Dragon's Egg

10 best books like Dragon's Egg (Robert L. Forward): The Peace War, Mission of Gravity, Cosmonaut Keep, Spin State, Protector, Cities in Flight, Diaspora, The Crucible of Time, Berserker, Star Surgeon

AuthorVernor Vinge
The Peace War is quintessential hard-science adventure. The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon--the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind. Encasing governmental installations and military bases in bobbles,...
AuthorHal Clement
Cover Artist: Ed Emshwiller
Mission of Gravity is an sf novel by Hal Clement. The title is a play on words, one meaning "the force which pulls" & the other being "extremely serious or important". It was serialized in Astounding Science Fiction, 4–7/53. Its 1st cloth publication was in '54....
AuthorKen MacLeod
Matt Cairns is a 21st-century outlaw Programmer who takes on the shady jobs no one else will touch. Against his better judgment, he accepts an assignment to crack the Marshall Titov, a top-secret orbital station operated by the European Space Agency. But what Matt will discover there will propel him...
AuthorChris Moriarty
From a stunning new voice in hard science fiction comes the thrilling story of one woman’s quest to wrest truth from chaos, love from violence, and reality from illusion in a post-human universe of emergent AIs, genetic constructs, and illegal wetware...

Spin State

UN Peacekeeper...
AuthorLarry Niven
Phssthpok the Pak had been traveling for most of his thirty-two thousand years. His mission: save, develop, and protect the group of Pak breeders sent out into space some two and a half million years before...

Brennan was a Belter, the product of a fiercely independent, somewhat anarchic society...
AuthorJames Blish
Originally published in four volumes nearly fifty years ago, Cities in Flight brings together the famed "Okie novels" of science fiction master James Blish. Named after the migrant workers of America's Dust Bowl, these novels convey Blish's "history of the future," a brilliant and bleak look at a...
AuthorGreg Egan
By the end of the 30th century humanity has the capability to travel the universe, to journey beyond earth and beyond the confines of the vulnerable human frame.

The descendants of centuries of scientific, cultural and physical development divide into three: fleshers — true Homo sapiens;...
AuthorJohn Brunner
There are some incredibly smart things Brunner does in this novel. The story is told from the perspective of a world of intelligent aliens as they reach out to discover the universe in which they live. They have to do that in ways that are very different from our own history in details (for example, they...
AuthorFred Saberhagen
Long ago, in a distant part of the galaxy, two alien races met--and fought a war of mutual extinction. The sole legacy of that war was the weapon that ended it: the death machines, the BERSERKERS. Guided by self-aware computers more intelligent than any human, these world-sized battlecraft carved a...
AuthorJames White
This is the second installment of the Sector General series, about a huge multi-species hospital on the edges of the galaxy.

Sector General is a hospital station -- a place where all kinds of patients and medics from all worlds are welcome. But for the first time, the hospital is threatened by...
AuthorStephen Baxter
Michael Poole's wormholes constructed in the orbit of Jupiter had opened the galaxy to humankind. Then Poole tried looping a wormhole back on itself, tying a knot in space and ripping a hole in time. It worked. Too well. Poole was never seen again. Then from far in the future, from a time so distant that...
AuthorJames P. Hogan

Eons ago, a gentle race of giant aliens fled the planet Minerva, leaving the ancestors of Man to fend for themselves.

50 thousand years ago, Minerva exploded, hurling its moon into an orbit about the Earth.

In the 21st...
AuthorGregory Benford
Contains Introduction Essay
Cover Artist: Don Dixon

2019: NASA astronaut Nigel Walmsley is sent on a mission to intercept a rogue asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Ordered to destroy the comet, he instead discovers that it is actually the shell of a derelict space probe - a wreck...
AuthorJoan Slonczewski
Usually "hard SF" refers to physics and engineering — crunchy orbital mechanics and interplanetary travel with terms like "delta-v," weapons and other technology that at least has some plausible physics behind it. The most esteemed SF novels are those written by actual scientists and engineers...
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