Flag in Exile

10 best books like Flag in Exile (David Weber): Trading in Danger, Command Decision, Marque and Reprisal, Victory Conditions, Defiant, Daring, Valor's Trial, Relentless, Deserter, Intrepid

Trading in Danger
AuthorElizabeth Moon
Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family full of sons, and her father’s only child to buck tradition by choosing a military career instead of joining the family business. For Ky, it’s no contest: Even running the prestigious Vatta Transport Ltd. shipping concern can’t hold a candle to shipping...
AuthorElizabeth Moon
With the Vatta's War series, award-winning author Elizabeth Moon has claimed a place alongside such preeminent writers of military science fiction as David Weber and Lois McMaster Bujold. Now Moon is back and so is her butt-kicking, take-no-prisoners heroine, Kylara Vatta. Once the black-sheep...
AuthorElizabeth Moon
Kylara Vatta, risk-taking, rule-breaking, can-do heroine of Trading in Danger, is back in business–the kind that’s anything but usual–in the new military science fiction adventure by ace action storyteller Elizabeth Moon.

The exciting military career she hoped for never got off...
AuthorElizabeth Moon
A vast and hostile force is attacking prosperous trade centres, destroying their space fleets then moving on, leaving death and chaos in their wake. Admiral Ky Vatta’s family was decimated by one such attack and Turek, the pirate force’s leader, will not escape her vengeance.

Ky has a...
AuthorMike Shepherd
Born into a family of wealth and political power. Kris Longknife turned her back on high society and followed a different family tradition by joining the Marines. But now she finds herself relieved of duty. She's gotten in the way of someone's agenda--to bring down her father, the Prime Minister of Wardhaven.

AuthorMike Shepherd
This was good, some of it very good, but with some elements that bothered me enough to keep it just out of reach of five stars.

And yes, things finally move on the relationship front. And yes, I'm going to leave it at that other than to say I'm very happy with how it developed. A romance writer in a romance...
AuthorTanya Huff
The rousing military adventure (Locus) continues with a brand new Valor novel.

Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is a Confederation Marines marine. She's survived more deadly encounters and kept more of her officers and enlistees alive than anyone in the Corps. Unexpectedly pulled from battle,...
AuthorJack Campbell

Boy, I love this series. I don't know if everyone can enjoy the things that I do, but I'm sure that I'm not the only retired "old salt" out there. As an Operations Specialist Chief, retired, there is so much of this that reminds me of my time in the United States Navy, standing watch in the Combat Information...
AuthorMike Shepherd
Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered. When she did have a choice, she joined the Marines. But now, a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy--and with a military heritage coursing through her blood, it's time for Kris Longknife to be a hero.


AuthorMike Shepherd
As you can see, we finally broke the long four-star streak. You definitely want to read the others in the series first because this one has some excellent build on past storylines and the payoff is part of what made it so good.

Most of this book is pretty standard for the series so far. Kris finds...
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