From Aberystwyth with Love

10 best books like From Aberystwyth with Love (Malcolm Pryce): The Sprouts of Wrath, Murder in Piccadilly, The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes, The Roaring Boy, Imaginary Friends, Jack the Ripper: Case Closed, مخاوفي السبعة, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Rumpole's Last Case, Quantum of Tweed: The Man with the Nissan Micra

AuthorRobert Rankin
'And the lights upon the allotment,' said Soap, 'what would you take those to be?'
'The work of the council,' said Omally firmly, 'another plot to confound honest golfers.'
Soap burst into a paroxysm of laughter. Tears rolled down his pale cheeks and he clutched at his stomach.
'Come now,'...
AuthorCharles Kingston
'Scores of men and women died daily in London, but on this day of days one of them had died in the very midst of a crowd and the cause of his death was a dagger piercing his heart. Death had become something very real.'

When Bobbie Cheldon falls in love with a pretty young dancer at the Frozen Fang night...
AuthorJune Thomson
Previously unpublished case notes from the pen of Dr. John H. Watson, companion to the great detective Sherlock Holmes, come to light in this new collection from June Thomson. A mysterious veiled lady carries a counterfeit painting into an art dealer's office. A widow with three hands slips out of a...
AuthorEdward Marston
Dame Fortune has abandoned Lord Westfield's men to calamity...
One member of the popular London acting troupe has died. Their present production is a failure. Then an anonymous playwright hands company mainstay Nicholas Bracewell a chance for salvation: a new script that exposes a tragic miscarriage...
AuthorAlison Lurie
In the name of sociological research, two scientists infiltrate the ranks of the Truth Seekers--a rather ridiculous small-town cult whose credo involves sex, spiritualism, and a flying saucer messiah. Exposed to the persuasive energies of a sensuous high priestess, the men of science are forced...
AuthorGyles Brandreth
London. 1894. 'I am not a detective, chief constable.' 'No, but you are a poet, a freemason and a man of the world. All useful qualifications for the business in hand.' So says Police Chief Macnaghten to Oscar Wilde, in a Chelsea drawing room in the company of Arthur Conan Doyle. The business they are...
AuthorSelvedin Avdić
أختيرت الرواية البوسنية "مخاوفي السبعة" من قبل جريدة الجارديان كأفضل كتب 2014:
إن رواية "مخاوفي السبعة" للكاتب البوسني "سليفدين أفيديتش" لهي أكثر الأعمال...
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
AuthorHugh Greene
This work contains the following stories:
Max Pemberton: 'The Ripening Rubies'
Arthur Morrison: 'The Case of Laker, Absconded'
Guy Boothby: 'The Dutchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds'
Arthur Morrison: 'The Affair of the "Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre Co. Ltd"'
Clifford Ashdown:...
AuthorJohn Mortimer
Rumpole is on the job again, with his taste for claret, his penchant for poetry, and his reputation of a good story. This time, several interesting cases of murder and suspicious doings pass through chambers.

“Rumpole and the Blind Tasting”;
“Rumpole and the Old,...
AuthorConn Iggulden
An exclusive short story for World Book Day from one of our bestselling authors. This brilliant comic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.Albert Rossi has many qualities. He’s a man who can spot polyester at a hundred paces. He’s the person you’d have on speed dial were you to find yourself...
AuthorAlfredo Colitto
A mighty Archbishop. A brilliant scientist. And a killer about to strike . . . A.D. 1311. Mondino is a university anatomist - a man of science in a land governed by the Catholic Inquisition. But the corpse brought to Mondino's laboratory one stormy night defies natural law: The victim is a Templar knight,...
The Dime Museum Murders
AuthorDaniel Stashower
In 1897, New York City teems with hustlers and freshly made millionaires, fine artists and con artists, criminals and immigrants. Among them is a rabbi's son who calls himself Houdini. He is struggling to make it in the brutal entertainment business when detectives call on him to attempt the most amazing...
Death on the Lizard
AuthorRobin Paige
Once again amateur sleuths Charles, Lord Sheridan, and his Lady wife Kate are involved in dramatic investigations into unexplained deaths, this time on The Lizard where Guglielmo Marconi is conducting experiments with his new wireless equipment.

In addition to the two deaths, both of which...
Killed in Cornwall
AuthorJanie Bolitho
Despite being busy with a new exhibition, artist Rose Trevelyan is always there to offer her friends support if they need her; lately, it seems as though everyone has a problem to share. There's Doreen who is worried about how her neighbour, Nathan Brown, is coping after his mother's death; Eva who is...
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