Farewell to Shady Glade

10 best books like Farewell to Shady Glade (Bill Peet): Sootface, Pirate Girl, Gabby, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, Appelemando's Dreams, Three Samurai Cats: A Story from Japan, Mike Fink: A Tall Tale, Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp, Mama Don't Allow, Choo Choo

AuthorRobert D. San Souci
Once, an Ojibwa man whose wife had died raised three daughters alone. The two older girls were lazy and bad-tempered, and made their youngest sister do all the work. When the flames from the cooking fire singed her hair or burned her skin, they laughed and called her Sootface.

Pirate Girl
AuthorCornelia Funke
Best-selling author Cornelia Funke and acclaimed illustrator Kerstin Meyer -- the winning team behind THE PRINCESS KNIGHT -- deliver another glorious adventure tale that celebrates girlhood!

Ferocious pirate Captain Firebeard THINKS that he and the ruthless crew of the "Horrible Haddock"...
AuthorStephen Cosgrove
Bringing back the characters from Kartusch we are actually given a chance to meet up with Gabby who is a talker that just cannot sit still. The simple and easy-to-read story shows how too much the things we do to the exclusion of anyone else can drive us further apart.

The best part is Kartusch returns...
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
AuthorTrinka Hakes Noble
When Rancher Hicks drives 84 miles to Sleepy Gulch for excitement, his wife Elna misses the 12-year-old wanted posters in the post office, a never-ending checker game, and hot-spot Millie's Luncheonette. Meanwhile back at the ranch, all that happens is Elna strikes oil, inherits a fortune, and is...
Appelemando's Dreams
AuthorPatricia Polacco
Appelemando loves to dream! The villagers think he will never amount to much, but his friends know better. They can see his dreams drift up from the top of his head and float into the sky.
Then, one rainy day, Appelemando's dreams are blown onto all the wet walls and roofs of the town, covering the houses...
AuthorEric A. Kimmel

“Three Samurai Cats” is an ancient Japanese folktale about how three samurai cats come to the Daimyo’s castle to defeat a savage rat with the last samurai cat giving the rat a taste of his own medicine. Eric A. Kimmel’s hilarious retelling and Mordicai Gerstein’s colorful drawings...
Mike Fink: A Tall Tale
AuthorSteven Kellogg

I have read many tall tale stories from the legendary Steven Kellogg, but this is honestly the first time that I had checked out Steven Kellogg’s work on an unknown tall tale hero, “Mike Fink!” I must say that this is definitely one tall tale story that you should check out!

Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
AuthorMercer Mayer
Liza Lou is a little girl who lives in a dangerous swamp, but she faces threats with courage and manages to outwit all the monsters.

At first I wondered why Liza's apparently loving mother kept sending her out to face these dangers alone. But if one ignores the supernatural element suddenly the...
Mama Don't Allow
AuthorThacher Hurd
Saxophone-playing Miles and his Swamp Band find a bevy of sharp-toothed, long-tailed alligators who love to listen to their music. But little do Miles and his band know what the alligators plan for them at the close of their jubilant all-night ball! Inspired by a traditional song, this vibrant picture...
Choo Choo
AuthorVirginia Lee Burton
First sentence: Once upon a time there was a little engine. Her name was CHOO CHOO. She was a beautiful little engine. All black and shiny.

Premise/plot: Choo Choo was originally published in 1937. The original illustrations by Virginia Lee Burton have been colorized by Lauren Pettapiece....
The Gingerbread Boy
AuthorPaul Galdone
“The classic tale of the old couple, with no children of their own, who bake a gingerbread boy to keep them company. Just as the little old woman is about to take him from the oven, he slips away and runs out the door past a cow, a horse, a group of threshers, mowers, etc. All follow in hot pursuit until the...
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