs or wants to be “scientific”. And it’s not so much a story, as a series of fun, bouncy rhymes as a young boy tells us all about the bugs he loves — including his...
Be Quiet, Mike!
AuthorLeslie Patricelli
Digga-digga-digga-digga, zat, zoom, crash! Leslie Patricelli's lovable (but noisy!) new character finds an ingenious way to create a sound all his own.

Even before he was born, Mike started drumming. Kick! Thump! Pow! Wherever he goes, his rhythms sing: swis, thak, go his books; bang, clank,...
Martha doesn't say sorry!
AuthorSamantha Berger
Adorably clad in her pink dress and matching headband, Martha is ready to do just about anything - except say those three little words: I am sorry. But when this sweet but stubborn otter learns that niceties like cookies, piggyback rides, and hugs are for people who apologize, our mischievous heroine...
Jump, Frog, Jump!
AuthorRobert Kalan

“Jump, Frog, Jump” is a lyrical children’s book written by Robert Kalan along with illustrations by Byron Barton and it is about how a small frog tries to avoid all the dangerous animals who all want it for their dinner. The food chain theme may be a bit too upsetting for smaller children...
Shark In The Park
AuthorNick Sharratt
Shark in the park is a story about a boy named Timothy Pope who is testing out his new toy a telescope in the park. He looks up, he looks down, he looks right and then left with his telescope and then he thinks he sees a shark….is it a shark? Or is it something else?
This is an enjoyable story with allot of...
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